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Scotland for Marriage to protest against marriage equality meeting

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Reader comments

  1. In other words a bunch of dried up old hags and the like who are scared of change!

    Get a grip people, equal marriage will happen and the sooner the better.

    Children also need to know from a young age that being gay is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

    1. billywingartenson 22 Aug 2012, 11:51am

      And need to know that religion is the curse of humanity.

      And Jesus was the manyeth in the line of sons of god

      Osirus was the son of the sun god and father of the god horus in egyption mytheology

      Alexander the great was pulled out of the forhead of the god zeus (god of war?) in a virgin birth. He is remembered for being the greatest warrior in his time, conquering the whole known world (asia minor)

      Just anthor example of how God mass murders people.

  2. Religion offers NO argument. If your faith opposes same sex marriage then by all means, do not marry someone of the same sex. That is as far as their interest can or should ever go.

  3. Ooooh 100 whole people! Theres going to be a very empty nursing home on one of the smaller Scottish islands. And they have got book covers! Well thats us foiled then isnt it…

    1. Paul from Brighton 21 Aug 2012, 7:55pm

      Wet myself laughing at this post!

    2. Ageist post !

      Be careful what you wish for: you won’t be forever young, and you might just end up in a nursing home one day… :-(

    3. They should hold the equality meeting on a Sunday morning.

      Then the shrivelled vinegary old lemon suckers should all be in church.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Aug 2012, 4:33pm

    Once it passes, those idiots are going to look bigger fools than they already are, especially O’Brien. Once they realise that none of what they’ve said against equal marriage has not and will never come to fruition, they’ll make themselves irrelevant, insignificant, useless and a total waste of time.

  5. Wayne David 21 Aug 2012, 4:34pm

    I bet the Deep Fried Mars Bar Van will do a roaring trade that day. Seriously, we get accused of being militant in our repsonse to stories like this and often get called whingers and whiners. As long as intolerant, small minded, fundamentally unhappy and unfulfilled bigots like this exist, we have to fight our corner. Enjoy your day standing outside in the cold guys, because it will make no difference to the outcome. Equal marriage will happen.

  6. Do schools teach about marriage as it stands now? And if so do teachers teach children that this is what pupils are expected to do once they leave school?
    The only reason these bigots are trying this new tactic now, is not to get the government in Scotland to suddenly run away in fear and forget all about marriage equality, but to stir up mass bigotry in the hope that that will work instead. It won’t, of course, because sane rational people know they are just hate mongers. The only ones this isn’t obvious to are the hate mongers themselves who have show an astound alacrity to glorify in their own ignorance and hatred. Perhaps they need be reminded by the Inland Revenue that they are only exempt from paying any kind (and I mean ANY KIND) of tax by staying away from politics. This is about as loving a version of religion as the KKK swinging a burning burning noose in the face of liberty. Very brave of them. Maybe they will be good enough to wear name badges for the history books.

  7. Keith Farrell 21 Aug 2012, 6:27pm

    I think it would be a good idea if we started a counter protest, same day same time, same place. These idiots think they can tell us we are not entitled to the same rights. Wish these bloody old drag hags from the Catholic church would do us all a favor and die

  8. 100 people?
    And what is that as a percentage of Scotland’s population?
    Lets all say ‘theocratic dictatorship’.

  9. the Scottish government has already said schools wont have to talk about it, so why are the religious groups still complaing ?

  10. Pavlos Prince of Greece 22 Aug 2012, 2:38am

    If poor Catholic schoolchildren must be informed about social reality in native country Scotland, its ‘promotion of gay marriage’. But when this absolutely innocent boys and girls calling feminine comrade ‘f..’ at the schoolyard, its, of course, matter of religious freedom or – in the best way – family. And what next? Homophobic bulling at the workplace or in the internet, because former schoolchild have deep faith in the Holy Family? As The Holy Inquisition has in Gods Truth, but not humane Life?

  11. So… educating your children to be more tolerant of their fellow human beings is wrong?

    I don’t know why I expect rational thinking from this lot.

  12. Thry just complain for something to do or they will just curl up and die.

    They base their objection on kids will taught about same sex relationships in schools ? Good !

    We are a normal part of society

  13. Tim Hopkins 22 Aug 2012, 8:44am

    Another dubious headline from PN. The Cabinet meeting tomorrow is not a “marriage equality meeting” – it’s just a standard Cabinet meeting. Equal marriage may not even be on the agenda. Scotland for Marriage have targeted it not because it is about marriage, but because it is one of only three Cabinet meetings this year held around Scotland.

  14. billywingartenson 22 Aug 2012, 12:01pm

    a hundred peopel will show up –

    a hundred people with their own natural disorder – the reversal of their alimentary canal.

    Pity the poor dentist who has to fix their teeth.

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