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Gay pride pub landlord receives council apology

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Reader comments

  1. What’s Paris got to do with it?

  2. Well done, Mr Stock! I hope this can be sorted out amicably. “Insensitive” and “ignorant” are strong words and this apology seems genuine.

  3. Keith Farrell 22 Aug 2012, 2:43pm

    looks to me like some one made an ass out of themselves, demanding gay flags be taken down, how stupid

  4. Gay flags are not “nation” flags as the council earlier insinuated, nor are they advertising. So what law do they break?

    It’s good there’s been an apology but the town hall bigots shouldn’t have tried this in the first place

  5. Bit late for an apology, I think… The council should have kept its nose out in the first place.

  6. 3 flags in a conservation area is a problem? what species are they likely to have any serious impact on?

    1. Spanner1960 23 Aug 2012, 7:04pm

      I think they meant conserving the appearance of the place, not the wildlife.

  7. and if flags do pose a risk to some protected species, what about people hanging up washing surely that would be more or a risk?

    1. My rainbow-pants flapping in the wind attract the wildest of wildlife!

  8. Small minded parish Councls have nothing better to do, they are people who crave power but do not have the skills or drive to do good things, they use it as a tool to confirm their bigotry

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