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Lesbian doctor is first openly gay president of the Canadian Medical Association

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Reader comments

  1. Paul from Brighton 28 Aug 2012, 4:04pm

    I wish reporters could loose the word/term ‘openly’ gay. Why not just say, Gay. Adjectives such as ‘openly’ just add to the mainstream hysteria that there’s something wrong with being gay.

    1. I disagree. It is usually necessary to specify “openly gay” because in most cases the sentence would be false if the word “openly” was omitted. Reid is probaly not the first CMA President who is gay. There likely have been gay CMA presidents before, but we can’t be sure because they were not out.

      Similarly, if ever an openly gay man became President of the USA, it would be untrue to say that he was the first gay President, since there have been one or more closeted gay President.

      The word “openly” does not imply anything negative, unlike “self-confessed” or “admitted,” which were the terms used in the past.

  2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 28 Aug 2012, 7:40pm

    My doctor here in Oslo ( Norway ) is gay, and he doesn’t conceal it. My dentist is gay, married to a gay psychologist. They are honest and tell openly about themselves if anybody should ask.—And my physiologist is both a neighbour and gay- without concealing his sexual identity. Why this “noise” about a lesbian Canadian doctor ?

    1. Because she’s been elected the president of the Canadian Medical Association.

  3. Ummm, guys, this is only “news” to PinkNews…

    They aren’t even talking about it on the news here in Canada… we are SO not impressed by everyday occurrences like.. oooo, someone who happens to be gay got a job.

    1. So how many governor-generals, prime ministers, lieutenant-governors and premiers are there, or have there been, who’re gay in Canada? Oh, right.

  4. The reason this is newsworthy, IMHO, is that her position and that of the new United Church of Canada moderator are elected positions in organizations that are historically quite conservative. Their memberships seem to have adopted the motto of Brian and Patrick Burke’s NHL anti-homophobia group: “If you can play, you can play.”

    (The news coverage I saw at the time of the CMA meeting in Yellowknife, NWT, mentioned she was First Nations and an ER doc. Nothing about her sexual orientation.) BTW, I have to keep reminding myself that American soil is only 67 km away….and about 400 years by all appearances!

    1. um, the leader of one of the major provincial political parties was a gay man, no hiding, no subtlety.

      I doubt any medical order in Canada is particularly “conservative” at least as far as sexual orientation is concerned.

      I’ve had four family doctors in the last 40 years, and all of them have been gay. what a coincidence.

      It’s just not a big deal to Canadians…. unless their name is Stephen Harper.

      1. As a Canadian myself, I disagree. Medical doctors and their associations are very conservative, and fairly often homophobic.

        As an open lesbian, Reid’s election to the CMA is definitely significant.

  5. Christopher 29 Aug 2012, 3:40am

    My home and native land!

    Now explain to me why most of the the rest of the British Empire is so anti-gay!!!

  6. Lovely.

  7. Helge Vladimir Tiller 29 Aug 2012, 8:53am

    The prime ministers of Iceland and Belgium are “open” homosexuals. Six of the representatives in the Norwegian Parliament are “open” homosexuals. The chief police person in Norway was “openly” GAY, married to a man ( two children)-and newspapers did not bother to discuss it.He was accepted – a 100%. Berlin and Paris have had “openly” gay lord-mayors- AND on the other “side”—hundreds of thousands gay, lesbians and transgender persons march in Pride parades all around the world- without fear of showing their faces–people from ALL kinds of political parties, religious groups etc. etc. They are the “brave” ones. To a large degree The World has changed in favour of US !! ( With exceptions, of course-) Paul from Brighton !- I agree with you- Greetings from old Helge in Oslo !

  8. Now, if that could be repeated here in the UK, that would neatly push Peter Saunders and his right wing fundamentalist worldview into touch.

  9. Helge Vladimir Tiller 29 Aug 2012, 9:24am

    —and by the way: The British Embassy marched in The Pride Parade in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011, with a huge banner. (Thank You U. K.) And so did The American Embassy in Stockholm this year ! (— Fear is mans worst enemy– )

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