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In Photos: Manchester Pride 2012

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Reader comments

  1. Spanner1960 25 Aug 2012, 5:32pm

    What a complete and utter embarrassment to the majority of decent LGBT people that try to lead normal lives and fit in with society, whilst this bunch of morons, attention seekers and perverts attempts to represent us by marching through the street in drag using sexually loaded innuendo in front of the general public.

    No wonder so many people kick off about us and pour scorn on gay rights when this is the sort of thing that goes on.

    You people fcking disgust me!

    1. Out o’ tune, sir: ye lie. Art any more than a steward? Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?

      1. Spanner1960 25 Aug 2012, 6:06pm

        What, for being a puritan? Thy exquisite reason, dear knight?

      2. And dost thou not have the mental capacity to thinketh that because you jest at Spanner1960 for thinking differently, he doth not jest back at the likes of you for thinking the same?

    2. …….and you fcking disgust me to be frank with your small minded, judgemental attitude to almost all the articles written on PN. You come across as bitter, nasty old man who has had his day! What ever happened to freedom of expression & celebrating diversity? You display such a negative attitude about LGBT issues in general & seem to relish being the aggitator; the “spanner in the works” analogy suits you very well………….ignorant old tw@t would be a better username me thinks.

      1. Spanner1960 26 Aug 2012, 8:55am

        One man’s “freedom of expression” is another’s “hate crime”.
        Tell that to any Christian that finds our sexuality offensive.

        I have always been the agitator, and never one to go with the flow, hence precisely the “spanner in the works” – often being the Devil’s advocate and questioning the status quo. I am not just another lefty sheep like you that accepts this BS for what it is, but fights back.

        Your Ad Hominem insults do nothing for your argument, and only reinforce the fact you have no justifiable standpoint with which to attack me. Oh, and I’m 52 years of age – if you consider that ‘old’ it just demonstrates how totally out of touch you really are.

        1. I am not just another lefty sheep like you

          The self-imposed mantle of free-thinking agitator would be more convincing if you didn’t immediately and predictably label anyone who doesn’t agree with you a ‘lefty’, as though right-wing people aren’t just as capable of being sheep-like in their prejudices. It’s petty and undermines your claim to be independent of mind.

          1. Those of independent and individual mind transcend politics entirely because they are able to see through the deceit and conceit inherent in the political system itself, Rehan:- a system designed solely to keep us divided and in adversity with one another in order to distract us from the bigger picture and to never give peace and humanity a chance to shine through, hence the godawful mess this planet is now in.

            So at least get your facts straight before attempting to make lofty statements that seek to diminish others’ contributions, although granted you are a art of the system itself and thus such an uninformed response is entirely predictable.

        2. If you read your comments back Spanner you will find you have completley contradicted yourself – it seems it is ok for YOU to be individual & express YOUR views in what ever way YOU see fit, but this cannot, in your view be extended to others. If you cannot see the error in your argument you are even more of a fool than the way you portray yourself on PN.

          As we know you like to push the boundaries when it comes to freedom of expression & hate crime. Was it really necessary to you the words “morons, attention seekers and perverts” to refer to the individuals that do not fit into your very narrow view of society? There is aggitation which sparks good debate, but when you choose the wording you do it becomes aggressive aggitation which forms no basis for the development of debate.

          As that “other man” of similar ilk would say “hoisted by your own petard”!

      2. Oh God, the resident demented Dalek ranteth and squaketh yet again, no doubt in practise for its appearance as the Mark W6 model in this Saturday’s episode of Dr Who, appropriately named ‘Asylum of the Daleks’:- EXACTLY what this forum is fast resembling by the day as it seeks to crush all dissent among those among us who refuse to play the eternal gay victim card…

    3. I have to agree, the crude placards and garish get ups might be great in a Fellini movie but to many watching they would have been seen as an entertaining but rather grotesque freak show.

      There was a time when people could, and would pay to look around lunatic asylums. That didn’t mean they were in favour of lunatic emancipation, they were there for a laugh.

    4. David Wainwright 26 Aug 2012, 1:20pm

      LMFAO , you are so right Miss Spanner , how dare people flaunt their wardrobes in public , so much nicer to do it in the privacy of ones bedroom with a close friend or 4 , how dare the whole of Manchester and their friends and families come out and celebrate , anyone would think this was Rio instead of Manchester, this sort of thing MUST BE STOPPED before it is TO LATE . :) I am with you SISTER .

  2. Spanner just OD on bitter pills, and a large glass of rant. You are a toss pot.

    1. Spanner1960 25 Aug 2012, 6:02pm

      I’m not bitter. I just despise wankers trying to speak for the rest of us.
      That American guy who shot a security officer last week is more representative of LGBT people than this bunch of mincing egotists.

      1. They speak for themselves and not for you, you are not there. You are just ranting and spewing bitterness. Malvolio lives for as long as people like you want to crush everyone into your own image and likeness. The world is a bigger place than your small mind.

        1. Spanner1960 25 Aug 2012, 6:08pm

          Maybe, but the world is full of small minds, and all they see is the public representation by a small group as typical of the whole.

          1. As a spokesperson for the world’s small minded your ranting does not change the fact that people are free to express themselves as they wish. It’s called live and let, try it you might find it liberating.

          2. Spanner1960 26 Aug 2012, 9:01am

            It’s funny how people are allowed to do ‘their own thing’ until it goes against their principles. Some people want to stop gay men sleeping in their B&B, which they find offensive, but by the same token still want to refuse straights entry to their gay bars.

            Democracy is a word constantly bandied about until that group is in the minority, at which point it becomes ‘mob rule’ and the socialist ethos of ‘human rights’ is wheeled out. You people are so bent by your own political beliefs you cannot even see straight, let alone act it.

          3. That must surely be the response to end all responses.

            Total admiration for you, Spanner1960, and in continuing regardless when the b@st*rds would have got most others down by this point…

  3. Put some clothes on ffs! There were clearly some decent people here but they’re sidelined by the crazy minority who think it’s worthy of “pride” to sexualise the entire gay community.

    And the placards – vulgar for the sake of vulgarity. It’s unnecessary and embarrassing.

    1. I’d just like to add that these sort of public actions that claim to represent the gay community make it harder for the humbler majority who feel that their sexual orientation is only a part of them. Teenagers fear to come out because thanks to being identified with these people. And whenever I try to explain this, I get called a “homophobic homosexual”, when in fact all I’m doing is asking that people stop acting that flamboyancy and tacky innuendo defines us all.

      1. What utter twaddle, you are now the spokesperson for all teenagers are you? You are not the sole representative of the “humbler” minorty either, that like your fearful teenagers is a product of your imagination.

        1. No, I’m not a spokeperson. That’s what I’m saying. I’m not. And neither are you. None of us are. We’re all individuals united only by one thing: we happen to have different sexual preferences from most people. That’s it. Nothing else. Being gay does not mean we automatically want to get naked or wear drag or shout sexual things at passers by. If you want to do those things I don’t care, you have every right to, but don’t call it “gay” as though “gay” culture was monolithic, exclusive and self-referential. Pride should be political, it should make a standpoint on injustice as Manchester did in part today. And yet it’s dominated by an image.

          I wish I could just discuss this with other gay people but I can’t – some will, but others simply live up to the stereotype and bitch at you.

          In short: we all have different interests and different ambitions, different tastes and different personalities. Pride should have some fun sex to it but it shouldn’t be all. Just think about it, please.

          1. See what I mean? Casual thumbs down. I’m trying to be reasonable and talk, but people don’t care.

            It’s bloody arrogant.

          2. Making sweeping generalisations does not win your case. “Should be political”, “most people”,”as though gay culture was monolithic”. You started out with a rant, “some decent people there”, vulgar for the sake of vulgarity”, then you slipped into Uriah Heep mode with humbleness, what is the matter with you and Spanner? Guess what some people just have a different idea from you about having a fun time, it actually hurts nobody, really it doesn’t and it is one of the many rainbow expressions of the multi clustered individuality that makes up the gay “community”. It has it’s place and it’s value just as you do, but you don’t get to impose your views on everyone else, just as they don’t get to make you dance in the street. Live and let live there is room for all of us.

        2. Common sense prevails in this thread at last, so appears most of us agree with what Spanner1960 was saying if not in the way he said it.

          So go take a running jump that horrible little man who made a pointless and provocatory reference to “that ‘other man’ of similar ilk…”

          1. Good to see you recognise yourself Samuel – it is your own paranoia that has outed you – I note that in a different thread as you have here you have deliberately targeted me yet again.

            Proof beyond doubt that you are the “horrible little man” & are only here to troll, and specifically troll me.

            Read the rest of the comments you tw@t the likes of you and your sidekick spanner are in the minority – homophobic, bigoted & narrow minded. Both of you sit here in judgement of gay men. Just pi$$ off you waste of space!

          2. “Proof beyond doubt that you are the “horrible little man” & are only here to troll, and specifically troll me.”

            Don’t flatter yourself.

            You are a ridiculous little nobody:- the illiterate school clown who people tolerate because they feel sorry for you.

            Now if you are gong to use gutter language, I suggest you return to the sewer whence you came.

          3. Lol – you are toitally deluded Samuel – you just couldnt resist making a remark about “that other man”; had you not have done so no one would have known I was referring to you. For a “superior being” you really are very stupid, but we know you are all shop front and no substance.

            What have you actually brought to this debate other than to have yet another go at me. You came late to the debate & saw an opportunity to side with your stable mate Spanner. You deserve each other as the bigots of PN. I wouldn’t mind if you both were able to debate in a measured way, but you both use combative laungage & are aggressive agitators. This is what happens when you have free comments threads – people like you & Spanner abuse them & spoil it for the rest of us, who want to make comments without having to constantly be under the threat of being ridiculed, bullied & abused because we dare question your bigoted views.

            Both of you are closet homophobes – you make a great couple!

          4. I would be the first to welcome a sign-on format for PN forums, but perhaps the publisher likes to trust that gay men can debate in an adult and reasoned manner without resort to “f@ck this” and “f$ck that” that your mentality has toxicated this site with since your recent arrival.

            I own my words and stand by every one of them because truth has nothing to hide from whereas bluster and self-deception out themselves every time.

            You are the one ranting, W6, I state what I have to say in far fewer words:- so might you if you and your ilk weren’t suffering a mass bout of cognitive dissonance.

            I often wonder if you ever re-read your postings and the rank, desperate stench of hypocrisy and low level literacy that define your presence?

            If you can’t stand the heat, sweetie, jolly well clear off to the other board you infest with your, ahem, worldly knowledge.

            I have been posting on PN for 5 years now and don’t intend stopping now to appease extreme left-wing bully boys like you.

          5. Samuel I see that you are being selective when it comes to the use of offensive gutteral launguage – your pal Spanner is the master at it, lets just remind ourselves of some of the offensive words he has used in this thread alone:

            “bunch of morons, attention seekers, perverts,camp, sex-obsessed, cross-dressing perverts,cretins” and of course “You people fcking disgust me!” Is this what you consider good debate? The very first posting by Spanner was aggressive & offensive do you agree with this position – a total unprovoked attack on the LGBT movement. By all means allign yourself with this bigot as it only goes to demonstrate your own biggoted views.

            Do you think it was necessary for Spanner to use such terms – a simple yes or no will do, there is no analysis to make! As is your way you are you have seen an opportunity to bully & poured petrol on this debate – how typical. Anything to prevent others having an opinion that is not in keeping with your narrow minded world view.

          6. To date I have not been called a bully on PN by another contributor, this is in contrast to your record. I wonder how many individuals have suffered your abuse & sustained personal attacks on PN over the past 5 years?

            As I have noted previously you are the poacher turned gamekeeper when it comes to being a bully – you have earned many titles on these comments threads. Not one of them complimentary, no wonder you are so bitter & twisted, you come across as an isolated angry ashamed little man. You spout utter tosh & when pressed to provide reference points or provide proof of your wild accusations your default position is always to avoid, deflect or make personal attacks & then make all out assualts on the character of someone you don’t even know!

            I really hope that Scott Roberts changes the policy on these comments pages, hopefully full registration will ensure you engage your brain before you actually hit the keyboard! You are an aggresive aggitator which you have proven yet again

          7. If anyone is able to translate the previous two garbled posts into something intelligible, concise and resembling something that does not set out to seek attention due to its intellectual deficit, then I just might be prepared to consider them.

            In the meantime its egg whisk and sink plunger waving author is, colloquially speaking, peeing in the wind…

          8. Spanner1960 30 Aug 2012, 12:04am

            Thank you for that back handed compliment regarding my colourful and prosaic mastery of the English language. Also take note that my comments were never personal or directed at you, but merely at the people this article is concerned with. It is YOU that has taken this to a personal level, not Samuel B or myself.

            But as you want to keep a score, how about the following:?
            ‘You fcking disgust me’
            ‘Small minded, judgemental attitude’
            ‘Ignorant old tw@t’
            ‘Horrible little man’
            ‘Ridiculous little nobody’
            ‘Homophobic, bigoted & narrow minded’
            ‘Pi$$ off you waste of space’
            ‘You really are very stupid’
            ‘Closet homophobes’
            ‘Grow a pair you ignorant ar$ehole’
            ‘Total thug’
            ‘Go and play in the traffic you moron & take your steroid pumped alpha male with you.’
            ‘Do one you ignorant to$$er’
            ‘village idiot’

            I think that’s a fair share of Ad Hominem insults to dish out on the one thread don’t you?
            Now what was that you were saying about reporting people for unacceptable behaviour?

          9. If you want to keep score Spanner at least be accurate:
            “you fcking disgust me” – mirroring you
            “horrible little man” – Samuel describing me
            “ridiculous little nobody” – Samuel describing me
            “village idiot” – not my words, those of another contributor to describe Samuel
            “lefty sheep” – you describing me
            “Placard waving cretins” – your words
            “illiterate moron” – Samuel describing me
            “bunch of egotistical brain-dead queens” – your words
            “stuck pig” –your words to describe me
            “handful of cretins” your words

            Let us be clear here you set the tone of this thread – deliberately provocative & offensive, what did you expect? You will also notice that when Samuel started chipping in the debate quickly got personal – this is how he operates, I’ve had a year of it as have others on these comments pages. By all means align yourself with him, but you are not doing yourself any favours!

    2. Spanner1960 26 Aug 2012, 8:49am

      Well it’s good to see I am not alone in this opinion.
      A small number of extrovert queens end up tarring everybody with the same brush; and before you say “well why don’t you go there and represent your crowd” – bear in mind one prat waving an offensive placard in stilettos is going to far outweigh a hundred others that are dressed properly and there for the right reasons.

      1. ………….we are all entitled to our opinions (you may wish to note without being pigeon holed as a “lefty”), the noticable difference between your comments & those of Mark are that your comments are offensive & aggressive, which looses you the argument every time! You consistenly portray yourself as an individual with very little compassion or respect for others – hence why you are labelled as “bitter, nasty, ranting & small minded”

        You reap what you sow in this world!

        1. Spanner1960 26 Aug 2012, 6:04pm

          I agree, I don’t suffer fools gladly.
          So what? Does that make my opinion any less valid?
          I give credit and compassion where it is due; respect should be earned, not demanded.

          1. “I agree, I don’t suffer fools gladly. So what? Does that make my opinion any less valid?” – the way you express your opinions does havea bearing on their validity, simply because no one really is really interested in engage with you or your opinions because you come across as intolerant, offensive & aggressive.

            By all means make your reasoned points but do so in a way that is more likely to engage with debate!

          2. Spanner1960 27 Aug 2012, 11:34am

            And by the same token, do you not think that these placard-waving cretins are equally offensive and intolerant of both straight people and the majority of LGBT people that have been desperately trying to achieve acceptance in society and shake off the continual stereotypes that we are all camp, sex-obsessed, cross-dressing perverts?

            It’s about time some responsibility was shown – if LGBT people want to be treated as equal members of society, they need to start acting like it.

          3. It is you that is offensive as you continue to clearly demonstrate (clearly not aware of this, or deliberatley combative – neither are comemdable traits)! Guilty as charged of being a narrow minded, intolerant, aggressive individual who hides behind the idea that it is acceptable to use offensive terms because “you don’t suffer fools gladly” – utter tosh!

            I for one would have much more respect for your opinions if you were measured in the language you use – there are times that you make very valid points, but sadly i find myself not taking them on board because of your aggressive & rude online demeanour!

            Nuff said me thinks

          4. Be measured in your language, Spanner1960, says the pillock who doesn’t even know how to properly debate using adult words and instead resorts to ranting as follows:-

            “….and you fcking disgust me to be frank with your small minded, judgemental attitude to almost all the articles written on PN. You come across as bitter, nasty old man who has had his day!”

            You couldn’t make it up – these PC leftie socialists on steroids are a law unto themselves…

          5. Please carry on Samuel in your attacks – more proof that you are just here to target me. Bullies like you and spanner always stick together because you are both cowards hiding away from life.

            Yet again you are making a fool of yourself and hijacking another thread to attack me. PN needs to take action against the likes of you – it really isn’t good enough to just say “ignore the troll”.

            You argue about freedom of speech & thinking yet like spanner you deliberately try to suppress the views of others by using bully boy tactics!

            Scott Roberts needs to sort out some proper moderation on these comments threads.

          6. Spanner1960 29 Aug 2012, 10:46am

            W6: Aww diddums. Did the nasty man say something that offended your little gay sensibilities?

            Neither Samuel or I are trolls, we just happen to have a different outlook on life to the majority of gay men on here that somehow think the world owes them a favour.

            LGBT people are not an annexe or offshoot of society, we are part of it, and that means that if we want to be considered members and contributors to that society, we have to, to a certain degree, conform with their rules of respectability. So many people on here want their cake and eat it, and somehow think we should treated like everybody else, but at the same time expect special rights. It doesn’t work like that, and the majority of LGBT people are just simple ordinary folk, but unfortunately they get labelled with this constant stereotype because of a few selfish queens that want to do their own thing and ‘have fun’ at our expense, and some of us on here are simply making our views known.

          7. Well said, Spanner1960.

            If this site was not overrun by extreme left wing PC indoctrinated socialists we might have some balanced and mutually-respecting debate on here.

            Instead, the way of thinking on PN forums and a device that is used time and again to demonise individual thinkers and stymie the debate is that if you are not of a militant left-wing ilk then you must surely be a member of the BNP!!

            For heaven’s sake, let’s debate like real men and stop using PC tricks (the victim card is so old hat now, boys) and then, perhaps, we may be able to empower ourselves to start seeing the reality of a given situation instead of interpreting everything through a PC filter that can only perceive the whole world and his dog as being against us all the time.

            Respect has to be earned, and gays who scream and shout the loudest, point the finger and indulge in vulgar public displays make life so much more difficult for the rest of us who just want to live and let live in peace and quiet.

          8. What a childish remark in your first sentence- I would expect nothing else from you Spanner – why do you have ridicule & use offensive language to get your point across – I am glad that you agree that Samuel is a nasty man, he is a bully and you are rapidly following in his footsteps with your vitriol.

            Why should everyone conform you your point of view – what happened to being an individual that you so eloquently put in an earlier posting on this thread. You are full of contradictions. It is ok for you to have your opinions (which are expressed in the most combative & offensive way) & for you to choose how you interact with, yet it is not ok for others to do the same.

            Rather than identify as a gay man why not identify as a man who (doesnt) have sex with men & hide away in your conformist closet. I note from other postings that you moved form London citing too many queens for your liking – I wonder what other minorities you considered there to be topo many of? Bigot much!

          9. “Respect has to be earned, and gays who scream and shout the loudest, point the finger and indulge in vulgar public displays make life so much more difficult for the rest of us who just want to live and let live in peace and quiet.”

            Seems you have in a nut shell described the internet equivalent of your behaviour here Samuel. You are constantly pointing the finger, using vulgar terms to describe others, & make it much more difficult for reasoned debate to take place or to use your posh word both of you stymie the debate when you are challenged. This is particularly the case with you Samuel, you make statements that are untrue, grossely exagerated which border on libel.

            You are not free thinkers at all you are aggressive homophobes!

          10. Spanner1960 29 Aug 2012, 12:12pm

            W6: I actually moved away from London because of my work and the fact that London is expensive, dirty and to a certain degree dangerous. I certainly didn’t move away because of a bunch of queens! – I admit one of the reasons I moved there in the first place was the gay scene, but that has just turned into a parody of itself and I find most of the gay men there selfish tossers, and I rarely visited the places for a long time.

            Where I live in the West Country now is far more laid back, I have plenty of gay friends and it isn’t the sordid shagathon that the capital remains.

    3. The photos on this article are a misrepresentation of those who participated in the parade. The vast majority were not dressed in such a way, and only one group carried those signs.
      Despite all that – the parade is a celebration, and why shouldn’t people dress how they please. People easily forget that the parade was started as a Mardi Gras, and if you’ve ever watched the Rio one; you’ll realise the skin, colour and vibrancy are all part of it.

      1. That is hardly the point, Daniel H.

        The cameras are looking for those who dress to stand out.

        It doesn’t matter how many thousands may have marched, it only takes a few attention-seekers to tar all and sundry with their lip gloss and eye liner…

  4. Oh, this looks like such a lovely event! Great photos, Pink News. The banners were funny and struck just the right balance between ‘Carry On’ humour and sexual political stridency. Yes, this is the more sexy and colourful side of being gay, but that’s what parades are all about.

    1. It looked like a lot of colour and fun and many people having a good time of it.

      1. Yes, but would the placard saying “Gay Men Suck Cock” have won anyone, who was in two minds about issues such as adoption and SS marriage, over?

        1. My bad, “cock” wasn’t on the placard, but even so the double meaning may not have been fully appreciated?

        2. Nothing gay men do will change the minds of the homophobic and one placard or even more will have precisely no effect at all. You can play it as “straight” as you like, conform to the most rigid Daily Mail type of the conformist and it will avail you nothing. You lot of killjoys need to get over yourselves.

          1. Spanner1960 27 Aug 2012, 11:39am

            What utter crap.
            Most people are homophobic simply due to ignorance, and not through any malicious reasons. Many have little or no experience of real-life LGBT people and rare instances like Gay Pride should be a window through which we can be seen in the real world; unfortunately a handful of idiots can set back in a day what confidence it has taken others years to establish. Pride should not be some selfish display of the most extrovert members of our “community”, but serve as a way of acting as a link to everybody else, in much the same way as the Notting Hill Carnival does for race relations.

        3. I as a gay man am personally affronted by that banner, let alone Grandma Ethel pushing little Tommy in his buggy to Tesco and who innocently runs into this vulgar display that seems designed to rub the general public’s nose in the fact that “We’re here and we’re queer.”

          For Gawd’s sake this behaviour is no longer necessary!!!

          They know we’re here and generally we are accepted after years of increasing tolerance.

          But revolting displays such as these placard-wavers are only likely to reverse that hard-earned tolerance.

          Change the record, ladies!!!!

          1. You are a closet homophobe Samuel not a gay man – the likes of you would have most gay venues closed and Pride events banned.

          2. Who asked you you illiterate moron?

            Go away you horrible little man.

          3. Spanner1960 29 Aug 2012, 12:05pm

            Oh there you go. Classic lefty gay BS.
            If a straight person criticises you, they are immediately branded “homophobic”, and on the rare occasion its another gay person, they are automatically labelled “self-loathing” or “closet homophobe”.

            Not everyone is part of your “gay community” little clique, so get used to it!

            It is now getting to the point where we have pretty much everything we asked for, and it is becoming a mopping-up exercise, yet there are still many radicals out there that wish to stir up the wasp’s nest just for the sheer hell of it, and all they do is continue to complain.
            I genuinely do think Gay Pride has had its day, and gay bars are likely to follow in years to come. That’s the price you pay for being equal: These things will simply become obsolete.

  5. oh, token lesbian photo right at the end I see. You’d think lesbians were invisible at Pride events according to the pink press. Sidelined as usual…..
    Isnt it time to move on from the drag queens and fairy wings now

    1. Yup, couldn’t agree more. And this bias isn’t just in the pride photos PN choose to display

    2. I agree! WE ARE NOT SECOND CLASS CITIZENS and we will not allow any one to treat us as such! Get with the program next time and balance out the photos more evenly! In any case, I think the the ladies in the pic are cute!

  6. GingerlyColors 26 Aug 2012, 8:24am

    Manchester Pride and other public LGBT events are a victory for the freedom of expression in this country although some people may find certain aspects of it to be a bit ‘in your face’. Of course there are going to be the opponents who think that we are ‘ramming our sexuality down their throats’ but no one is forced to go along to watch the parade. I am all in favour of Gay Pride. After all I do not object to Caribbean Carnivals and Asian Melas, which were imported into this country with the arrival of our ehtnic populations so why can’t we, gay indiginous people have our fun either?
    Gay Pride is the chance to have a street party and let your hair down (if unlike me, you’ve got any) with like minded people and perhaps get a little outrageous.
    If people think some of the banners or placards are a bit extreme, then what about those carried by people who oppose us when they demonstrate.

    1. Spanner1960 26 Aug 2012, 6:09pm

      I have no problem people celebrating their minority, but I do when this blatant vulgar display IS thrust down people’s throats. It is a public place with youngsters and children that may happen to be there. Neither the Caribbean or Asian festivals demonstrate anything like such overtly sexual overtones, and personally I find it completely over the top. If LGBT people could show to families and other people possibly ignorant of our lifestyle who we really were, I would have no complaint whatsoever.

      As it stands it just make all of us look like a bunch of slags.

      1. I must admit, though mildly amusing in their ‘oo-er missus’ kind of way, some of those placards put us on shaky ground when it comes to complaining about homophobes who think being gay is all about fellatio and buggery.

      2. GingerlyColors 27 Aug 2012, 2:31pm

        Straight people also sometimes indulge in kinky sex, bondage and S+M – gays do not have the monopoly on such sexual practices. Personally my ideal man would be one who wears a suit. I don’t wear one at work but I often wear a suit when I am socialising. We see a lot of pictures from gay pride marches but while I see a lot of flesh on display, I see few men in suits. Each to their own I guess. I may not agree with many of your comments but I feel that I can reply and take part in debate without being abusive. By the way where is James! lately?

        1. Yes some straight people do indulge in kinky pursuits but they do not define who they are by them.

          BIG difference!

          And so the “sleazification” and sexualisation of our culture continues unabated…

      3. I’ve been to Nottinghill Gate Carnival several times and it’s exactly like that. The moral of the story is; a) always expect Pride photos in mainstream news to reflect the more extrovert side — people walking along in jeans and t-shirt don’t sell, and b) go yourself, and see for yourself, before looking at a few photos and then making rash, harsh, judgemental opinionated statements. Pride is great – everybody should go. If you all did, I expect you’d all come in jeans and t-shirts.

  7. Steph Holmes 26 Aug 2012, 3:08pm

    Pride events are supposed, in part, to commemorate the Stonewall riots. Which were started by, amongst others, transgender women.

    There was a ‘Transgender Citizens’ section of the parade. Any pictures? Of course not.

    1. Submit one.

  8. There seem to be two issues here:

    Firstly, the small-mindedness of some people who need to accept that dragging-up is in fact a part of gay culture, like it or not, and that no one should feel pressured to tone down their campness or flamboyancy in order to ‘integrate’ better with society. We should be defending diversity and queerness, instead of squabbling amongst ourselves.

    Secondly, the issue of how Pride is portrayed in the media. The placards shown in three out of the ten PN photos were literally about one minute of a parade that took over an hour to go by. I personally found them a funny satirical moment, but where are the photos of the doctors and nurses, firemen and policemen, lesbian groups, charities and families that formed the overwhelming majority of the parade? Sadly PN appears as guilty as the wider media in the narrow portrayal it gives those who weren’t there on the day.

  9. martyn adams 27 Aug 2012, 4:32pm

    On another note .. is that Davey Wavey

    1. Yeah – yuck!

    2. GulliverUK 28 Aug 2012, 8:01pm

      Yes, yummy ( ignore Jake – he’s very green-eyed :D )
      I wish I’d know I would have gone up to Manchester just to see if I could meet him. *swoons*

  10. The placards are a response to the Christian protesters who hold placards up and shout at the parade every year.

    The humour on the cards is a BRILLIANT rebuke. I love it!

    1. Exactly, Jake, which in effect puts us on their despicable level.

      Play fire with fire and you end up becoming the enemy you are fighting.

      Break the vicious cycle and show that you are better than your enemies with displays that invite admiration as opposed to disgust and the war is already won.

      By finding the sordid placard-waving so funny, Jake, makes you a part of the problem.

  11. GulliverUK 28 Aug 2012, 6:46pm


    I think your remarks are a disgrace. The utter embarrassment is you, not the people on Pride. I would never have the courage to wear something revealing or get up on a float — all of which is to be visible, as well has have some fun, together. Most of us, we’re invisible, 364 days a year, and that’s the biggest crime of all, because when people know people who are gay, in their families, amongst their friends and social circles, we advance, we’re seen, and we suddenly have allies who also want us to have rights.

    For you to come on here and make such a vitriolic attack on the rights of people to put on a march, a parade, a carnival, is beyond belief. Pride celebrations and marches are going on in more places than ever, and more straight people are coming along as well – which is great.

    Do you also think the “people” at Notting Hill Carnival are “fcking disgusting” for celebrating their diversity and having fun ?

    1. Well said Gulliver – the man is a disgrace!

    2. Spanner1960 28 Aug 2012, 8:50pm

      Oh I see.
      So 364 days of the year we are invisible, and the one day of the year where we could possibly promote our cause and get serious recognition for our place in society, and we get represented by a bunch of egotistical brain-dead queens that alienate the rest of us completely, so all those that thought we were sex-obsessed slappers simply had all their suspicions confirmed?

      I really expected better of you Gulliver.

      1. GulliverUK 28 Aug 2012, 9:16pm

        Then you don’t know me at all Spanner. I would never bitch and moan about people doing their thing, what they think is right, what makes them happy. Man-o-man you are sooooo full of judgement, and that is exactly what we face all year around, how sad that you pass judgement on others, some misdirected rage — what you really want to do is run away, hide under a stone, blend in, become invisible. Jesus christ even Christians have enough pride to wear a cross. How dare you rally against people who won’t let our issues fade away, who will go out and have fun regardless of what people think. We might be like everybody else, but we also have our own cultural distinctiveness, which each of us is free to embrace or disregard. They embrace drag and being an extrovert, you do not. How dare you judge them, and how dare you say they should not be themselves. I wish I was not so shy that I could do that.

  12. Hmm seems Spanner has got his knickers in a twist about nothing.
    Many of those who marched in the parade were dressed in jeans (or in my case shorts) and tee-shirts, and those who were flamboyantly dressed did so because they enjoyed it.
    I personally marched to show solidarity with the LGBT peoples of St Petersburg, supporting their fight for equality.
    Pinknews has misrepresented the parade in those photos. What I saw was a celebration of Manchester, of LGBT and most of all of people having a great time.

    1. GulliverUK 28 Aug 2012, 9:30pm

      Hilariously I’m now being judgemental about spanner not following the non-judgemental approach — which I think everybody should follow ! John Sentamu’s mother told him .. “John, never point a finger at anybody because when you do three other fingers are pointing back at you.”

      I understand that some people are frightened of living, they want to blend in, go unnoticed, to not draw attention to themselves, to make people think they’re straight. And just like people who are black, or Latino, or any other minority — we try harder. We try harder to be nice, to please, to be good people, because we want people to accept us, to like us. And like any minority group, we hate when someone in that group does something not nice. We think it’ll reflect badly on our group, perhaps on us individually. But we can’t dictate how other gay people behave, that’s just like religious wingnuts telling us we shouldn’t be having sex at all, ever. Very few people have a problem with Pride.

      1. Spanner1960 28 Aug 2012, 10:20pm

        You just don’t get it, do you?
        That is what equality is all about. 99% of people are ordinary, mundane, average and possibly even a little boring. Why *should* gay people stand out from the crowd? Most LGBT people I know just want to get on with their lives with the minimum of fuss and bother, so when they say “I’m gay” nobody bats an eyelid. Isn’t that enough?

        No, people like you want to be the same but different.
        Well sorry sunshine, you can’t demand equanimity on the one hand yet special dispensation on the other; Personally, I’d rather go with the rest of society than stand out like a sore thumb.

        1. Coward – Anything for a quiet life eh? Sums you up Spanner just like your side kick Samuel. I can’t imagine you know many LGBT people as your demeanour is homophobic.

          Easy to sit at your PC and spout vitriol as with your bezzie mate Samuel all bluster & no,substance – meet you in the street & I am very sure your Internet persona would soon disappear. Grow a pair you ignorant ar$ehole! same goes for you Samuel

          1. Spanner1960 29 Aug 2012, 4:34pm

            “Anything for a quiet life eh?”
            I don’t need homophobia, I don’t need discrimination, I don’t need special dispensation and I certainly don’t need tossers like these people claiming to represent me.

            I have plenty of gay friends, who happen to be just like all my straight friends, and just get on with their lives without having to stand on the rooftops shouting “I’m a faggot!” to everybody that will listen.

            My Internet persona is just like my real one. I am passionate about what I believe in, and if people don’t like it, they can do the other thing. Strangely enough though, most people actually respect me for being forthright rather than being the typical arse-licking little toadies such as yourself that just kowtow to popular consensus. I am also 6’4″, 200lbs and can still kick the crap out of people that think they can take on a poof and win.

          2. Spanner1960, please understand that these extreme leftie idiots are having a go at you BECAUSE you are different and individual.

            The point is that they have been conditioned to think the same and encourage one another in their delusions and detachment from truth, sheltering under the manufactured banner of eternally victimised and hectored minority.

            Cognitive dissonance prevents them seeing how they are their own worst enemy in their puerile and twisted conformism to PC groupthink (ie. their minds on any given subject of import are already made up and any open debate must be instantly subverted with the classic Stu tactic of responding to a valid point of reason with a question as opposed to an informed response).

            Be grateful that you have the freedom of thought to be the person you really are, thruthful and honest to yourself, instead of buried beneath layers of false pretence and a cowardly personality indoctrinated and riddled by PC deception and distortion.

          3. Ahh quite the alfa male it seems & form your displays here it would seem that you are probably very handy with your fists! Quite an admission that you are more than happy to resort to violence rather than rise above having your sexuality questioned. How pathetic – I get the picture just want to blend in & be one of the boys at the footie or in the pub for after work drinks, cracking jokes about the women just to fit in – nothing wrong with that BUT why is it so wrong for others not to follow your example?

            How can ayone else truely represent you? Just because you are a faggot (to use your gutteral language, I’m sure Samuel will slap you down for that) does that define you as an individual, I would hope not? It seems to be such a big issue for you; the only thing you are passionate about is yourself sunshine. Most people are probably too frighened to disagree with you by the sound of it given your alfa male stats (one wonders why you had to mention that)? Total thug it seems!

          4. Which Naturalpaedia article did you plagerise that last sermon from Samuel. You obviously have not been paying any attention to what Spanner has been so desperate to demonstrate. He is not interested in being different or individual, he wants to blend in with the crowd, he wants to conform, normality is what he craves, he wants to be the straight guy who happens to have a husband – I have no problem with that. Why do you & he have a problem with those others who want something different?

            You have contradicted yourself in using this argument. You are both incapable of looking beyong the sterotyping & prejudice that exists & accept people at face vaule, always looking for the hidden agenda & scared to be yourselves.

            You make totally inaccurate assumptions about me based on your predudices & preconceptions, for 1 of you there are 4 that can discredit your assumptions. All bluster & no substance. If all else fails just beat the crap out of people eh Spanner! Coward!

          5. Oh BTW Samuel in the interest of consistency would you please remind your bezzie mate Spanner that his use of gutteral language is not permitted as it is demeaning & shows lack of intelligence! I know how you like to be consistent , after all it is important to behave as if this were the Eaton debating society – as you often remark put your attack dog on a leash, dangerous dogs must be well controlled sounds like he is a true pitbull with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp! You deserve each other you really do!

          6. W6, why do you always seek to bore people rigid with your twisted verbiage over two, often three posts long-winded and appallingly illiterate posts?

            Do you really think anyone with any sense is going to invest one iota of their time reading the selective, filtered rantings of a demented maniac such as yourself?

            Now, I suggest you don your pink tutu, purple feather boa and yellow wig and skip down to the local rugby pub where no doubt you will stand out, enabling you to do all the tired pink political posturing and aggrandising (look it up, thicko) statements you seem to think the whole world wants to know about.

            Go on, I dare you.

          7. You can deflect all you want Samuel -you are the one who is more likely to be wearing a pnik feather boa as you intimated several months ago – I tell you what, you go and play in the traffic you moron & take your steroid pumped alpha male with you.

            You can huff n puff all you want use as many words as you like to discribe me – you are showing yourself up each time you get personal. Please carry on with your rantings, you are totally deluded & think you are better than you are. I do hope you are making PDF copies of all your postings because you may just need them!

            Do one you ignorant to$$er!

          8. You obviously find it interesting otherwise you would not be responding to what you term as my “twisted verbiage”! You just can’t resist reacting – your ego just will not let up. Again I ask are you so pig ignorant that you you cannot see the error of your ways – an intelligent individual would just rise above my postrings as you say most of it is boring, it is only you & porbably your new found buddy who are viewing this thread. Most will have already realsied yet again it is the Samuel & W6 side show & will have moved on.

            You just can’t let it go………more fool you!

      2. Cross-dressing nuns I can just about tolerate, GulliverUK.

        But when they are waving placards proclaiming “Gay men suck cock”, that is a blatant and wholly unnecessary affront to most level-headed people.

        How do you justify those placards, out of interest?

        Just a bit of fun?

  13. Has it not occurred to anyone on here that there are other ways to stand out and grab attention without resorting to insulting placards, outrageous dress-sense or rampant displays of hedonism?

    There are many ways to create a spectacle:- Danny Boyle didn’t too badly himself at the opening show of the Olympic, but I use that as an extreme example of how creativity can inspire and hold people in awe.

    Why is it that a minority fringe of gay men still seek the most affronting and outrageous ways?

    Is it because our sexualised scene/culture – based largely around booze, drugs, Grindr, porn, saunas, sex parties and the increasing degradation of ourselves and one another with the rise of the sleaze scene – has no other way of expressing itself?

    1. Mary Whitehouse is alive & kicking in the grotesque from that is Samuel B.

      1. Spanner1960 29 Aug 2012, 12:16pm

        Knee-jerk as usual.
        Samuel is spot-on with his comments, yet you continue to squeal like a stuck pig because your lifestyle is criticised. LGBT people shouldn’t have to worry about right wing Christians when there are the likes of you to feed their bigoted flames.

        Maybe if we presented ourselves properly, we might gain rather more acceptance, but frankly, the way many non-gay people view us is probably pretty bloody accurate and we deserve all the crap we get.

        1. Worth pointing out that there are only two factions at war with each other where gays and Christians are concerned:-

          The extreme, loopy fringe of both factions (most Christians, believe it or not, actually do NOT give a flying – to use W6’s vocabulary – f@ck about gays, despite the lunatic gay militants’ efforts to stir up trouble by claiming they are all the same).

          A recent media report showed over 60% of Christians supported gay rights, but when I dared pointing this out on PN, hail, fire and brimstone rained down on me because it suggested the gay community was not as victimised as the extremist militants want to portray as as being.

          The gay extremist mindset is represented all too visibly here by those such as a moron who appears to inhabit a bedsit in W6, and his mate Stu/Diane/William/whatever he/she’s calling him/herself this week, who no doubt will soon be back from his holidays refreshed and desperate to reassume his mantle as most promiscuous, sorry, prolific PN poster…

      2. GulliverUK 29 Aug 2012, 1:05pm

        Quite W6. Arrogant prudes with a control-freakery to them. Not nice.

        I shall waste no more time on these people. I try to be non-judgemental of others — clearly it’s not a skill these two have developed.

        1. …and of course I can also now add GulliverUK to that roster of gay extremist mindset spouting PC twaddle and dismissive and disrespectful of any alternative viewpoint…

          I assume that makes you W6’s, arm, “sidekick”?

        2. Spanner1960 29 Aug 2012, 4:39pm

          Where do you get that idea?
          I’ve probably had more men than you can shake a stick at.
          The difference is, I don’t make it the driving force in my life and advertise the fact to all and sundry whilst marching half naked down the street.

          1. So you also are poacher turned gamekeeper eh Spanner just like your new bezzie mate Samuel the “village idiot”. What gives you the right to come on these boards & make unprovoked attacks on the LGBT movement?? Why are you so arrogant that your view is the only view? Are you so insecure in your own identity that you feel threatened by local Price events & are worried that your local community will label you as a gay man – it seems you are ashamed of your sexuality at your age I would of thought you would ahve come to terms with this!

            I am not particularly in favour of Pride events or the gay scene despite the assumptions you have made to the contrary. The difference is that I am not arrogant like you. Who are you to say how others should behave? You are no better than the next person, but given your outbursts on here you seem to think you are! You conform if you want to but do not impose your narrow views on the rest of us, we are all entitled to express ourselves as we see fit!

          2. Spanner1960 29 Aug 2012, 11:45pm

            “unprovoked attacks”!!??
            What? When a handful of cretins drag down the reputation of the majority of decent LGBT people?
            And you claim that it is me that has the narrow viewpoint?

            I have as much right to voice my opinion as they have of marching through the streets telling everyone else what a bunch of sluts we all are.

            I don’t think I’m better or more qualified than anybody else, but you seem to imagine that. Maybe I’m just better and more qualified to say so than the likes of you.

          3. You are basing your entire argument on what as been reported in PN – you seem to be totally threatened by a few images of others enjoying themselves, no one is forcing you to be like them, no one expects you to be like them.

            How can a man like you come across as being so fearful of what others think, why does it bother you so much? I am very sure that those who know you are not in the slightest bit interested about Pride events & how some gay men wish to celebrate diversity.

            Seems to me you are overly sensitive about your sexuality & totally caught up in trying too hard not to be a gay man. I have to ask why you think it is acceptable to use the language you do on these comments pages & also boast about your ability to beat the crap out of someone.

            Seems very odd to me that a big man should be so worried about a handful of people that just want to enjoy themselves!

            I’m sure you have your reasons but this does not give you the right to make the offensive comments you have.

  14. That’s me done here I have wasted more than enough valuable time -like two spoilt children Spanner & Samuel B are spitting their dummies because they do not like being challenged. Both of you need to grow up!

    As always Samuel cosies up to the aggitator – last time it was Stu, yet in this debate he is critical of Stu. This idiot is full of contradictions & more fool Spanner for being taken in by him!

    1. Is that a promise W6?

      Somehow I very much doubt it as you have the habit of reappearing like an unwanted, insufferable cold sore.

      1. Samuel in his two faced way makes reference to Stu tho:

        “the gay extremist mindset is represented all too visibly here by those such as a moron who appears to inhabit a bedsit in W6, and his mate Stu/Diane/William/whatever he/she’s calling him/herself this week, who no doubt will soon be back from his holidays refreshed and desperate to reassume his mantle as most promiscuous, sorry, prolific PN poster…”

        One minute he is hounding Stu off these boards, then he is cosying up to him, particularly when Stu & I do not agree on something, & now without any provocation makes the above statement.

        Samuel is no more than a Troll, who is manipulative & negatively impacts on many discussions particularly important issues like HIV, a subject he knows jack all about & makes wildely incorrect statements that he can never back up.

      2. …..Perhaps you should get a test for Genital Herpes (HSV2) if you suffer with herpes on the mouth (HSV1) Samuel – both HSV1 & 2 facillitate HIV infection – but then you would know that being such an expert! While you are at it you should get checked out for HPV (which can lead to anal cancer if untreated)

        As you point out the herpes virus family cannot be cured, just controlled by the immune system or in some cases with medication – what a disaster it would be if you had an inncurable virus! I would also add that if it was found that you did indeed harbour HSV2 then you should really be disclosing this to all your sexual partners – there was last year a prosecution brought againt an individual for infecting a sexual partner because he did not disclose his status……………………………as I have said before what goes around comes around!

      3. LOL!!

        Without debasing myself to read the latest long-winded drivel, tis clear that PN’s resident illiterate reprobate just can’t help himself!!

        How many more false alarms I wonder?


    2. Spanner1960 30 Aug 2012, 12:19pm

      As far as I am aware, Stu hasn’t commented on this article at all.

      1. Well, not as “Stu” anyway…

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