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Exclusive: Alexandra Burke shocks fans by ‘snubbing’ Brighton Pride

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Reader comments

  1. She is a moderately successful reality show ‘star’, she seems to think she is more of a celebrity than she is. Get over yourself love.

    1. There far too many people out there like this

    2. burningworm 4 Sep 2012, 9:18pm

      Thats if you believe the news story.

  2. Useless waste of space. Surely it would be better to perform than create loads of bad publicity by pulling out at the last second because they ‘didn’t like the look of the crowd’?

    Not that I care personally. Can’t stand the woman.

  3. Oh well never mind. She most probs got the wrong colour M&M’s in her dressing.

    Same thing happend last year in the Eagle in Manchester, some woman called Mutley decided she was too good to show.

    1. Spanner1960 2 Sep 2012, 3:51am


  4. The woman might be ill, or have a bereavement. The world won’t end because she missed this particular parade.

    1. Read the article

      1. I have:

        One source told this publication that the star’s people “did not like the look of the place”.

        The crux of the piece is that. Is that sufficient information for you and the rest of the smelling-salt aunts on here?

        1. Hello MichaelN. That some people disagree with you on this thread doesn’t mean you have to insult us. If you’ve something worthwhile to say, why not do so without insults? Or perhaps you’ve nothing to say at all. Either way, ugly insults to other readers doesn’t make you more convincing. Regards,

          1. Staircase2 3 Sep 2012, 4:38pm

            I think MichaelN has a valid point…perhaps you should re read what he actually said….
            I can’t really see the ‘insults’ you’re talking about (I’m assuming you’re not so stung by the phrase ‘smelling salt aunts’ as to consider that (whatever that means) an ‘insult’ (twice…!)

  5. I’ll give her 4 years and she’ll be a single mother on a housing estate.

    1. Love it!

    2. I agree! A housing estate in Essex! That’s where all the pram face chavs are these days! Oh shat awwwwwpppp!!!!

  6. Paddyswurds 1 Sep 2012, 9:59pm

    Alexandra who?

  7. To misquote Rufus & Chake Khan (now that’s what I really call music, and a name that will be remembered for many years), she ‘Ain’t Nobody’. Forget this piece of jumped-up trash!

    The last time she had a number one, it sold a measly 52,000 copies. Possibly as many people as she pissed off today, either immediately through not showing up, and then through social media, which will echo with contempt for her for letting down fans. You cannot get away with this kind of attitude in the Internet era.

    I suggest her fans stop fawning over Tv contest winners and visit a bookshop. Much cheaper, much more pleasurable and no chance of being let down!

  8. Carl Rowlands 1 Sep 2012, 10:16pm

    I think she may have dropped a clanger!

    1. Spanner1960 2 Sep 2012, 3:50am

      Let’s hope the Soup Dragon doesn’t find out.

      1. Suddenly Last Bummer 3 Sep 2012, 12:11pm

        Spanner the fact you weren’t asked to oversee the Olympics Opening Ceremony is a total travesty. We’d have had ‘A Salute to Children’s tv characters” judging by your references to this and the Mutyah/Mutley comment. Jinkies indeed.

  9. I am shocked that she has done this! Who does she think she is!

  10. To PInknews : why do feel obliged to title this “news” EXCLUSIVE? who cares? Did you mean you are the very very very first ones in the wooooorld to tell us about it? BId f******g deal. or do you think you are the BBC, who always feel obliged to state “breaking news” whenever ANYTHING happens. That’s just dumbing down! But hey you are a UK news outlet, so no surprise here.

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Sep 2012, 6:44pm

      Totally do not understand why you even bother posting this rubbish Blue. Really what was the point? You mention dumbing down, but the dumbest thing here is yoiur comment.

    2. “who cares? ”

      Well, you do obviously. Enough to write that hissy fit.

  11. Dean Ismail 1 Sep 2012, 11:00pm

    whatever the reason, I am sure the “crowd” is not it. She is not by any stretch of the imagination uncomfortable with her LGBT fans.. In fact, having checked on her tweets, it appears to be technical issues that forced her to cancel. She even traveled to Brighton this morning. I believe her – for I have heard of these issues with technical issues not met by promoters/organiser before – these things do happen..

    1. I think the “technical” issues are as follows :-
      she has no talent what so ever
      she can’t sing worth a damn

    2. Bethlehem 2 Sep 2012, 5:54pm

      There were definitely no technical issues… I was backstage for the day and know for a fact that she refused to go on because the stage (in a 3,500 capacity tent) wasn’t big enough… Maybe she was worried about getting her massive ego and her massive arse on there at the same time…

    3. Bethlehem 2 Sep 2012, 5:56pm

      Just for record… There were definitely no technical issues… I was backstage for the day and know for a fact that she refused to go on because the stage (in a 3,500 capacity tent) wasn’t big enough… Maybe she was worried about getting her massive ego and her massive arse on there at the same time…

  12. Dean Ismail 1 Sep 2012, 11:05pm

    please please let’s not become “tabloid” in our attitudes and responses to this. We don’t know the full story.
    Please try if you can, and refrain from vilifying Alexandra Burke before we know what actually happened.
    Looking at her tweets, it appears that she is very disappointed about it all.. She said it’s due to technical issues.
    She actually traveled to Brighton this morning before finding out about the problem.

  13. If you’re a real performer you can play in front of 100 people or 100,000 people and always give it your all. Though she’s not a real performer.

  14. Alexandra Burke has sensationally pulled out of performing at this year’s Brighton Pride

    I know I’m kind of out of the loop here, but is this really a “sensation”?

  15. Spanner1960 2 Sep 2012, 3:49am

    Alexandra who?

    1. Quite.

  16. Judging by the sales of her latest album, she should be performing at every venue possible. Silly cow

  17. GingerlyColors 2 Sep 2012, 5:24am

    Perhaps the crowd wasn’t big enough. Freddie Mercury may have filled entire football stadiums but Alexander Burke shouldn’t be setting her sights too high – after all she was propelled onto the stage courtesy of Simon Cowell after winning the X Factor. On the other hand Freddie Mercury built his career up over two decades before his life was tragically cut short by an AIDS related illness. Fat Boy Slim (Norman Cook) doesn’t seem to have a problem drawing the crowds however. A few years ago he headlined a beach party in Brighton where 60,000 people were expected to turn up. A quarter of a million fans showed up in the end!
    Sorry Ms Burke but if you are going to snub your LGBT fans then don’t expect them to buy tickets to see your gigs in future. This sort of attitude will quickly make you a ‘has been’, just like the first X Factor winner, Steve Brookstein. At least the delightful Will Young who won Pop Idol, the X Factor’s forerunner is still around.

    1. David Wainwright 2 Sep 2012, 1:56pm

      I don’t recall Freddy ever making an appearance at a Gay Pride event or even ever having taking part .

      1. “Gay Pride” didn’t start becoming a commercial music event till the late 90s for most cities and towns in the UK. Manchester didn’t get a Gay Pride event until 1990/91 and back then it was just a jumble sale to raise money.
        Freddie died in 1991, so it’s unlikely he ever had the opportunity to attend one.
        Let’s not forget that during his lifetime, “Gay Pride” was a much more political (and hated) event than a music/drink/overpriced event than it is now.

        1. GingerlyColors 3 Sep 2012, 12:33am

          Thanx for that, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am sure that Freddie Mercury would have attended “Gay Pride” had he lived. As I type this I am copying “ABBA The Movie” from video tape to DVD. I am sure that they would have played at “Gay Pride” events around the world. Incidently homosexuality was still illegal in Australia where the film was made, set against the backdrop of ABBA’s tour there. Nowadays the Australian ABBA tribute band, Bjorn Again fills the void left by the demise of ABBA and can sometimes be seen playing “Gay Pride” events.

  18. I can’t help thinking that she thought she would be performing on the main stage as she did last year (there was no main stage this year) and changed her mind when she realised she would be on stage in a tent.

  19. More fool anyone who paid money to see this person ‘sing’..
    And more fool anyone who paid to get into the coral at all.
    Penned in behind barriers – that’s where an awful lot of people want you to be! And you even paid for the privilage – Lemmings!

    1. David Wainwright 2 Sep 2012, 1:57pm

      Totally agree , which is why I boycott most Prides these days , I miss the early prides where it was just people with picnics , Which is what is happening in Torbay next weekend , which I shall be supporting wholeheartedly .

    2. Yeah penned in and no re-entry. BUT you first had to queue to get tickets = 1 hour, then queue again to actually get in = 1 hour. Draconian security and what for? Three guys on the tables – one rifling through the bags, two looking on – pathetic. If they wanted to search for drugs then they needed dogs. So what were they looking for – a few glass bottles of booze? I saw many in the waste skips. And insistence that if a ticket said ‘D’ then it had to be gate ‘D.’ Even more pathetic. The Park was empty for the first TWO hours. This did not go down well with the Cabaret drag queens who started on time to an empty tent, and the Fairground folk were well pi$$ed with no punters for TWO hours.


    shocking indeed

    1. Somebody please think of the children!!!!!!!! ;-)

  21. She was probably told she had to sing and not mime so she probably did nt fancy the challenge – she’s a non entity anyway hardly a global star , would have been big news if it were Madonna or Kylie

  22. BruceWillisFan 2 Sep 2012, 9:53am

    Simple she is a stupid thick cow & deserves punching in the face. :)

  23. Gosh, There is lots of thumbing down on these comments. It’s probably her mother, a tough cookie.
    Well, Hell hath no fury like a queen scorned. Wait for all the back-pedalling when her management weighs up the damage. She does seem like a nice girl, though. And her voice is lovely.

    1. Along with many singers these days she sings through her nose – must have caught that from Babs Striesand :)

      Would I have paid to listen to her? No. Would I have paid to listen to FatBoySlim? No.
      She has done great damage and I hope very much she finds out the true strength of the pink pound. Or, the lack of it.

      1. “She has done great damage” is possibly a little over-dramatic in the greater scheme of things.

      2. “She has done great damage” is possibly a touch over-dramatic in the greater scheme of things.

  24. Whatever!

  25. Isn’t she the one who did that gawdawful cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”?
    I think she probably did everyone a favour by not showing up and doing her greatest hit.

  26. David Wainwright 2 Sep 2012, 1:52pm

    More SHOCKING is the news that radical queer groups were “KETTLED” by police on the march to Preston Park, it made the BBC news but not Pink News apparently .

    1. Damn right, David. Glad that someone’s got the priorities right. Well said.

    2. Yeah I noticed that… I was surprised the BBC reported it, as they don’t seem to bother with reporting the existence of LGBT. I was even more surprised that the ‘leading’ LGBT news website was completely silent on it. Poor showing PN

      1. I saw the march and they were not kettled – the police and the police horses took up the position they always do on such occasions – the police horses at the rear with a cordon of police behind them to protect the horses and make the tail (not the horses) end of the march clear to everyone. The procedure was no different to any other year – the ‘radical’ queer groups were at the end of the parade because they turned up last/late; some of them minutes before the whole kit and kaboodle was due to set off.

  27. Alexandra has been a real BERK here ! For the fact she isn’t even mainstream at all , puling a stunt like this is a huge blow to her waining fan base , credibility and reputation ! A very bad decision tbh

    1. Well said.

  28. Great gods. Is this what ‘Pride’ has shrunk to? A sensation because some 5th rate demi-talent unknown winner of the modern-day Opportunity Knocks (at least, out here in the Real World beyond Little England, folks) gets a touch of the sulks? Sod the bitch. The attention the clowns & sideshows receive at ‘Pride’ has long outstripped their value and commitment (any, in this fill-in-name here??) to gay and lesbian people. Grow up, PN!

    1. My first thought was ‘so what’. I expect better of PN than this sensationalist Murdoch-esque journalism designed to whip a frenzy based on perceived ‘facts’.
      The constant struggle for LGBT equality in Russia, and particularly in St Petersburg soon slips off the agenda when a talent-show winner of years past pulls out of a show.
      ‘Pride’ and the many variations thereof is nothing more than a commercial event to make as much money for the businesses involved.

  29. Sparky Nolan 2 Sep 2012, 2:26pm

    Its only fair, lets face it everyone else snubbed her new album, which sank like a stone

  30. These x factor divas need to realise that they’re not famous because they’re talented – its because they were our favourite clowns in a televised national circus. Alexandra Burke should be careful, it looks like her fifteen minutes are almost up.

  31. Someone with a phone camera or a camcorder should capture from these ‘minders’ exactly why they came to this decision, upload to Youtube/Gaydar etc and settle this. But does kinda looks like she has walked away for some small issue that could surely have been resolved. What explanation did they give to BP organisers apart from ‘technical issues’. Exactly what? They have made a foul up of not explaining themselves clearly.

    1. I know a lot of the organisers of Pride, who were backstage with her, and apparently she refused to go on the stage because it was too small. I doubt anybody has video proof, but that’s what the most most of the backstage sources are saying.

  32. Love seeing you lot all judging her without hearing the other side of the story. How openminded!

    1. Had the reason been properly explained at the time then the present situation would wouldn’t have come about.
      This is an age of of information and how you use that, even when it may make you look bad, says an awful lot.
      The explanation as it stands holds about as much water as one of the dumbed down ones you here on a train eg ‘We are delayed by an incident on the track’ which later turned out to be a deer on the track.
      The truth, the whole truth and nothing but that will bring credibility.

    2. Eh? she has given her side of the story on twitter. ‘technical problems’. If she doesn’t want to go into more details, that’s up to her. Amazingly no other acts at the women’s tent suffered technical problems. Or maybe they did but carried on regardless with amazing professionalism?

      1. ‘Technical problems’ is not an exact reply and certainly not enough for a savvy audience.

        1. Correct. I was responding to Roger suggesting we should wait for her side of the story. She has given her side as ‘technical problems’ very lame excuse and amazingly convenient that no other acts at the women’s tent suffered technical problems.

    3. Suddenly Last Bummer 3 Sep 2012, 12:05pm

      ‘Roger’ by name ‘Wanker’ by nature.

      1. Staircase2 3 Sep 2012, 4:36pm

        Since when did telling the truth make someone a wanker..?

  33. The Inspector General 2 Sep 2012, 5:43pm

    Chin up types, not the end of the world you know !

  34. Huh – her management probably first saw the Park empty for the first TWO hours and thought this is not good for her. Then when she turned up she probably saw the TWO hour queues to get in, and left.

    1. The park would have been quite empty for the first two hours, since the park opened at 12pm and as advertised, the entertainment started at 2pm. There was never a two hour queue either. I got there around 2.30 and waited about 10 mins to get in. The queues were long, but moved quickly. Who in their right mind would queue for 2 hours? There would have been a riot if that were true! Never saw any technical problems at the women’s tent, where Alexandra Burke was due to perform. Some really amazing performances there. I did see a technical problem at the cabaret tent when Miss Jason started performing, the backing track failed, but like a true professional, she carried on acapella whilst the backing music was quickly fixed.

      1. Having just re-read what you posted, do you think Alexandra Burke would have had to wait in the queue to get into pride where she was performing? Was she waiting between Fat Boy Slim and The Dame Edna Experience? Perhaps slipping her hand into the drugs amnesty box going past? Do you travel from a planet where time is warped so much that 15 mins becomes 2 hours. I would hope yes, but I suppose not?

  35. Suddenly Last Bummer 3 Sep 2012, 12:04pm

    ”Her fans” were disappointed? Anyone who’s a ‘fan’ of this glorified karaoke singer needs to get a voucher for Amazon and buy some decent music.

  36. Staircase2 3 Sep 2012, 4:34pm

    “Pride Brighton & Hove would like to thank” “all of the performers who waived their fees to perform at Preston Park”…

    Am I missing something here…? Wasn’t Brighton Pride a paid-for ticketed event again this year..?

    I’m not really a fan of Alexander Burke but it would appear that her team have it on the nose – it sounds as if Brighton Pride is no longer pulling in the crowds now it’s started charging for people to express Pride…

    Or did I just get the wrong end of the Pink Pound stick there…?

    1. ROBERT PATTINSON. 3 Sep 2012, 6:54pm

      The opposite is true pride got too popular and too many people went to the free for all party unwilling to even give a pound and took their own drink etc and trashed the park.So for safety reasons the park had to be fenced off it was much better this year with more gays than straights again.Performers waived their fees but alexandra should realise people paid to see her so she let the gay community down to her peril.See my other comment which tells you why she pulled out basically she was too close to the audience to mime.

  37. ROBERT PATTINSON. 3 Sep 2012, 6:43pm

    Girls on top stage was too small,wildfruit stage too high.Basically she would have been too close to the audience so she could not mime.She said she did not take a fee but people paid to get into the park to see her,the local gay press and gossip now means she is not welcome in brighton.Perhaps she thinks she is more famous than she actually is.She has upset her gay followers to her peril she wont be remembered in a years time.

  38. Pinkness=bull 4 Sep 2012, 11:34am

    HOW have you got away with printing such blatant LIES ?!? The reason she couldn’t perform was all down to the EVENT ORGANISERS … She wanted to perform and it’s not fair she’s getting a bad name for it .

  39. She performed at Glasgow Pride this year, and that all went great. Must have been a good reason for pulling out of Brighton, seeing as its the much bigger event.

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