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James Franco set to star in and produce gay-art film “James Franco’s Cruising”

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Reader comments

  1. Suddenly Last Bummer 24 Aug 2012, 10:51am

    Franco just needs to come out already, its getting a little tedious. Also ‘Cruising’ is a milestone in mainstream cinema in terms of the gay subject matter. I hope they’re just not going to do a mindless remake.

  2. What a tangled web of hypocrisy, second-guessing and lost opportunities! The article takes pains to point out that an actor in a gay role is straight. No doubt critics will applaud his bravery and versatility in believably playing a gay role (including mildly suggestive love scenes). Meanwhile gay actors are routinely told by their agents to stay in the closet, because they think by coming out their audiences and fans would not find them believable in anything but gay roles – ignoring the legacy of Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter,, Cary Grant, Spencer Tracey and Anthony Perkins. What’s available to out gay actors away from the theatre? Most of the gay cinema roles are low-budget projects, with the studios only willing to commit to maybe one gay drama a year. So there aren’t many gay roles in mainstream cinema. Those that come up are taken by avowed straight actors and so the cycle continues…

  3. Love Franco he stars in very though provoking films. ( spiderman aside )

    He is privaliged in Hollywood he can make any type of film he wants.

  4. Not sure I quite get the premise of the project – are they recreating scenes and then adding them to the original film? Or will it just be 40 minutes of James Franco having sex with other men?

    I’d happily watch the latter. . .

  5. Franco is ‘stright’? Right, and the pope isn’t catholic. Anyway, why would anyone want to remake such a crappy movie? He should gay fellow closet queen (and leather feshist) Quentin Tarantino to direct

  6. The author of this article has got it all wrong James Franco is definitely NOT straight. I believe James is either gay or bisexual and I think he uses ART to explore his same sex desires and interests. I don’t understand why James doesn’t just come right out of the closet? What is there to hide? So many young leading men are out Zachary Quinto, Matt Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris are all OUT. Only Franco is a coward hiding in the closet.

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