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Republican Senator of Utah disagrees with Romney over marriage equality ban

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Reader comments

  1. Orrin Hatch is neo-fascist mor(m)on scum. Look at this absurd statement:

    “my personal belief is that we should not discriminate against anybody, but I do draw the line at the definition of marriage”

    He opposes equal civil rights for a law-abiding minority.

    And he is a member of the extreme-right Republican Party.

    That party is utterly vile and bigotted to its rotten, greedy core.

    As Orrin Hatch is a mor(m)on cultist – he too wears the same magic underwear that far-right extremist bigot Mitt Romney wears.

    1. Although, unlike Romney, he also draws the line at forcing his beliefs on to others.

      1. No he doesn’t.

        This is a PR exercise by the extreme right.

        Bigots like Hatch are trotted out by the neo-fascist Republican Party to pretend that their party is not in fact the christo-Taliban.

        It means nothing – this Hatch scumbag would be first in line to support a constitutional amendment.

      2. Bill (Scotland) 30 Aug 2012, 11:41am

        No, this is purely a matter of States’ rights it has got nothing whatever to do with gay marriage, per se. If the State of Utah was to propose a ban on same sex marriage, there is absolutely nothing in Orin Hatch’s statements (quite the reverse) to indicate he would oppose passing such a State constitutional amendment.

        Some Federal Law is for good purposes (e.g. the Civil Rights Act), passed in the teeth of bitter opposition by some States, other Federal law or proposals are certainly less so and the Romney proposal is certainly one of those, whatever the motives of those who oppose it, but the two issues should not be confused.

        Of course I’m not an American, just a foreign observer, but even I know that States’ Rights is a battle that has been going on in the US for a very long time.

        1. Rhoderick Gates 1 Sep 2012, 4:45pm

          Obviously it’s not purely a matter of state’s right. Did he oppose Bill Clinton’s DOMA?

  2. Always the BIG BUT,

    Hatch said: “Well, my personal belief is that we should not discriminate against anybody, but I do draw the line at the definition of marriage.

    He seems to have managed to convinced himself that non-discrimination really is his personal belief even against all the evidence.

  3. Orrin Hatch and Mitt Romney are so straight,(lol)

  4. If the GOP do go ahead with a complete ban on equal marriage it will either be a) ruled unconstitutional by the courts or b) be accepted and there will be no more equal marriage in the US.

    If a Federal ban is implemented presumably all the existing marriages will be dissolved. The courts would oppose it but I believe they have plans to remove the ability of the courts to challenge them. It would beggar belief if anybody who is gay voted Republican this time around.

    Alternatively, if Obama is still in, and the courts are allowed to rule on the existing bans that have been ruled unconstitutional — it could just mean the striking down of every unfair ban in every state. They could open up marriage for all with a Federal law, or just leave each state to work their way, one state at a time, to passing equal marriage rights by voter referendum.

    I think dAVID is right but at least he said he was against it, so 1/10. :)

  5. Don’t walk on the grass, hop on it. How can he ‘not discriminate but draw the line at the definition of marriage’ in my simple mind that is discrimination. He just wants publicity. Silly old fart.

  6. Leigh Hamilton 30 Aug 2012, 2:41pm

    I think people are forgetting about DOMA, passed in the 90s, which already federally defines marriage as between a man and a woman…

    1. Which can and should be repealed.

      1. Or overturned.

  7. Despite all this many Gay people in the US will carry on voting Republican. You would have to really loathe yourself, wouldn’t you?

  8. What he is trying to say is; just because i don’t agree with equal marriage it doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be one. fair enough

  9. The bizarre thing is that this may actually be an improvement for Hatch – not calling for a national ban.

    Also, let’s not forget that there is a significant Mormon grassroots gay rights movement (Affirmation, Mormons for Marriage [Equality], Mormons Building Bridges). Hatch deserves his condemnation, but his magic underwear is not necessarily a reason.

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