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Brazil: Gay father granted full “maternity” leave

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Reader comments

  1. Jesus Moran 30 Aug 2012, 11:35pm

    Way to go brazil, the US looks like a 3rd world country compared to the southern giant!

  2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 31 Aug 2012, 12:10am

    Hipocrasy in the Brazilian style: exist now law on same-sex adoption, but some couples can adopt; exist no law of same-sex marriage – but some couples can make their civil partnerships in the marriages. Why not to go the simple way of Argentina or even Mexico (marriage just in capital and possibly very soon in two more states, but recognized in all 31 states)?

    1. With the Supreme Court’s ruling last year approving stable unions (“civil unions”) to gay couples, there’s no need to have a new adoption law.

      And that ruling was about civil unions: the case brought to the Supreme Court was just for that, so they got ONLY that.

      1. It was not about equal marriage.

  3. It is an important and significant ruling. The more same sex couples apply and put pressure on issues such as parental leave then the government will have to look at it and make any changes so things are equal.

  4. Rio Grande do Sul state is a progressive vision contributed to the advance in local jurisprudence there was the first recognition of marriage between same sex in Brazil and now the first for masternity leave

  5. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 31 Aug 2012, 2:55pm

    Brazil is certainly ahead on LGBT rights.

    Maternity leave?

    It should be called “parental leave” or “paternity leave”!

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