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Manchester Pride to send message of solidarity to St Petersburg

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  1. Text your message of support to 86099! Start the message PRIDE and include your name and where you’re from. Texts charged at standard rate (so free if you’ve got them included in your bundle). More info at

  2. Why is Manchester still twinned with St Petersburg.

    That link should be severed.

    St Petersburg needs to be treated as a pariah city, just as Russia needs to be regarded as a brutal dictatorship.

    1. Our friendship is with the people of St Petersburg David, not the government that brought in these awful laws. Keeping the friendship agreement means we can build up links with LGBT groups there, lobby the government. If we sever the link then it severs any influence we have.

      We’re not walking away from the people of St Petersburg.

      Smyth Harper
      Head of News
      Manchester City Council

      1. Have ALL ties between Manchester and the local government in St Petersburg.

        if not then why not?

        St Petersburg has become a pariah city in the Russian dictatorship thanks to the horrific laws there.

        Manchester is granting to legitimacy to homophobic extremism unless it cuts ALL ties with the St Petersburg government.

        1. And leave our brothers and sisters in St Petersburg alone with their panic-stricken police state? A message to future pride organisers: less of the undignified meat-market, and more international solidarity please.

      2. @SmythMCC

        Thank-you for the reply! I read with interest that Manchester would not severe twin city ties with St Petersburg when the law was introduced. At the time Manchester strongly expresed why it was importance to validate it’s support and influence to help the LGBT in St Pertersburg by not abandoning it’s twin ties.

        Reading this PN article I had to search until I saw your reply to determine if Manchester had remained true to that commitment and was solid in being accountable for why these ties remain and Manchester Pride 2012 solidly and in unity with MCC uses this big week end visually and politically strengthen awareness support and commitment is unwavering.

  3. I am surprised that Manchester had kept the twin city in place?

    I understand that it is with the people however it is also the same people who are enforcing the ridiculous law of banning what if calls the promotion of homosexuality.

    It is great for party goers to to be sending a message of solidarity to out LGBT folk in St Petersburg but all this will do is inflame the St Petersburg law makers.

  4. FSB visit?

  5. .Hi.v disproportionate among /homo-dev/iants. 24 Aug 2012, 9:03pm

    It is not the bisiness of Britain to interfere with the laws of a sovereign nation.

    1. @.hi.v

      I am sorry but it is

      what happens in Russia affects every LGBT person,and I am lucky to be brought up in a Country that has a Back bone , and not fall straight to the ground because of either they are scared that they realise there are more GLBT people in Russia than they had originally thought , or because of Religion .

    2. I suppose it is none of your business what two people get up to in their own Bedroom, but you try and make it your own business though…..JEALOUS .

  6. Of course the gay citizens of St Petersburg, could never afford to demonstrate on the streets on Manchester’s “gay quarter” at a price tag of £17.50 per day….only a fraction of which goes to charitable causes.

    The newly self-appointed Cief Executive, John Stewart, might be better minded to consider how the gay community in Manchester can speak with one voice when so many are finacially excluded.

    1. Neil Fletcher 11 Sep 2012, 6:35pm

      The parade is free. Many fringe events outside the village are also free. Early bird tickets cost £15 for all 4 days. The vast bulk of the funds raised go on staging the event, security, policing, road closures etc. once costs have been met, all profits go to LGBT charities. You won’t find those charities are in agreement with you.

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