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Gay Met inspector claims he was pushed out of the force by ‘bullying’

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Reader comments

  1. We know what a “no comment” from the Met means.
    That their PR machine and their lawyers will find yet another way to twist the truth to their liking. Typical

  2. Paul from Brighton 29 Aug 2012, 4:09pm

    Guy broke the first rule in the book of any uniformed service, whether it the army, police or any one of the other disciplined services, he went drinking with the lower ranks. And in this case, he went even further, drinking with Special Constables.

    Honestly, the guy didn’t deserve to be a police inspector if his judgement was so poor that he ends up drunk with special constables.

    As for the allegation of homophobia, where’s that then?

    All I can see is a drunk police inspector manages to be silly enough to get himself nicked by his colleagues and then wonders why?

    1. Paul from Brighton 29 Aug 2012, 8:16pm

      All very well the thumbs downs, but no one yet has answered my question as to why he’s supposedly the victim of homophobia?

      He claims he wasn’t allowed to make a complaint? What utter nonsense. Every serving police officer is allowed to make a complaint, and the Met police’s Grievance procedure is open to all officers, and civilian staff.

      Having being arrested in 2007, he made no claim post-arrest for unlawful arrest, and no complaint to the police of unfair treatment etc, then comes along five years later having left the Metropolitan Police and now claims foul play?

      You can all thumbs down as much as you like, however I think you’ll find there’s more to this story that is being revealed now.

      As for the Metropolitan police making no comment, this is standard legal reply that would be adopted by all those served with a similar writ/allegation.

      Once the matter is lodged before the courts, it’s in the best interest of all parties to shut up and let judical proceedings take over.

  3. This is a classic example of the Police falsely arresting someone to put pressure on them to back off.

    I’m willing to bet though that he will be re-arrested on another false charge soon for upsetting the MET and he should then take them to Court and the MET will settle out of court to save face for around £300,000 to £500,000.

  4. Yes, definitely a trumped-up arrest because he was gay. Sadly some special constables are in the job for all the wrong reasons, apparently including these two b**tards, who we really don’t need in the police force (sorry, “service”).

    Not that there aren’t also bigoted bullies in the “regular” police force, though, one would hope, that number is much fewer than it was. To be fair, I’m sure it is. The police has improved a lot on the LGBT front when one considers the macho, laddish culture, but clearly there are still pockets of unpleasantness (at least) which need to be dealt with. At least it’s no longer possible to be “officially” persecuted for being who you are.

    Cute guy BTW ;-)

    1. johnny33308 30 Aug 2012, 12:45am

      Yes, normally I would never comment about a person’s looks but this Constable is rather gorgeous I must say…..yummy, in fact! just sayin’…

  5. The story to one side, if he left the force in 2009 I’m interested to know how he became a trained barrister in the space of 3 years?

    1. he read the Dandy….

    2. If he already held a law degree, then it would only take 2 years, if another type of degree it would take 3.

  6. The cuffs are off then?

  7. I agree up to a point that the motives for the farcical arrest in itself are not very clear – to judge by this report. Homophobic motivation may be more obvious from the way he has been treated at work, but no detail is given here.
    I think we need to know more.

  8. John - Brighton 30 Aug 2012, 2:36pm

    Dear Richard – I am so sorry to hear about this absolutely stupid incident developed. I would be interested to know what Act they used in order to arrest you. If it was the old act of drunk in a public place then surely the two specials should have also been arrested and also disciplined for wasting police time and resources.
    I wish you every success with your case and please be sure that there are thousands of supporters willing to help in any way you think we could.
    Best wishes

  9. Martin McKenna 30 Aug 2012, 2:48pm

    I had met Richard several times through our mutual membership of the Gay Police Association. I have not been on the national committee for a number of years and was not aware that Richard had experienced these problems with the Met and had been in effect forced to leave. Obviously do not know the full details of this matter, but do have to admit it does stink. How can two ‘drunk’ off duty Special Constables arrest a Police Inspector for alleged Drunk & Disorderly and how did the custody sergeant justify authorising Richard’s detention? I had problems with my previous force in the Midlands and was subjected to lots of discrimination due to being an openly gay activist police officer. I wish Richard well in this case.

  10. Staircase2 30 Aug 2012, 3:58pm

    It would appear there is rather a lot of this kind of discrimination going on still inside (and often SANCTIONED) by various Police Forces including the MET.

    People may wish to read about the case of Kevin Maxwell who is still fighting against the MET for discrimination despite winning his tribunal.

    You can read more about his case on
    Or on his website

  11. Pic’s a bit dark but he looks gorgeous!

  12. Julia Ford 30 Aug 2012, 4:47pm

    I am just so sad to hear this! I thought the police were moving forward all-be-it slowly “but this is a step backwards” . All of the officers i have met have treated me with the greatest respect but i’m not a police officer.

    I truely wish him all the best for a happy future in his new job.

  13. Utter rubbish. This man spent years damaging the reputation of gay officers in the Met before finally getting thrown out. If he insists on going to court then other officers, both gay and straight, wil be lining up to give evidence against him.

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