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Gwent police to offer extra help for LGBT victims of domestic violence

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Reader comments

  1. “If the LGBT officer service gives victims of same-sex domestic abuse the confidence to report an incident and follow it through the investigation and court process then that’s a huge positive step in tackling and combating these awful crimes that often remain silent.”

    Absolutely! Well done, Gwent. I really hope this works as it should.

  2. Spanner1960 31 Aug 2012, 4:01pm

    “As reported in the Caerphilly Observer, in 2011/12 there were just ten incidents of same-sex domestic abuse reported to the police. The force have suggested this means people are afraid to report it.”

    Or maybe it’s just that most same-sex couples are rather more civilised than their str8 counterparts and don’t feel the need to knock seven bells of crap out of one another in order to settle an argument.

    1. John from MN 31 Aug 2012, 6:22pm

      A couple years ago, and again a few years before, there were 2 studies done that show gay couples suffer domestic violence at the same or slightly higher rate than our heterosexual counterparts. One study postulated that social stigma prevents it from being reported. The other was a study on domestic abuse in general and gay and lesbian couples were studied along with heterosexuals.

      For anecdotal evidence, I know about the same number of gay and straight couples, and I have seen both minor and serious abuse in both. I had to call the cops myself on a friend’s bf who got violent when he drank, with my friend always making excuses for him.

      Gays and lesbians also have a higher rate of mental illnesses, substance abuse, and depression because of societal stigma. These all increase the risk of domestic violence. While I would like to believe our relationships are more evolved than straights, that would be as false as believing same race couples are better than mixed race couples.

    2. John from MN 31 Aug 2012, 6:24pm

      Either way, way to go police! I wish they were at this point on this side of the Atlantic.

  3. GingerlyColors 1 Sep 2012, 1:07am

    It is a shame that domestic violence occurs in same-sex couples as it does with straight couples. Nevertheless violence is a crime, even when it occurs in the home and I applaud Gwent (Monmouthshire) Police for taking domestic violence seriously regardless of the type of relationship. It took the police many decades to take such violence seriously and even as late as the 1980’s police forces around the country would disregard a man beating his wife as ‘just a domestic incident’. If any of you are in a violent relationship, my advice is to get out, now.

  4. Luke Martin 8 Oct 2012, 11:44am

    As the service delivering Gwent’s LGBT domestic violence training, I must say it was great training Gwent Police. The officers were very engaging and an asset to the Police service. This service is available for all Police Officers. Visit

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