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Warning made to US churches that collecting money for anti-equality causes is not allowed

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Reader comments

  1. “Governor Chris Gregoire, a Democrat and a Roman Catholic, signed into law the new marriage legislation, describing it as “one of his proudest moments”.”

    So proud *she* grew a penis and testicles and changed her gender identity? :p

    1. My thought exactly when I read this…..

  2. Vincent Rager 31 Aug 2012, 3:25am

    Great; but from now on instead of reminding them in conversation they need to be reminded legally so they actually give a damn and act legally and ethically like everyone else has too!

  3. If all they need is a PMW representative to be present to collect the money from parishioners, the church’s hands are hardly tied. They are free to carry on peddling hate on a tax free basis.

  4. Has anyone yet told Keith O’Brien to stop his hostile politicking in churches and collecting money to oppose equality for Scottish citizens.

  5. They’ll find a way around this, just as they do everything els.e

  6. It all sounds a bit muddled and not a serious barrier to sectarian campaigning. Not that I would deny anybody’s right to do that. I simply agree with the late lamented Gore Vidal – a great deal of what US churches do should be taxed. If it were, a lot of poisonous God-bothering mischief would disappear overnight.

  7. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 31 Aug 2012, 3:10pm

    There has been a lot of fraud in collecting signatures to vote on same sex marriage. Especially duplicates of signatures, that are used to beef up the numbers to get the quota. If there is just one signature that is duplicated, unregistered or copied by fraud then all the signatures should be cancelled. That will help in keeping civil rights on the books. There was just over 11,000 duplicated, unregistered or copied. Keeping LGBT civil rights such as domestic partnerships, civil unions or marriage equality should NEVER be put to a vote at the ballot box!

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