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Opponents of marriage equality gather to protest Scottish government’s legislation plans

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Reader comments

  1. And they can all be dismissed as irrelevant because their arguments are only ever based on outright lies or ridiculous bronze age fairy tales.

    If those fools put an ounce of the passion and consideration they put into hate us into actually helping people they could make a real difference. It is the hypocrisy of their behaviour that makes me sneer at them and be full of contempt.

  2. I watched it on the news last night, it was a crowd of grey hair. Think that really says it all

    1. casparthegood 24 Aug 2012, 11:12am

      I kept the sound down and just laughed at the happy-clappy wee faces ,all so earnest and sure of themselves. It really takes a strong degree of self delusion to be this stupidly bigotted.Kids do need more protection-but from dangerous weirdos like them

    2. i;m gay and i have grey hair …

      1. GingerlyColors 24 Aug 2012, 4:39pm

        I’m gay and I have no hair …

        1. Paul from Brighton 24 Aug 2012, 8:44pm

          I’m gay and I’ve grey hair even the pubes have started going grey!

          I never imagined your pubes would go grey when you get grey hair on your head. Makes sense, I suppose. One of these things that no one ever seems to talk about…

          GingerlyColours, do you mind my asking, but as you’ve no hair on your head, does it follow……….?

  3. I would really appreciate it if the SNP would have the bottle to call the protestors out for being the disgusting, hateful bigotted monsters that they are.

    Equal civil rights are not a matter for debate and these protestors are as disgusting as those BNP thugs.

    Religion is the natural home of vile, hateful scum like these protestors.

  4. Peter Robertson 24 Aug 2012, 10:53am

    To make the nature of the Scottish Catholic Media Office’s questions clearer, try these variants:

    “We are concerned about teachers who refuse to use books that promote interracial marriage, will they have protection or be sacked, or foster parents who don’t agree with it, will they be removed from the register and no longer allowed to foster?

    “Will parents be able to remove their child from lessons about interracial marriage?

  5. It seems Nicola Sturgeon has more guts that Alex Salmond. I admire the fact she directly faced the protesters directly rather than run away. Nicola 4 First Minister :D

  6. Why is it people who have nothing to do with gay marriage (usually old and straight) have such a strong feeling against it – it will not affect them one jot ! They obviously have nothing better to do in their sad boring existence – still keeps them from blocking the isles in ASDA

  7. 200 people, what a turnout! And by people who would not be affected by this new law at all.

  8. Don’t want to sound in the slightest bit ageist because I’m not, but …. it was clear that these were the age group most likely to be opposed to equal marriage. Every poll shows lower support in the 65+ age group – we know that. It’s not shocking. If they had all been 20-30 somethings that would have been a concern.

    But, …. no constant demonstrations about no-fault divorce, or cohabiting couples. That would target people who are heterosexual.

    But also no constant demonstrations about poverty, homelessness, extreme pay differentials, welfare cuts, etc.

    It would have been fascinating to see which particular religious group they most represented. White Evangelicals? And why does the word White seem like a red flag to me.!648&authkey=!AAICuZdVmRIXUCQ

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Aug 2012, 11:43am

    “We are concerned about teachers who refuse to use books that promote same-sex marriage, will they have protection or be sacked, or foster parents who don’t agree with it, will they be removed from the register and no longer allowed to foster?

    “Will parents be able to remove their child from lessons about same-sex marriage? They can remove their children from religious education just now, but this is not religion – this will be the law.”

    Alex Salmond ought to put this other red-herring used by Kearney to rest and really shut the tosser up. What a moron. Why should teachers have to teach children about marriage in general?

    1. Relationship and sex education should contain coverage of all groups, without prejudice, without judgement. Gay youth must not be invisible in these lessons, and unless you run a private school with absolutely no financial income from the tax-payer, a common framework for this should exist. Religious views on sex can be taught in religious studies – they are not appropriate in sex and relationship education. Any attempt to shut down one group of tax-payers from Relationship and sex education should immediately mean withdrawal of tax-payer funding. I don’t want any school funded with my taxes which isn’t inclusive. There must be absolutely no compromise on this – homophobia is still rampant and endemic in schools and the only way to tackle it is to ensure young gay people are included, catered for, supported and protected in school environments.

      1. going on to the point of “Will parents be able to remove their child from lessons about same-sex marriage”? No, absolutely not. It’s not practice of religion, it’s the state providing education to children so they can get jobs, be well-rounded, an asset to be exploited until death, and that mean they must be exposed to other people, male and female, difficult ethic backgrounds and cultures,, and diversity.

        We would not allow a member of the BNP to withdraw their children from diversity lessons. Would an atheists’s parents be allowed to refuse to allow them to study RE? Isn’t it a requirement still to pray at assembly? Will we now allow all atheist parents to remove their children from school assembly. Will we allow religious parents to withdraw their children from English because some books might discuss evolution or the geological history of the earth back to 4.5 billion years ago, or how we evolved from other animals.

        No religious exclusions.

        1. “Isn’t it a requirement still to pray at assembly?”

          For the school maybe (broadly Christian based assembly) but certainly not for the individual pupils. Children can and do sit out of assembly. Usually that’s ones from the less major religions. Most schools try to include all children and are careful to couch things in inclusive langauge.

          1. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Aug 2012, 1:34pm

            Iris, when I was growing up in the early 60s, I attended a grammar school. Morning assembly with prayer was compulsory and of course, grammar schools weren’t and aren’t even church schools, but catholics were allowed to withdraw as well as from religious instruction classes..

  10. These people are delusional if they think they are going to win. The SNP wont back down on this so their protests are futile. Dont think they realise just how pathetic they look. No matter how many times they are told it wont affect them at all they just dont listen. I am glad parents can take their kids out of religious lessons if it stops them becoming as twisted and hate fuelled as the rest of them. Why arent they up at arms about woman clegy when it states in that book of fiction twice that its forbidden for them to hold any such position?

  11. Craig Denney 24 Aug 2012, 12:10pm

    200 protesters?

    More like 25 protesters and most of them will be passing on soon.

    Run VT

    1. Excellent video. Well worth watching. I’d put a government health warning on Peter Kearney’s lies. They are harmful and dangerous. He’s like a mini hate group all by himself.

    2. Tom French is not only rather gorgeous but he stood up to Kearney really well and didn’t let him get away with the lies and misinformation Kearney is trying to spread.

  12. Ah – the dreaded “lessons about same-sex marriage”. These peculiar people seem to think such lessons involve detailed discussion of dildo brands and fisting techniques.

    Have these people ever met a teacher? More importantly, have they ever met a married couple?

    Here’s what went on in my marriage last night:
    Me: So, darling, do you want to spend some quality married-couple time together?
    Her: Sorry, I’ve got too much work. Maybe at the weekend?

    Scandalous! Will no-one think of the children?

  13. they really miss the point about lessons. State Religious eduction doesn’t try to maker you believe, it teaches you that religions exist and a little about what they believe, nothing more. Sex education is the same. Its supposed to be neutral, but the religious types cant handle neutral, they want their agenda taugh as fact and enforced..

  14. Miss Kearney blabbing on-and-on again.

  15. 200 wow! what a groundswell!

  16. Forget democracy. All Scotland needs is 200 grey haired thugs to tell us how we are allowed to live.
    Get real.
    And Pete Kearney still hasn’t explained why he is knows gay people die younger than anyone else.

    1. I missed this too but someone pointed it out to me the other day

  17. I hope someone is filming these neo-fascist pigs.

    They need to be named and shamed as the crazed, extremist bigots that they are.

    Vile christian scum.

  18. Mot Tserrof 24 Aug 2012, 4:09pm

    Same sex marriage = evolutionary suicide.

    1. Paul from Brighton 24 Aug 2012, 8:52pm

      I thought you religious people don’t believe in evolution?

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Aug 2012, 12:20pm

        Exactly right, Paul. People like him can’t even provide the factual evidence. They are beyond reason, illogical, irrational and in fact, paranoid about something that doesn’t or will never exist.

  19. GingerlyColors 24 Aug 2012, 4:39pm

    Only 200 people? That’s about 0.004% of the Scottish population then.

  20. Is Stu/Diane/William/etc. still on his/their hols?

    These debates are so lacking in lustre without him/them (not!)…

  21. Unfortunately these people aren’t really doing anything to protect traditional marriage as they call it, they are actually against all same sex relationships and have an aggressive anti-gay agenda that they want to promote and spread through schools.

  22. Paul from Brighton 24 Aug 2012, 8:59pm

    The Catholic Church aren’t in any position to lecture about traditional marriage being between a man and a woman, and the intention being to have children.

    Not long ago, the Catholic Church forbade Catholics marrying any other religious domination. I have personal experience of this, my partner’s mother having fled Catholic Ireland in the 1970s to wed an Englishman who was COE.

    As a result of her marrying the man she loved, her family in Dublin disowned her for over 30 years.

    All she was doing was marrying the man she loved, and, they both had children.

    Someone needs to remind the likes of Mr Kearney of his Church’s historic ‘values’ and their reliance on dicating how ordinary people live their lives.

    Thankfully, most in Ireland have more sense now to be swayed by the Catholic Church, however, when it comes to inter demonitational marriages, the Catholic Church will only allow them to take place, provided there is an agreement that the children be raised in the Catholic Faith.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Aug 2012, 12:31pm

      When I was growing up catholic many years ago before Vatican II, my neighbour’s daughter (CoE) was getting married in the local church and wanted my sister to be one of the bride’s maids who had to get permission from her priest. Even then the RC cult was paranoid. I wonder if that’s still in effect? I also remember our parish priest riding around on his bicycle after mass knocking on doors to find out why so and so wasn’t at mass earlier in the day. They behaved like the Gestapo. Not much has changed I don’t think. Thank goodness I had the intelligence to finally renounce catholicism for the sake of sanity and became an avowed atheist

  23. i;m sorry but Religion , shouldn’t have a voice at all……they’ve nosed their way into back then todays situations ,and maked it their own ……

  24. Religion shouldnt have a voice anyway .

  25. DJ Sheepiesheep 24 Aug 2012, 11:16pm

    200 out of a nation of five million people….that’s impressive!

  26. the rabid bigots in Scotland are a disgrace. that said – the majority of Scots are in favour of equality.

    March and Rally for Scottish Independence – 22 Sep 2012 – Edinburgh

    Details online

  27. the rabid bigots in Scotland are a disgrace. that said – the majority of Scots are in favour of equality.

    March and Rally for Scottish Independence – 22 Sep 2012 – Edinburgh

    Details online

  28. just 200 ? with grey haired men ? haha lmao ……I am not even going to finish this off .

    all I will say is this , maybe they are deeply in that Closet, I mean, out of all the people that live there, and it was only them that showed up,(only or mostly men)…that says it all really .

    please get a life , life doesn’t resolve through Religion.

    1. If teachers refuse to talk about same-sex marriage, as long as there is a relevance to it, or if foster parents are bigots then yes – explain to them the error of their ways. Use it as grounds for a disciplinary or as a reason not to house kids with them, respectively.

      When I was 17 I was doing Sociology A-Level, and I had to write a short project. I chose sexuality, specifically being Gay, as my project. I was referred, by a lead youth worker, to a guy who was a youth worker but who refused to ‘condone’ being Gay. He didn’t lose his job but because he would not accept that part, he found himself stalled in his career. I interviewed him and, if I’m honest,. didn’t find much about him pleasant. I just found it interesting that someone’s career was (rightly, imho) being held back because they would not accept Gay people.

      1. I bet Exodus International would be proud of him right now

        How come you got referred so many times ?

    2. As Tom French pointed out, a teacher’s role is to present information clearly, age-appropriately and in an unbiased fashion and then encourage their students to think for themselves. The Roman Catholic hierarchy (so well represented by Kearney) works in a very different way: present doctrine as faith (however unsupported by reason or science) and tell the laity what to think.
      And what about the teacher in an Minnesota Roman Catholic school, who admitted that she supported same-sex marriage (though would not bring her view to school) and was promptly fired?

      1. don’t get me started about Religion, all it is , is just a power tool, they realise , what power it had when there were stupid people that would belive in anything ………..notice there are mostly men in Religion …..I wonder why ?

  29. Craig Denney 25 Aug 2012, 4:22pm

    Don’t forget the refermation, the culmination of centuries of Catholic corruption and the Gunpowder Plot tainted all English Catholics with treasonous tendencies for centuries after.

    Are these Catholics starting to push their luck once again?

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