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New Zealand

New Zealand Prime Minister “Too Gay”, says Conservative leader

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 2 Sep 2012, 1:44am

    Mr. Prime Minister…Please tell the bloody churches that they are not needed to perform marriages…actually they are not needed..PERIOD!!!!

  2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 2 Sep 2012, 2:11am

    He has forgotten Barack Obama, David Cameron and Francois Hollande – regardless, that first two are happy marry and the third have a partner. And Prince Andrew, of course,- he is divorced and one time in the year have this very feminine medieval uniform of the Knight of Order of Garter – well, who knows, maybe he`s too…

    1. Sometimes your comments don’t make any sense, I wish you would change your name to just Prince of Greece so that people don’t mistakenly think your posts are made by me.

    2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 2 Sep 2012, 4:44pm

      And I wish to have nice sex with Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Beautiful dreams.

      1. billyWingartenson 2 Sep 2012, 4:54pm

        When will = was it prince william, be caught naked in a male roman orgy like we had at a gay bar recently – there was some BJs done in the middle of large groups , but they would have thrown out people having sex they saw.

  3. The Conservative Party is not “the opposing political party”. It is an extremely small party – only 2-3% of the vote.

  4. This article needs to be put into context.

    In New Zealand – the National Party are the equivalent to the UK Conservative Party.

    The New Zealand Conservative Party is a one man band and did not get enough votes to have an elected representative in government. Repeat they are not in government.

  5. “There are people out there who simply don’t like to see their prime minister doing things like dancing on stage with transvestites, as he has done in the past”

    I call those people homophobes and reject their bigotry.

    1. “There are people out there who simply don’t like to see their prime minister doing things like dancing on stage with transvestites, as he has done in the past”

      This person who is alleged to have said this is barking in the wind. The thing is that John Keys, the The New Zealand Prime Minister, won his electorate with a huge electoral majority. One of the larges in parliament. He is now in his second term and continues to be be widely popular as a Prime Minister.

    2. billyWingartenson 2 Sep 2012, 4:52pm

      I kissed a transgenders person on the cheek after testifying at a committee meeting re protections for these people

      the catholic priest threw up. “thats how poisoned they are by a church that claims to respect the dignity of every human person”

      of course they dont see trans and gay as human. MF’rs

  6. “Colin, you should stand [for Prime Minister] here because John Key is too gay for Helensville.”

    The Prime Minister is “too gay”?

    Kiwis, are you up in arms over this very strange description? You should be! It is a slur. It collocates with the pejorative usage “Oh, you’re so gay!”

    It is transparently homophobic. The Conservative Party leader Colin Craig needs to be ROASTED for having stated such a thing.

    Roast him, Kiwis! Roast him!

    1. is that spit roasted? lol!

  7. The NZ Conservative Party is too homophobic, perhaps that’s why they don’t even have a seat in parliament.

  8. I agree with Eddy. I think the use of the expression “too gay” was blatantly homophobic. No politician in the UK could get away with using defamatory language like that.

    1. Yes, it’s ridiculous and insulting, isn’t it.

      “Prime Minister A is too gay”.

      “Prime Minister B is acceptably gay”.

      “Prime Minister C is not gay enough”.

      “Prime Minister D needs to become more gay”.

      “Prime Minister E isn’t gay at all”.

      The sleight of hand at work here is the implication that anyone who supports the human rights of gay people is to some extent or other gay themselves.

  9. billyWingartenson 2 Sep 2012, 4:48pm

    Christianity is a fraud

    The virgin mary -did she have..
    An affair in a time when women were stoned to death if not a virgin on their wedding day

    She was raped by a roman soldier, same issue as above in a cruel time, or she was just embarrassed

    she sat down in a pool of sperm

    she bathed in a lake. Sperm can live several days, and many public swimming pools put spermacide in the water as well as chlorine. Women have been proven to be able to get pregnant

    She was a whore. They didnt sell rubbers then, tho the ancient romans would take dried animal dung and put it up there as a plug. Not very certain of not leaking

    Why has Christianity murdered probably more people then ISlam – power and money and pride of being in charge.

    Anti gay – it comes from two things – leviticus – 4000 years ago in an age when 3/4 of the babies died in infancy, and if you didnt have enough males to fight wars, your neighbors would kill you all to steal your animals and implements of farming and war etc

    1. PantoHorse 3 Sep 2012, 1:06pm

      Struggling to make any sense of this bW.

      Sitting in pools of sperm??!! Are you for real??

      And no, there have been no proven cases of women getting pregnant after bathing in lakes. Sperm actually can’t live for very long at all once ejaculated. Strongly suggest you do some reading, bW.

      And as for ‘animal dung plugs’ ffs! You really are a tosser.

  10. The New Zealand “Conservative Party” is a tiny microparty that only has one or two percent of the vote. It’s irrelevant to the mainstream parliamentary debate. Since we introduced proportional representation here in 1993, we’ve had a stream of unelectable fundamentalist micro-parties. This is the seventh one.

    1. Glad to hear this, Craig. Nevertheless, stamp hard on this outrageous and unacceptable public behaviour from their leader. Stamp hard on him and every other bigot in the country will take note that it is not acceptable to describe anyone as “too gay”, “a bit gay”, or, even, “acceptably gay”!

      1. It looks like Key has taken advice from your PM and his old mate David Cameron on this issue. Added to which, there is strong multipartisan support for this bill- including younger and more liberal members of the National Party and its satellite ACT Party.

        In terms of the Christian Right, the Conjobs aren’t our most immediate threat. One such group, “Family First” has connections to your old mates (sic), the “Christian” Institute.

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