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Supporters of deportee protest immigration office

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Reader comments

  1. It’s regrettable that this version of events occurred, but the law is the law, and the man entered the country illegally. I hope that he and his partner both remain safe and I wish him all the luck in the world trying to legally apply for citizenship in the US

    1. Moronic and uncompassionate comment. A Herron couple would not have this problem. The law is wrong if it allows some citizens to choose who they marry and not others.

    2. When Rosa Parks was arrested on a bus for not giving her seat up to a white passenger, she was told “the law’s the law”. So by that, perhaps we should never have given in to the demands of the civil rights movement in the USA?
      Just because something is allowed by ‘the law’, it does not make it correct by default. Not everybody in this world will simply shut up and learn to live with things when those with the power to decide the law use it to deny others the same rights and protections they grant to themselves.

  2. As someone that moved from the USA to the UK in order to stay with my partner (an estimated 50,000 live abroad for this reason), I am personally aware that this is a major problem. Unfortunately the article makes it seem as though they would have a better chance if they were married, but this is not true. The DOMA doesn’t allow the federal government to recognise gay marriage – being married to a same sex partner is viewed as intention to stay illegally within the USA and can prevent you from even visiting.

    In my case, my partner was not illegally in the USA, but without any gay immigration rights it was impossible for him to stay with me beyond his temporary immigration terms, requiring me to move or breakup. But, the UK has been very welcoming. As high income, I am lucky that the the UK has allowed us both to immigrate. With the financial problems in the USA, it’s also a shame that they have lost all the tax revenues that now go to Britain.

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