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Northern Ireland: Peer who compared homosexuality to bestiality quits

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Reader comments

  1. Anti-Catholic, Anti-Irish, Homophobic bigot.

    1. Nothing wrong with being anti-catholic. They are just as bad.

      1. de Villiers 29 Aug 2012, 10:02am

        Surely all discrimination is bad?

        Sometimes, the only rights people want are the rights to oppress others.

        1. The right to protection against anti-discrimination laws is limited in the case of adherence to a religion. Such adherence is a socio-political statement and has the same protections as any any other socio-political statement, for exampl membership of UKIP.

      2. Harry with Respect, but that man and his party put in place legislation that denied people their basic rights, if you were Catholic – you could not vote, little rights in terms of jobs or housing. The Irish, Catholic population of the North were second class citizens. Surely you can agree that no form of discrimination is acceptable?

        1. I think the protestants gerrymandered the electoral districts rather than denied catholics the right to vote. But the old administration certainly practised discrimination in favour of their superstition against practitioners of the other superstition, without doubt yes. And without doubt that was wrong and I am glad that the old Stormont lost its authority as it was unfit to rule.

          I respectfully question your concatenation of “catholic” and “Irish”: Many protestant unionists would also call themselves Irish and many (though a minority) of catholics are de facto unionists. Labels are dangerous.

          But yes, all discrimination is wrong – it was especially wrong in “old” NI where the discrimination was on the basis of the “community” you came from, regardless of your personal religious beliefs, attitude or political allegiances.

          1. Correction on my part – you could vote if you owned land – but guess who owned all the land? And you are correct they gerrymandered to ensure they were the majority, if you were a business owner and employed 50 who had 50 votes, including yourself giving you 51. My point is, that this man denied my parents their rights because they were Catholic and Irish, he now wants to deny my rights because I’m gay. Good riddance to him!

    2. burningworm 29 Aug 2012, 8:25pm

      Its stronger and more affective to say i am for something than to champion the banner of anti this and anti that.

      Affirm life

  2. Christopher 29 Aug 2012, 3:34am

    Walk the dinosaur –

    Was, Not Was

  3. Bye and please don’t come back.

  4. “I have agonised over the last three months…”

    Oh, bless – just think how much effort he could have saved if only he’d been a little more decisive all along?

    ‘Bye then. Missing you already (not).

  5. Good riddance to old trash! Dinosaurs like that have no place in modern politics.

  6. Off to spend more time with his….Sheep.

  7. Has he also been stripped of his peerage?

    If not then how does that happen?

    1. It’s a disgrace any of those Orange N@zis got peerages in the first place.

      1. de Villiers 29 Aug 2012, 10:08am

        N-zi’s invaded and occupied other countries, performed torture and horrific medical experiments on living people, executed millions of Jews in gas chambers, killed gay people and the disabled, detained political opponents in mental asylums, and used the machinery of the government to perform crimes against humanity.

        There is no proper comparison between this politician and a N-zi.

        1. Loyalism is arguably Britain’s indigenous form of fascism, and precedes Benito and Adolf by a few decades. Even today, far right groups here make use of the old battle cries of “god and ulster” and “no surrender”. The body count may not be anywhere near as high, but the comparison is fair.

          1. Who are you to compare Loyalism to Facism. When you look at it do you really blame us for this attitude considering we live in a land that doesn’t want us and have butchered us since the plantation. I know there are Loyalists who are no angels but the same can be said for Republicans. Please keep your idiotic statements to yourself.

      2. Paddyswurds 29 Aug 2012, 11:19am

        …..Taliban just may have been a better choice of word Cal, especially as we have the “Vichy” prowling about….

  8. He can spend more time eating his KFC now.

  9. Paddyswurds 29 Aug 2012, 10:58am

    More sloppy journalism from PN. Lord Maginnis of Co Tyrone…Really? Wrong
    It’s Lord Maginnis of Drumglass. Not that I have any truck with silly titles but I really do get annoyed at sloppy journalism…Oh wait the sloppy journalism was probably also the fault of The Scotsman where this story was lifted from verbatim… grrrrr….

    Re Ken Maginnis Good riddance I say. Maybe the UUP will now be able to pull itself out of the 17th century and join the rest of us in the modern world!

    1. Here’s hoping…….

    2. Drumglass is in Carnteel, an outskirt of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. I fail to see how saying he’s from Co. Tyrone is ‘sloppy journalism’.

  10. Have fun Mr Maginnis. We’ll call you if we need you.
    Not that any of us ever would call you, but it’s the polite thing to say. Perhaps you might still have your political career if you had learned to be polite as well. No?

    1. Paddyswurds 29 Aug 2012, 11:44am

      @Mr Stule..
      …..I’m sorry to say politeness will never overcome outright bigotry and homophobia as in the case of this moron, Maginnis. There are lots of people who are polite but who are also racist, fascist, homophobic, and just plain bigoted. This has been Maginnis’s modus operandi all his life including his ten year stint in the wholly discredited and murderous Ulster Defense Regiment, a regional, wholly”protestant” regiment of the British Army which was disbanded in disgrace by the Labour Government. During Maginnis’ ten years in the UDR was when it gained it’s notoriety particularly around the Border in Fermanagh and Tyrone.
      Nationalists did join the UDR at the beginning in 1972 but were intimidated out again by loyalist soldiers who made dark hints about friendly fire etc. fewer than 50 nationalists were members by the time it was disbanded in 1992 and they were mostly officers or back office.

  11. Good Riddens – Another Dinosaur extinction

  12. Good riddance!
    If only his UUP buddy Jackie Crawford (who made the “gay is a disease/disability” comment) would join him.

  13. NutjobsareeverywheretheUNtoo 29 Aug 2012, 1:38pm

    Good riddance go to your church that covered up all the abuse and have a pray !!

    1. I think you will find that is the Catholic Church you are on about. The UUP and Mr Maginnis are Protestants. Maybe you should get your facts right before shooting your mouth off……….

  14. His words are just as vile and hate filled as anything spouted by the Catholic Church, pity not all can see that on here!…Glad to see the back of him …Benedict your next

    1. Paddyswurds 29 Aug 2012, 3:34pm

      Ratzi the Naz1 unfortunately won’t be shifted so easily. The grim reaper will be his escort and the way things work in VC his successor will be just as conservative and indeed old. Sitting Popes always stack the Curia,
      (which is like a cabinet) with cardinals equal to their own views and since the murder of the Liberal progressive John Paul, who was dispatched after only a month in office, the papacy has gotten increasingly far right conservative., I’m afraid we are stuck with the Roman cult for quite a long while yet, as it is old age which will spell the demise of this evil cult.
      “Vocations” as they like to call the priesthood, are in collapse worldwide except in Africa.
      Ireland, which at one time produced thousands of clergy every year, while the Roman cult ruled here, this year sees a mere 10 boys in preparation for the priest thing.
      It is lack of new blood which will consign all these religious cults to the dustbin of history, but it will take a lot of time.. .. and education!

  15. No place for logical thinking?? Is that what he calls his bigoted speculation? Why on earth would gay neighbours influence children nearby? Why does he say that LGBT people are “aggressive and demanding”? By his ‘logic’ so is he – because he wanted to get married too, didn’t he?

    I’m glad he’s quit but I’d be happier still if he re-assessed his warped ideas.

  16. God riddance to bad rubbish!

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