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Boy Scouts of America pack to stand up to anti-gay policy

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Reader comments

  1. Good for you. This is how things will change – pack by pack. One reads so many bad things about the US but there are always glimmers of light.

  2. Ridiculous, badly written, poorly researched article copied from a US website.

    The headline reads ‘Boy Scouts of America pack stands up to anti-gay policy’

    Except the article does not mention HOW it stands up to the policy.

    Has this pack quit the BSA?
    Hav they formed an independent pack?

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    Pink News really is showing how rankly amateur it is by continuing with these appalling articles.

    1. Think…
      The policy in question does not allow homosexual members, volunteers, or staff. How else would the pack stand up to the policy other than simply not applying when it comes to their members, volunteers, and staff?
      It stands to reason that they did not leave the BSA, since there is more to the BSA than just this one policy.
      Were they to have quit or splintered, it be a bit more significant than just objecting to a policy, and as such would be stated in the article.

      1. James Park 29 Aug 2012, 2:40pm

        I have to agree with dAVID – there’s almost no information in this article at all. The idea of a news website isn’t that one has to ‘think…’ to work out the details.

  3. “avowed homosexuals”

    That sounds like something from the 19th century.

    Well done to this pack – and I hope many more join them and show the BSA that such a policy is backwards, discriminatory and harmful.

  4. Excellent and well done that pack for being sensible on this issue. I wish them luck and hope that others will follow suit.

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