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Evan Rachel Wood responds to criticism of Miley Cyrus gay haircut tweet

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Reader comments

  1. If she was joking why remove it? I’m beginning to think that the best chance you have on being a celebrity is to be a total idiot! If you tweet something that is even slightly controversial it goes global in seconds…..wrong or right did she not think that someone was going to be offended or at the very least be given the chance to criticise her for it? Stupid woman! Oh and by the way…..who the hell is she? I’ve never heard of her.

  2. It’s not like she was the only girl-who-likes-girls to say that, she’s just getting schtick cuz she’s in the public eye. It’s a typically lesbian cut, doesnt mean every gay girl has one (I have long hair myself) or every girl that has one is gay (my engaged straight friend has her haiir styled just like that) but it is a lesbian “thing” just like skinny jeans with converse.

    1. Rubbish. When I last had my hair cut every hairdresser and assistant in the salon had their hair cut like Miley’s and all bleached to the same matching blonde. It’s not a lesbian cut, it’s a fashion/trend thing. Every single woman in that place was straight but that’s irrelevant. The idea that someone’s sexuality dictates their hairstyle is wrong – as you’ve just shown above with your examples actually. You’ve got long hair (and so have I) and your straight friend has a cut similar to Miley’s. Yep, perfectly normal. People choose their hair and clothes according to what they like or what’s ‘in fashion’ not according to whether the contents of their pants match their partners.

      Stereotypes are not only lazy, they’re mean. They dictate that people must look or act a certain way, and that’s particularly damaging to teens just discovering their sexuality. They think that they can’t be gay because they don’t look/act a certain way, and they feel even more of an outsider. We’re all DIFFERENT

  3. It’s unbelievable that Jules’s comment above has got “thumbs downed”. It’s equally unbelievable that Evan Rachel Woods can be criticised for such an obviously innocent “tweet” (cringe word).

    It illustrates how utterly over the top and hyper sensitive people are about things. Can people say nothing nowadays? Complete madness.

    When you have people like Cardinal O’Brien, who have influence over a lot more people than ERW, saying utterly bigoted and explicitly homophobic things, why is the ubiquitous PC brigade bothering with this? Nonsense.

  4. Christopher 26 Aug 2012, 1:00pm

    It is still based on the idea that being gay is something to laugh at.

  5. Given that Wood’s comments were obviously not homophobic, the only thing she should be criticised for is the use of that most awful of phrases, “could care less”.

    I don’t think it’s based on the idea that being gay is something to laugh at, it seems that the laugh is more at Cyrus “proving Wood right”, an “I knew it!” in-joke moment between friends. “I knew it!” type teasing moments happen between friends all the time, and whether to do with sexuality or something else entirely, it’s rarely an implication that the “it” that is “proven” would be a bad thing.

  6. Nor do i associate a hair style with sexuality … i “joked” when she cut her hair that it supported my case.


    1. ‘Oxy/moron’, even.

  7. I don’t think that she said it with any malice, but it was still a daft thing to say. There is no ‘lesbian’ haircut. Being a lesbian means liking girls, it doesn’t compel you to cut your hair in a certain way or wear certain clothes.

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