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Elton John fears ‘very difficult’ childhood for his son growing up ‘without a mummy’

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Reader comments

  1. Jesus moran 22 Aug 2012, 12:41am

    Honestly Elton when are you going to stop this nonsense , I just saw dozens of happy, healthy , cheerful in Montreal gay pride two days ago with their same sex parents , why you have to make sound and look so complicated , enough with you queen!

  2. Simon George 22 Aug 2012, 1:09am

    Elton John truly is a gift to music. Add Bernie Taupin and you had something really special. I saw Elton with Leon Russel a couple years ago and ill never forget it. Great post keep up the hard work. Check these out IStillGotMyGuitar.

  3. Doesn’t have to difficult, as many children in every school come from non-traditional backgrounds these days. However, Elton, it might be easier for the little guy during his childhood if you stopped parading him around in the likes of OK magazine though and kept him out of the spotlight rather than drawing attention to him and highlighting problems that might never materialise!

  4. I think he is being realistic about life for any kid with 2 mums or two dads. There is homophobia out there and it is best to be up front and aware of it so that if it ocurs it can be challenged. Much better than assuming it will all be easy – if it is then all the better.

    I think the headline is misleading though and think it is more in keeping with a spin from the Daily Mail or Telegraph.

  5. Tim Hopkins 22 Aug 2012, 8:04am

    I have to say that the headline on this article seems to be inappropriate. Although I haven’t read the Radio Times article, it appears that Elton John said he feared his son would face homophobic abuse at school. I can’t see anything to suggest that he said more generally that his son would find it difficult growing up without a mummy.

    Perhaps in the Radio Times article he does say that. But with homophobes constantly alleging falsely that children do better with two parents of opposite sex, when the research evidence is that they do just as well with same-sex parents, we should watch our language! And the dodgy language here seems to be PN’s not Elton John’s.

  6. What a stuck up prat.

    He makes such a big deal about having a kid and now says oh is it could be difficult for the child.

    A) you self centred git you should of thought about that before you got the kid !

    B) what rubbish, as lon as theres love and support that kid will be fine.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 22 Aug 2012, 10:28am

      And his kids will be mixing with Hollywood elite anyway, he won’t be sending his kids to some inner city comprehensive. He’s a tool.

  7. Yeah I’m sure expensive private schools for insanely rich kids with famous parents are hell :/

  8. While what he says may true, it could be that by the time his son starts school many attitudes will have changed further.

    And I agree with what Nigel has said above, stop parading your son on the front of trashy gossip magazines like OK! and give him the private life that any infant should have.

  9. He acts like he is the only gay man every to have a child in the UK! My children have had one comment in 10 years of school. It was in primary school and my son bit the other boys face lol.

    If he bothered to meet anyone else in the same situation, which isn’t hard, he would learn that bullying is pretty rare, even for teenage children.

    When children are bullied for being gay they feel identity crisis. When children are bullied for having gay parents it just doesn’t bother them so much.

  10. Private schools (where I am sure he will be sent) often have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, furthermore they are very keen on showing their diversity. If this chappie receives any hassle it will be because his dads are famous. When your parents are as well known as Elton John and David Furnish nobody cares that they are same sex.

    The thing I’d be worried about is him making genuine friends at school which must be a tricky issue for children of celebs (hangers on are everywhere)

    But yeah Elton the drama queen ;) he is helping aid the developing acceptance of same sex parents just like Matt Bomer and his partner or Neil Patrick Harris and his partner.

    I agree with Nigel though. Keep him out of those magazines.

  11. Did he not think of these difficulties BEFORE deciding to have a child at the age of 63 (and him with a history of serious addiction?)

    And why if he wants to protect his son from the media is he discussing him and allowing his picture to be taken?

    I’m getting the impression that Elton sees his son as this season’s must-have designer accessory.

    It would fit in with Elton’s disgusting history of profiting from racism and homophobia.

    1. dAVID, get back in your cave.

      1. I’m not a troll dear.

        Don’t forget Elton John played a series of concerts in Apartheid era South Africa and was the wedding singer for Rush Limbaugh who is an extremist homophobic bigot.

        And don’t you see the irony in him whining to the press about the difficulties of being the child of a famous parent while allowing the press to take pictures of him and asking Lady Gaga (of all people) to be the child’s godmother.

        Reg Dwight is a narcissistic moron who will take a cheque from literally ANYONE.

        If he genuinely cared for his child then he would not be exploiting him for promotional purposes.

    2. de Villiers 22 Aug 2012, 11:36am

      It’s the age issue that is of more concern. The death of a parent is traumatic to most people, who would want their parents to live for as long as possible. In this way, it may be that their son does not have this.

  12. Suddenly Last Bummer 22 Aug 2012, 10:26am

    I’m never short of amazed when this guy bangs on about bullying and yet uses every opportunity to take potshots and insults at other people- Madonna is currently his public enemy No.1. The guy is a living breathing hypocrite.

  13. I think the main problem is that he’ll be 82 when the kid’s 18…………………………………………………………………………………….. and that he’s a total prick.

  14. Hi.v disproportionate among /homo-dev/iants. 22 Aug 2012, 12:24pm

    Why not try home schooling if you are that concerned.

    1. I think that’s possibly the most sensible thing you’ve ever said on here!

      Still think you’re a rabidly ridiculous homophobe though.

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Aug 2012, 12:30pm

    Really, Elton John. Grow up! His comments only fuel the right wing homophobes and their stance regarding children who must be raised with opposite sex parents. Homophobia will never be eradicated. If he’s so afraid for his children, then don’t adopt any more. Many of us have experienced homophobia growing up in heterosexual families, some were thrown out of their homes because of it. Why does he think it’s any different growing up with two parents of the same sex?

    1. He didn’t adopt any. No one in their right mind would let him adopt a baby at his age. The fact that anyone gay/straight/whatever can go out and have a child via a surrogate as long as they have enough money, regardless of whether they would make good parents, is worrying.

  16. Maybe he could have put a more positive spin on this by saying what he was going to do about it?

    This is quite annoying as it plays right into the hands of those who say same sex couples should not be raising children.

  17. Perhaps he should of thought of this before planting the seed.

  18. The Radio Times interview doesn’t focus too much on the ‘without a mummy’ aspect – less than is implied here. Elton says that the cause of any bullying at school would be homophobia that will still exist until parents stop instilling it in their children.

    I read it as just concern for his son and going through any possible future problems. He certainly didn’t focus on the ‘no mummy’ bit.

    1. Why do PN do that? Why have they sensatinalised something he wasn’t focussing on himself?

      1. I suppose because that’s the ‘gay aspect’? I don’t know. I do wish that PN had given it a more positive slant though. I bet the Daily Wail is focussing on the ‘no mummy’ bit too *rolls eyes*

  19. He is not too clever, tbh. What he says is at least half of the time counterproductive and works against gay liberation. Sad and annoying.

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