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Comment: Bullying, bulimia and going back to school

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  1. Suddenly Last Bummer 3 Sep 2012, 12:15pm

    Poor fella, sounds like he’s been thru’ hell with school, family life etc and yet he’s just one of many.

    1. I do question the use of “effeminate” though. It kinda indicates self-alienation, as compared to “feminine”.

  2. An excellent, well-written article. Scott Roberts describes the hell he went through so clearly. How admirable of him to be able to get through that and then, rather than just push that pain out of his mind, start a charity to help others.

    1. Oops! Pressed the button too soon! Meant to finsih with: – Well done, Sam!

  3. Thank-you Scott for your carefully written article. I too suffered with bulumia/anorexia beginning when I was 11. I could relate to much of what you wrote.
    I have just finished reading a fantastic book ” The Boy Who Loved Apples “, a mother’s account of her struggle with her son’s anorexia, by Amanda Webster. The good news is the son is now 24 and living a fairly ordinary life.

  4. I left out my Thank you to Sam too.

  5. I wish him the best. A lot of students are going back to school without addressing mental and emotional problems they may have.

  6. Well, I’ve tried 10 variations on a comment I wanted to post here, but the algorithms won’t allow it. Thanks Ben.

  7. Cory Potter 12 Sep 2012, 5:18pm

    I can very much relate to Sam Thomas’s story, though I was 15 before I thought of “making myself sick.” One thing I would like to point out in this article is that MOST people cannot overcome eating disorders on their own. Support from others is critical.

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