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New Zealand

Catholic college teacher in New Zealand suspended over marriage equality views

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Reader comments

  1. Usual babble. Polygamy is endorsed by the buy-bull after all. And anyone with an ounce of understand of the actual issues know that making an existing legal mechanism gender blind is not the same as re-building the law from the ground up as would be required for polygamy.

    And marriage not only has nothing to do with children, but where does he suppose children in the foster/adoption system come from? Perhaps he should address that before he talks about our “entitlement”. After all, LGBT people tend not to have unwanted children by bloody accident.

    Theocracy-addled fool hiding behind his poor understanding of his own dogma, and the law of the land, to conceal what he really wants to say: “I hate gay people.” We see right through these people.

  2. This is disgusting! As Principal, he should not be using the newsletter to air his own views on the student population.

    Let’s hope that Mr Studdart will be back in his role and that Mr Stanton is forced to stand down by governors and students alike.

  3. Does NZ have anti-discrimination laws?

    The suspended teacher could very easily file a wrongful dismissal case against the school and he should also report the principal as a danger to children.

    This principal is a danger to children thanks to his extremist bigotry.

    He needs to be suspended without pay immediately and if he wants to return to teaching he must first receive treatment for his mental illness (his religious beliefs).

  4. Mr Stanton must be replaced with immediate effect. A head teacher does not go around threatening students. What a plebeian but of course he is Roman Catholic so anything goes according to them.

  5. Head Teacher Stanton, you cannot imbue your ridiculous prejudices with righteousness by saying they are “aligned with church doctrine”, for “church doctrine” equals “superstitious diktat”.

    Well done, Pompellier students, and well done, Mr. Studdart!

  6. If you are interested you can watch the interview with the teacher is available here.

    Interestingly the Principal was too cowardly to pitch for the TV interview.

  7. “My fear is we are moving towards a society where children become an ‘entitlement’ or ‘right’ and therefore commodities,”

    Compare and contrast with catholic fundamentalists becoming god-oddities…

  8. Shameless theocrat? Really?

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