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Julie Goodyear says she may talk about her ex-female lover while on Celebrity Big Brother

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Reader comments

  1. Although I’m unsure about using a show like Why Bother as a venue for discussing these things, I hope we hear from her more afterwards – we need more openly bisexual people in the spotlight.

    1. I used to think why do it on BB or whatever reality nonsense? You’re just going to open yourself up to a whole world of uneducated/ill-informed nonsense, but now with the rise of twitter it doesn’t matter how you do it – the uneducated and ill-informed can still troll you.

      However, I fully agree we need more bisexuals – and people of all kinds of sexualities (other than straight) – in the spotlight.

  2. please be Maggie Thatcher…please!

  3. Whether she talks about it or not, I’m thrilled she is there to represent foul-mouthed, Northern drag queens.

    1. You’re confused; this is the actual, female Julie Goodyear.

  4. TheLizzie12 22 Aug 2012, 7:35pm

    Does anyone care? Bet Lynch was a great character, brilliantly played by Ms Goodyear…but the actress must be so very desperate to go on this awful programme looking like Ena Sharples mother!

  5. Do you mean ex-female lover or female ex-lover? Subtle difference.

    1. If her former lover, back when, were female-to-male, as the headline implies, it would be sensational.

      I strongly suspect we are simply witnessing illiteracy though.

  6. Spanner1960 2 Sep 2012, 3:41am

    A little bit of sick just came into my mouth just contemplating the thought.

    Please Julie, don’t wash your dirty laundry in public.

    1. Used to see her in the Gay clubs in Manchester in the 70’s.She was always in the company of other questionable women,some of them famous .I would not be surprised if there are some revelations on B.B.
      I am suspecting some housemates want to know about her past but are too afraid of her to ask!

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