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Australian rugby player speaks out for marriage equality on television

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Reader comments

  1. David is also well known to be a Christian, so it’s really nice to see him taking on the marriage equality fight and having stuck with it for such a long time now.

  2. Hot and with his head screwed on right! Thanks David, maybe you could come over and give some of our footballers a talking to.

  3. …. and the Australian Liberal Party is anti liberal ?

    1. Liberal in australia means free-market liberal, or what Americans and Brits would call conservative. The Australian political landscape is quite homophobic at present, with neither of the major party leaders supporting marriage equality or any kind of federally recognized civil unions. In the case of the Australian Labor party, even though their party leader Julia Gillard is an atheist living unmarried with her boyfriend, she’s vowed to keep denying gay people basic human rights.

      As a former Australian, I’d like to encourage readers considering travel to Australia to consider going elsewhere until Australians stop discriminating against gay people. New Zealand for example has civil unions. It’s long past time for Australia to end legal homophobia, and it’s wrong for Australia to encourage a gay-friendly image by way of the Mardi Gras when it denies its own gay people any recognition of their unions.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Aug 2012, 12:32pm

    Let’s here it from our own rugby player, Ben Cohen please.

  5. I wish he would marry me.

  6. Mr. Pocock is doing more for gay equality than most gay people are. We should take his lead and support solidarity with heterosexuals by encouraging them not to get married until we can.

  7. Chris R.A. Berry 22 Aug 2012, 3:37pm

    A sportsman, a Christian AND a hero. Thank you Mr. Pocock

  8. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 23 Aug 2012, 3:52am

    At least we have a football rugby player with more balls and speaks his mind taking about marriage equality – than our do-nothing, say-nothing, lazy, overpaid and fat politicians on both sides!

    There is an election in Australia due in August or September next year and I bet money that no politician will have any guts to say anything. Both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott will be shafted as leaders and Joe Hockey and Bill Shorten will be the next leaders next year BELIEVE ME!

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