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Is the newest Barbie to be released actually a drag queen?

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Reader comments

  1. All I’ve seen is the small headshot accompanying the article, so I’m like “WTF?”. Doesn’t look like a drag queen to me! Does look too expensive for me to get one, though. At $126 U.S.D. it’s certainly going to be a limited edition!

  2. I’ve met a few Barbies in my time, and only one of them was a drag queen.

  3. Cardinal Capone 23 Aug 2012, 12:41am

    Wow an article about Barbie.

    My life is complete.

  4. Ahh, they could make a transgender Barbie, with a small plastic penis.

    1. Katie Kool-eyes 23 Aug 2012, 8:15am

      Ken doesn’t even have a plastic penis lol. He has a Mattel stamp!

  5. Well, actually no Barbie has a vagina or any sign of it (at least when I was little and played with Barbies there was just a smooth surface where vagina should be … that was 15 years ago and I doubt that they made Barbies with visible vaginas now …).
    Barbie has breasts but they always look like they were surgically made so technically all Barbies might be interpreted as (at least a bit) queer …

    But it is symptomatic how str8 people always get upset and feel as being attacked when queer people interpret their stuff as a bit queer or campy. Which should only be a good thing if we weren’t living in a heteronormative and/or heterosexist society.

  6. I can’t see how this can be ‘drag queen Barbie’ – why?? I even googled for more pics in case I was missing something :D

    (The link to the previous fundie/homosexual agenda story in this article didn’t work for me, but if anyone’s wondering, it’s the story about Barbie causing gender confusion by allowing children filling in a questionnaire to choose male/female/I don’t know under ‘gender. All part of our cunning plan to end the world apparently….!)

    1. It’s all a matter of interpretation. :)

      In my opinion (you – of course – don’t have to agree with me on that) excessive make up, kitschy jewellery etc. CAN be a drag queen signifiers – if you agree with basic ideas of postmodern/deconstruction/queer theories (probably Lacan, Derrida and Butler for sure).

      1. Thank you for that, Bidum. Interesting :)

        Barbie just looks like a ‘red-carpet’ woman to me – ignoring the whole lack of genitals thing :D Maybe it’s the designers used that caused the controversy in the press? I saw that one site said that the Barbie was modelled on Phillipe Blonde so I guess that’s where the assumption may have come from originally.

  7. £80 for a Barbie doll, it has been a long time since I brought one for my niece, thank goodness they are now past the doll playing age!

  8. Can we not have an “And finally…” section on PN for this frivolous type of story?

    Stories like this actually detract from, and dilute, the seriousness of stories it follows and precedes.

    A sense of proportion and order to PN’s reportage would be much welcomed.

  9. Paddyswurds 23 Aug 2012, 5:29pm

    I understood the latest incarnation of Barbie Was to be Drag Queen Barbie? Are Mattel doing a volte face because of xtian bigoted opposition? Looks like it from where i’m standing.

  10. I have been a barbie collector for 30+yrs and so tired of these so-called christians & parent groups that think they have the right to choose for everyone! Who cares if she is a drag queen or gay? She is whatever you want her to be I was not aware she had sex with anyone! there have been a few barbies that are crossdressers ( elvis, sinatra, and george washington) Maybe tranies are ok because most are straight; but those evil, gay drag queens must be stopped before they turn us all gay! If you see this doll, don’t look in her eyes or her gaydar laser gayalize you, if iyou start humming showtunes & want to watch wizard of oz then it is too late for you! Barbie causes eating disorders, tatooing, kids having sex, teen pregnancy, and now along w/spongebob& tinkywinki she is infecting our kids w/”gay flu” you better hide your wife, hide you kids before drag queen barbie gets them!!!

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