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Danish Prime Minister denies fresh rumours that her husband is gay

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Reader comments

  1. Why on earth would the couple’s accountant be discussing Kinnock’s sexuality with the tax inspector? What business of his is it?

    1. And what business is it of ours? If he is, so what. If they have an arrangement – not unheard of, especially when living apart – then they seem content with it.

      1. Agreed – it’s extraordinary this stuff is being reported in a ‘respected’ Danish daily.

        1. If he is avoiding paying his tax, then he deserves to be exposed as the thieving scumbag that he is.

          It may be legal but it is wildly inappropriate for the spouse of a PM to do so.

          1. Bill (Scotland) 28 Aug 2012, 5:15pm

            Without a knowledge of the Danish tax code, which I for one certainly do not have, I can make no other comment than to observe that if what she is reported to have stated (that she cannot understand why their tax accountant made this remark in their tax filing) is correct then she and her husband need to inquire of that individual/firm what it is based upon. Unless it is simply an ‘error’ (if so, it’s a peculiar kind of error to make) there may be some fiscal reason behind it.

          2. Absolutely, dAVID – but you will agree that his sexuality has no bearing on the issue one way or the other.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Aug 2012, 1:08pm

    You wouldn’t think this would be an issue in Denmark of all countries. Interesting that PM Thorning-Schmidt found the allegations to be ‘grotesque’. Really? What if he werent married to her and the rumours were flying around about him?

    1. Well, I can understand that people who’re happily married might find it annoying that others would question their sexuality apparently only because they lead fairly independent lives.

      1. Her choice of words is interesting.

        Her husband being rumoured to be gay is not ‘irritating’ or ‘irrelevant’.

        It is ‘grotesque’?

        And Denmark still has CP apartheid right?

        Is it any wonder with such an appalling person as PM?

        1. Brussels Calling 28 Aug 2012, 1:43pm

          Gay marriage was legalised this year thanks to Helle Thorning-Schmidt and her government. She’s a supporter of LGBT rights.

          1. But she regards rumours of being gay as ‘grotesque’?

            She’s a pig.

            And her husband is a suspected thief.

          2. Wow, you’re really in lynching mode here, aren’t you dAVID?

  3. “is very unpleasant that newspapers print such rumours and I am also sorry that generally there are these rumours about politicians. It’s really uncomfortable, also for my family and my children. It’s so grotesque.”

    So being rumoured to be gay is ‘grotesque’ is it?

    What a disgusting pig this woman sounds.

    And if her husband is avoiding tax then he is equally scummy.
    tax avoidance may be legal but it is deeply immoral for a PM’s spouse to engage in it.

    1. You’re weird.

    2. Rumoured to be a lying hypocrite who leads a double life, yes, very possibly.

  4. I think it’s the conduct of the media which is grotesque and I think that is what she was referring to.

    1. Well she should specify that this was what she meant then.

      As it stands her words clearly betray her view that rumours about being gay are ‘grotesque.’

      Does she regard being gay as more or less grotesque than being a tax avoiding thief like Mr Kinnock is alleged to be?

      1. Of course most people are going to think it’s grotesque if people suggest that their husband / wife / partner of 20+ years is in reality more interested in the gender that you are not. It suggests apart from anything else that they may well be a hypocrite. I would think it grotesque if people suggested that my dad was gay – though farcical might be a better word.

        And to pick on Mrs Thorning Schmidt, when she legislated for gay marriage equality within months of becoming PM is a tad quixotic.

        Tax avoidance is another matter. Personally I think that Denmark manages to remain one of the best countries in the world to live in partly because it is not afraid of setting taxes at an appropriate level. Anyone who choses to live in Switzerland while being married to the country’s PM looks distinctly unimpressive.

  5. What does his sexuality have to do with it? The issue here seems to be his alledged avoidance of taxation. He was cleared, end of story. The rest is speculation, and should have no place in any media.

    1. Well he broke no laws.

      However it is utterly disgraceful if the husband of the PM engages in legal tax avoidance while the PM whines on about how we all need to make sacrifices.

      And about how rumours of being gay are ‘grotesque’.

      This woman needs to clarify her position because she is sounding like a bigoted wretch married to a thieving scumbag at the moment.

      1. You’re missing the point here! It’s the RUMOURS of HER PARTNER being gay that she calls grotesque. She didn’t say that the fact that some people are gay is grotesque or that being gay itself is such. I would say the same if someone started spreading rumours about my partner being straight.

        (In reality, I don’t have a partner, still looking for love. Anyone interested? :)

        1. Sure! My mother would love to see me married off before she dies :) My bags are even already packed, just in case the US elections go wrong this November.

  6. Not to be too harsh but WHO CARES!!!! His sexuality is hardly the issue. The issue appears to be tax avoidance. The fact he may or may not be gay is irrelevant. If that is the best the newspapers can come up with to give this story a shock factor then maybe they should quit printing.

  7. Officer Dribble 28 Aug 2012, 4:29pm

    Hang on…before we saddle up our high horses for a quick canter around the ‘indignity paddock’, perhaps we should consider what Helle Thorning-Schmidt is reported to have said.

    According to a report in the Telegraph last year, she referred to rumours that she’d separated from Stephen AND that he was gay as ‘grotesque’.

    And the dictionary definition of ‘grotesque’ is a ‘ludicrous or incongruous distortion’.

    If indeed these two ARE happily married, then to suggested they were separated because he’s gay really is ludicrous, isn’t it?

    1. “before we saddle up our high horses”

      I think you mean:

      “before dAVID saddles up his high horse for the umpteenth time…”

      1. Oh sorry I missed Robert in S. Kensington.

  8. Pavlos Prince of Greece 28 Aug 2012, 5:41pm

    Danish papers must write better one time more, that Prince Henrik, husband of Queen Margrethe II, and Prince Joachim, the younger son, both are secretly gay. Two Princes must agree with public interest in the private life, because are members of state-recognized royal family. Mr. Kinnock is not.

    1. Rumours about both the queen and her husband both being gay have been around for decades. The Danish seem to be both very fond of and deferential to their royal family though, and appear to be rather protective of them.

  9. Bent Sauer 28 Aug 2012, 9:29pm

    It’s All politicks. She is good and hé is ok – could easyly Fall in love :-).

  10. She is the best prime minister Denmark ever had. She is the first Danish pm participating in the Pride in Copenhagen. And there is a lot of homophobia in Denmark still. Sad but true.

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