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New Zealand MP appeals to opponents and fence-sitters over marriage equality bill

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  1. Dear PN, the first reading has now passed with 70 in favour, 40 not in favour and no abstentions. A great result for Louis Wall and there were many great speeches in favour with the usual rubbish against.

    1. Correction 78in favour and 40 against!

      1. Correction. 80 in favour and 40 against. 1 didn’t vote. It’s a 121 seat parliament.

        1. Wow, that’s overwhelming!

          Way to go New Z!

        2. Yes, I saw that had changed after I had posted that link. Take a look at this interview with Louisa Wall:

          Andrew is a very good friend of mine too

  2. I hope this will finally give the rest of the world a kick up the backside in driving marriage equality onwards.

  3. “…a legal opinion from Family First which said church ministers and celebrants who refused to marry gay couples would be criminalised by the bill…”

    Here’s an idea: fix the bill, in the unlikely event there’s a problem. The Canadian experience for the last 7 years is that the only “church ministers” going to jail are the ones abusing small children or wandering through airports with a computer full of kiddy porn. And you don’t have to guess which gay-hating corrupt international organization they belong to.

    1. The hilarious thing that ‘legal opinion’ is that it directly contradicted the legal opinion put out first by the NZ Human Rights Commission.

  4. New Zealand debate videos available at;
    for those who are interesting in hearing the debate in New Zealand’s parliament.

    1. Oops, that should have been

  5. They turned in a petition with 48,000 signatures. Too bad 45,000 of them were AMERICAN!

    1. GulliverUK 29 Aug 2012, 3:26pm

      Love this petition against Cardinal O’Brien too.

      # 1,190 06:40, Aug 29, Mr. Graham Austin, United Kingdom
      Good on you cardinal. Marriage is between a man and a woman– no argument.

      It’s actually telling O’Brien to back same-sex marriage.

      Why don’t people read !!!!!! How could you miss the title “Scottish Catholics, Support Gay Marriage!. Doh!

  6. Fantastic news, with a massive majority voting for it. Can’t wait to see what the Australian papers say! More pressure on the rest of the world. Can’t understand how these guys can do this so quickly and the UK has to wait until 2015 and leave us all wondering what exactly the UK is eventually going to propose. I don’t think the UK MPs and stonewall can no longer pontificate to others on LGBT rights to the rest of the world.

  7. Is PinkNew EVER planning to report on the vote?

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