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Same-sex adoption bill drawn from ballot in New Zealand

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Reader comments

  1. New Zealands adoption laws badly need changing. I have two Kiwi friends who have had a child via surrogate and at present they are not allowed to return to NZ with the child because the current laws. If they did, the child would be placed in care despite one of them being named on the child’s birth certificate.

    Good luck and I hope it passes easily

  2. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 31 Aug 2012, 2:37pm

    The adoption law is just like the marriage law in New Zealand – they both date back to 1955. It is time to move these laws to the 21st century. Also the adoption laws needs to include de facto same sex and opposite sex couples as well as opposite sex couples and same sex couples within civil unions. It is good and fantastic news that by a vote of 80 to 40 the first reading of the marriage equality bill passed in New Zealand! The marriage bill will allow same sex couples to adopt because same sex couples then will be considered spouses. Remember some sex sex couples are still in de facto or civil unions and they will still be banned from adopting children.

  3. Only the worse kind of ill-informed bigoted sadist would think that children are better off in social care than in loving families.

    That’s not to say social carers don’t try – of course they do. But time, energy and resources are finite.

    If LGBT families are taking the carefully considered decision to not have an “accident”, but to offer homes for those in need, it would be an act of abject cruelty to oppose.

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