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Pro-life group say marriage equality could lead to an increase in abortions

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  1. Smokescreen and nonsense – People can and do have children without marriage. Married people can and do remain childless. Child-rearing has NO legal connection to marriage in any way, shape or form.

    I suppose it really is too much to expect honest discourse for those idiots.

    1. They are a misogynist hate group – hating the feminine, hating women – so this is as honest as they get, because they know full-well they are already skating right on the edge of incitement to hatred charges with this flyer.

      Saying equal marriage threatens the reader’s own gender identity, their marriage, their children, and “unborn children” is just about their full battery of hate promoting themes.

      The Roman cult and their strange fundie allies know they are losing the battle on equal marriage, so they are taking advantage of the opportunity to create as much hatred as possible, because they play the infinite term, and expect that some time all our rights will get repealed.

    2. billywingartenson 22 Aug 2012, 12:18pm

      there should be mandatory abortions for right wing xtains

      BTW hitler opposed abortion and birth control also. He, like eg goebbels, Eichmann, Himmler, and Mengele were all catholic and went t o catholic schools.

      hitler needed more soldiers . The catholikkk church needs more minds to control and corrupt and more boy butts to keep their priests happy.

  2. Honestly, what planet do these people live on?

    What utter f***tards

    1. Gays can marry, let’s have an abortion!
      Do these people EVER stop saying stupid things? Honestly!

      1. I doubt it. I think that they have books and books of stupid things to say and won’t stop until they have exhausted all stupid comments within the aforementioned books!

      2. No, I think that they have several large books of stupid excuses that they have not yet exhausted!

  3. You have to be kidding me….I’m shocked that anyone with half a brain cell could even think this!!

    1. Well they ARE a christian group; therefore they don’t have a brain cell if they believe that nonsense.

      1. They have one, but everyone is too polite to claim it.

      2. Agreed about the brain cell business, but do they really believe what they are saying here (or in many other cases)? I tend to think that “Christians” come up with nonsense like this because they think “Such-and-such a person will suffer if equal marriage comes to pass” sounds better PR-wise than “We want to stop gays marrying because we hate them and we want them to be miserable”, which to me is surely the “real” underlying “reason” why these people are going to such lengths to stop us from marrying.

        They are the perpetrators and the nasty ones, while we are the victims, but it pays (they hope) for them to make out otherwise. Because apparently lying is all right by “God” after all, if you’re doing it in order to promote irrational hatred, which seemingly is THE most important part of “religion” for these very vocal, very unpleasant and very backward vile excuses for human beings.

  4. I dont see how expanding marriage to LGBT people could led to increased abortions,? i would think they are more likely to decrease because of the increase in commitment and fairness in society with marriage equality for everyone.

  5. Abortions for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s the only reasonable response to SPUC’s insanity.

    SPUC are a disgusting group who are staffed by christian lunatics from the UK and largely funded by evangelical christian churches in the US.

    When the Irish government tells the bare-faced lie that a referendum is required to introduce marriage equality in Ireland I think back to the mid 1990’s when a divorce referendum was held there. During that campaign SPUC (or one of their many aliases) ran a sickeningg campaign which declared that divorce would result in fathers never seeing their children again. Luckily they lost.

    SPUC are scum. They claim to be pro-life but they would be the 1st group to call the child of a single mother a b@st@rd.

  6. It’s such a bizarre argument to claim that “Children do better with a mother and a father”. Even if it was true that same-sex couples make worse parents, so what? Gay couples aren’t kidnapping children from straight parents, are they? So which children are being deprived of straight parents they’d otherwise have?

    The argument the ‘phobes seem to be really trying to make is that children are better off *not being alive* than having gay parents.

    This is beside all scientific studies so far showing children of same-sex couples do BETTER than those of opposite sex couples.

    1. There are plenty of gay couples out there only too willing to give a loving home to children which are the results of broken heterosexual homes, children being abused by their own father, mother, uncle. I think that you get the picture

      1. But in that case, the bigots should be claiming “We’d rather children were abused in heterosexual homes or left in orphanages than looked after by same sex couples”. They won’t say that of course!

    2. billywingartenson 22 Aug 2012, 11:17am

      Of course the right wing hates gays adopting. They would bring up their kids to love thy neighbor, not hate thy neighbor.

      If only we could get all the christian crazies sent to saudi land, where the two big nutcase groups would kill off each other.

  7. Paul Essex/London 21 Aug 2012, 2:37pm

    The majority of abortions occurring outside marriage are the due to: rape (contrary to Congressman Akin’s belief, women’s reproductive systems are not the same as that of a duck); one night stands; pregnancies in unstable relationships etc.. All of these are exclusive to heterosexual encounters. To link any of these to same sex marriage shows how desperate the people are make such claims. Those who are stupid enough to believe it shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce in the first place.

    1. You can take rape out of there, since it is “traditional” for rapists to marry their victims.
      Deuteronomy 22:28-29

  8. Robin Ellwood 21 Aug 2012, 2:47pm

    What utter rubbish! Lots of married heterosexuals have abortions for all sorts of reasons. Surely gay people have babies by choice?

  9. This is the level of intelligence of the anti equality brigade. To think that lesbians who have gone through the expense and heartache of IVF or other methods of assisted conception are remotely likely to turn around and consider abortion is sheer lunacy. I can’t think of a group less likely to have abortions!

    1. Without wishing to lend credibility to their nonsense, SPUC are quite clear that they oppose IVF.

  10. Kim Berlin 21 Aug 2012, 2:54pm

    Imagine what these people would do when Penicillin was discovered / developed … interfering with god’s will ??

    1. billywingartenson 22 Aug 2012, 11:21am

      teh catholic church burned books on the human body during the inquisition. they wanted the credit for the miraculous cures of some diseases.

      Today we still have about a dozen known cases where xttians only pray over let their desperately ill kids. the kids sometimes die and then we have to make room for them in the big house.

      Most people in jail have been abused. Here’s hoping these religious freaks get what they deserve in prison.

  11. I am terribly afraid that the spread of religious belief (let’s not fool ourselves about these groups) leads to an increase in bone-headed stupidity.

    1. Religion is dying in the UK.

      Because of Pink News’ obsession with religion it can give the impression that religion is more important than it actually is.

      Only a tiny percentage of British people attend church.

      In its effort to appeal to a US market Pink News seems to believe that cult stories are interesting.
      How many members does the UK branch of SPUC actually have I wonder.

      Quite a pertinent detail which Pink News did not mentionj.

      1. kelephonica 21 Aug 2012, 4:50pm

        I understand your desire to play down the role of groups like SPUC and not give them more airtime but I would not be in favour of dismissing their influence. I live in Northern Ireland where SPUC have single-handedly prevented the publication of guidelines on abortion for the medical profession since 2009 using their vast finanical resources to take a number of Judicial Reviews. This has had a terrible effect and led to the stagnation of both the professional and public discourse on abortion – they are powerful although small in number. and they do a lot of damage right here in our own jurdisdiction, not just in the US.

      2. There may not be as many religious followers as once there were, but they are still with us and they are VERY vocal. If they can swing even a couple of uncertain voters to their way of thinking by hounding officials with their diatribe and biased statistics, then they can get what they want and screw those who aren’t as “godly” as they!
        We need to see to it that well researched, properly documented FACTS get to those in office and to the voters at large, so that this pile of BS does not make it into the law books.

      3. “The society (if you can call it that) has more than 45,000 members throughout the United Kingdom” (About the same as One Million Moms)

      4. I think you’ll find the appealing to US markets has more to it than meets the eye.

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Aug 2012, 2:57pm

    Factual evidence please, bigot Smeaton. Why doesn’t someone in authority go after this nutjob and demand the evidence?

    As far as I know, the increase in abortions has been declining over the past decade as a result of hetero birth control practices.

    These christian idiots are so disconnected from reality and reason. The minute someone with the facts contrary to their statement comes forward, they’ll shut up. Such fools.

  13. Given that PinkNews has carried multiple stories about men and women who have respectively given birth and gotten their partners pregnant, the 6th paragraph doesn’t make much sense. Thankfully, neither does anything SPUC has to say on the matter.

    1. Emma,dear, in English the past participle of the verb ‘to get’ is ‘got’ not ‘gotten’. It can only be ‘gotten’ if your are illiterate or an American.

      1. Neville, darling, I think that your comment was one of the most condescending things I’ve seen today.
        Language evolves, sweet pea, and American English is just as valid as British English.

        1. Well said Louise. If he read a bit more, Neville might find that “gotten” has been in existence just as long as “got”, and perhaps even for longer by all accounts. Just think of the word “ill-gotten”. Or would Neville say “ill-got gains”?

          1. Is it the case that those who like American English use ‘dove’ as the past tense of the verb ‘to dive’ and ‘snuck’ as the past tense of the verb ‘to sneak’? There are those who do not like the Americanisation of English. Nowadays many people seem to use the term ‘movies’ when they mean ‘pictures’. As Alan Bennett said: ‘We went to the pictures, rarely to the cinema and never to the movies. Surely the birthright of those of us who are British is to use the English language and not the American language. The form ‘gotten’ is archaic and is not used in modern English.

          2. Languages change and evolve over time – as amply demonstrated in this case. If Emma chooses to use a perfectly acceptable word, who are you to insult her? By all means use the form that you prefer and let others use their preferred one.

          3. ‘Gotten’ is not an acceptable form in modern English, and it would be marked as a grammatical mistake in any written submission by a student of English in GCSE work, A Level, and at degree level.

          4. Tim Chapman 21 Aug 2012, 8:16pm

            What did surprise me is that ‘gotten’ appears in the story to which these comments relate. As a journalist, Christopher Brocklebank should know better. Perhaps he losted his dictionary.

          5. I see that Neville has declared himself the language police of those who comment in PN. Perhaps he should learn the difference between “modern English” and “British English”. I see no rule anywhere that one can only comment in the former!

          6. *the latter

          7. Spanner1960 23 Aug 2012, 7:16pm

            @Scotbear: “Ill gotten” is an adverb. Using ‘gotten’ it as an alternative to ‘became’ is a verb. They are not interchangeable.

          8. @Spanner1960. Sorry but it is actually a past participle being used adjectively.

        2. Spanner1960 23 Aug 2012, 7:13pm

          Well keep it in fcking America where it belongs then.

          1. Wow what eloquence and simple-mindedness! If you took the time to do some research on the word ‘gotten’, you would see that it actually can be used to give subtlety of meaning that ‘got’ does not have and many lexicographers would argue that we should reuse it in British English. However, I suspect that this is beyond your ken (to use a good old Scottish word)!

      2. “your are”?

      3. Ben Foster 22 Aug 2012, 5:01pm

        The language of the comment hardly matters. It is a comment, not a literarature essay. The meaning of the language is what matters. Let’s get back to the point.

  14. The term ‘Blind Hate’ needs an update these days because it no longer fits. I suggest ‘Stupid Hate’.

    I think these people actually help us, because they come across as so completely idiotic that they hurt the anti-gay cause.

    1. They would help us if the general public were capable of critical thought. Unfortunately there are too many who will adopt this idea without pause because they have never bothered to think for themselves.

      1. David Myers 23 Aug 2012, 9:49am

        A child could figure out that this is totally logically crazy!

  15. Lynda Yilmaz 21 Aug 2012, 3:19pm

    Same sex marriage will also, undoubtedly lead to higher prices in Sainsburys, create more unwanted dogs and lead to an explosion in the population of malaria carrying mosquitos!

    1. Hear hear, we must stop this “marriage equality” nonsense before it helps Iran develop nuclear bombs!

  16. Well below the usual standard of stupid arguments against equal marriage – seriously, how dense ARE these people?!

    Letting two people of the same sex marry is going to compel a random straight woman to abort her baby??

    Go on, SPUC – please give us the statistics on abortion. I think you’ll find that the VAST majority of women having an abortion are straight. So what on earth has equal marriage got to do with that?

    Most anti-equality arguments are stupid and illogical but this really takes the biscuit. The saddest thing is some idiots will believe it.

    1. Miguel Sanchez 21 Aug 2012, 3:58pm

      Well said. Same sex couples want children and would never think of aborting the one thing they want so much.

      Those religious idiots haven’t a clue.

      1. David Myers 23 Aug 2012, 9:52am

        They lack the basic concept of logic.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Aug 2012, 4:04pm

      Iris, the people at the Christian Institute probably believe it and of course, the Roman cult would endorse it. The only MPs who would take it seriously are those equally stupid and bigoted Tory back benchers who are voting against equal marriage anyway and could well be the ones who defeat passage in Parliament since the majority of Tories don’t support it. My only hope is that enough of them will join with Labour and the Liberal Democrats to see it squeak through when it comes up for a final vote. I’m thinking about how narrowly CPs were passed and the same hateful rhetoric coming from the same bigots. Even then it didn’t pass with a large majority of support. Then of course, we have that final obstacle to clear, the House of Lords. Not holding my breath.

    3. @Iris: Good to see you active – hope you are well.

      I sympathise with your response as I too would like to know why SPUC are saying making same sex marriage legal is going to increase the abortion rate. I am especially sad because abortion is an issue I feel strongly about and I recognise the work SPUC have done in championing the rights of the unborn child. However, and as you intimate, they must back up assertions with fact or else remain silent, otherwise they devalue the debate.

  17. They forgot to shoe-horn in how Gay Marriage will lead to global warming, extinction of fluffy little pandas, declining standards of education, an increase in brest cancer, alien invasion, and the enslavement of humanity by the Chinese. Do these idiots have nothing better to do with their time than make up stupid press announcements?? F***wits!

  18. Why hasn’t the journalist linked to SPUC’s background papers on this issue? A link to the background papers would direct people to the sources cited and the evidence. that would be fair.

    1. @Terry: thank you for posting these links – I feel in order to respond fairly to SPUC’s statement as reported by PN reading these is important and this I will try to do.

  19. I absolutely despair on a daily basis at the “BS” people with half a brain dream up and use to discredit the LGBT community.

    Even sadder is the fact that there are people both naive and willing enough to believe it!

  20. Wayne David 21 Aug 2012, 4:20pm

    Where to begin? I walk passed straight mothers everyday who have no idea how to care for their children. They smoke in their kids’ faces, slap them around the head, swear at them at the top of their voices and basically act like utter scum bags. The fact that they are married (which obviously is not a pre-requisite for straight people to have children anyway, so that doesn’t make any sense) doesn’t seem to have improved their parenting skills at all. It makes me sick that gay people (forget about the marriage equality thing for a minute) are constantly accused of not being able to make effective parents. It’s complete rubbish and it offends me to my core. I know I would raise a child with more love, compassion and commom sense than a lot of the ‘normal’ parents I see.

    1. I know what you mean, Wayne David. I have been flattered many times by the number of straight friends who trust me with their children, who tell them to heed my words as their own, and who have even gone so far, in some cases, as to tell me that they would sooner entrust their children to me over their immediate family if anything were to take them away from their kids!
      In one sense it saddens me that they don’t feel they can trust their families, and it also makes me glad that they feel they can trust me to do what was right for their children’s needs and upbringing.

    2. Spanner1960 23 Aug 2012, 7:19pm


      Sometimes kids need a bloody good slap.
      It’s namby-pamby PC goodies like you that have generated a bunch of feral vermin that nobody dares chastise any longer.

  21. Just found the Abortion Statistics, 2011 Main findings for women resident in England and Wales:
    • The total number of abortions was 189,931, 0.2% more than in 2010 (189,574) and 7.7% more than in 2001 (176,364).
    • The age-standardised abortion rate was 17.5 per 1,000 resident women aged 15-44, the same as in 2010, but 2.3% higher than in 2001 (17.1) and more than double the rate of 8.0 recorded in 1970.
    • The abortion rate was highest at 33 per 1,000 for women aged 20, the same as in 2010 and in 2001.
    • The under-16 abortion rate was 3.4 per 1,000 women and the under-18 rate was 15.0 per 1,000 women, both lower than in 2010 (3.9 and 16.5 per 1,000 women respectively) and in the year 2001 (3.7 and 18.0 per 1,000 women respectively).
    • 96% of abortions were funded by the NHS. Over half (61%) took place in the independent sector under NHS contract, up from 59% in 2010 and 2% in 1981.
    So where are the crazy stats they quote? I can’t find em!

    1. The statistics they quote would be listed under “Bogus Information” and “Unethical and Non-accurate Studies conducted by Moronic, Suck-ups to Stupid Bible-Thumping Organizations”.

    2. Paddyswurds 21 Aug 2012, 5:45pm

      Imagine all the Einsteins, Hawkings, Darwins and Elgars were washed down the sluice drain in those almost 200, 000 abortions. Mankind should be hanging its head in utter shame Where are the God squad on this disgraceful statistic……

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Aug 2012, 5:57pm

      Why don’t you send Smeaton the information?

    4. What percentage of the above were the fetuses of a gay family?

      1. Paddyswurds 24 Aug 2012, 8:48pm

        ….If by “fetuses” you mean how many of these human babies were children of gay people the answer is zero, absolutely none. Gay people tend to cherish life and would never consider the awful inhuman act that is the destruction of ones own flesh and blood….

  22. Katie Kool-eyes 21 Aug 2012, 4:36pm

    “marriage equality could lead to an increase in abortions”

    Now we all know about the birds and the bees, please prey tell how on earth that can even be possible!!

    When two people of the same sex want to have a child, there are very few options.

    1) surrogacy

    2) Artificial fertilisation

    3) adoption

    Now 1) and 2) takes a great lengh of time and alot of health checks etc, I highly doubt that after all the struggles involved in those two methods, a same sex couple are going to abort.

    as for point 3) aborting a child is called murder. By all means, that’s wrong, but at least nobody can say abortions have increased. (bad taste i know, but then the views of these cretins are also in bad taste)

  23. By the way, this will not make me many friends on PN, but I believe abortion should be illegal except in the case of rape or medical emergency.

    I am a gay anti-religious atheist and my position has nothing to do with believing life begins at conception.

    But I can see abortion on demand and improvements in medicine must lead to designer babies. Just as India and China are suffering from the extermination of female fetuses, parents can choose to determine the destiny of their children. Right now US mothers can inject dexamethasone to prevent “intersex, lesbianism, and tomboyism”.

    A genocide of gay fetuses might sound far-fetched now, but we should look ahead to a future where such things might be possible. The only way I can see to stop these abuses is to ban abortion altogether.

    1. Because clearly abortion doesn’t have any kind of actual benefit to the people who have it. Nothing like, oh I don’t know, STOPPING UNWANTED PREGNANCIES.

      Why shouldn’t people have the right to this vital sexual health service? Your “designer babies” tosh is utterly ridiculous. And even if your insane imagninings DID come to pass, the consequences therein would still be AS NOTHING compared to the vital service free abortion performs. Go to the Phillipines or ask some elderly Irish people what gross injustices are caused by lack of abortion services, then see if you feel like wittering this kind of vacuous crap again.

      Abortion is a technology that has nothing but benefits for society, and it should be freely available to all who need it.

      1. We already have a way to prevent unwanted pregnancies: birth control and education. This is severely lacking in Ireland and the Phillipines, and that’s what they need, not abortion.

        Designer babies are already here and wreaking havoc across the world – just look at the sex ratio in India and China, and think what’s going to happen with 100 million frustrated excess males. So what do you propose we do to stop parents treating the biological destination of their babies like a fashionable tattoo?

        1. Were you raised in Ireland? I was and I can tell you one thing, sex education is everywhere. From the age of 11 or 12, depending on when exactly you started school, sex education is mandatory. It has become a part of the curriculum in both religious education and biology.

          Don’t make outrages claims you clearly know nothing about. It makes you look like an idiot.

          1. *outrageous

    2. Paddyswurds 21 Aug 2012, 5:14pm

      Hear, Hear!! I agree 100%. There is no excuse for abortion to order any more, now that we have the morning after pill. It is to the utter shame of mankind that we are the only species on this planet to kill our own offspring in what should be the safest place iin the Universe for a baby, it’s mothers womb. However that security has now become the most dangerous.
      I am btw, like Frizzel , a Gay anti religion atheist.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Aug 2012, 6:13pm

      Actually, China also makes it illegal to have more than two children, irrespective of abortions and artificial birth control to curtail its population explosion. The only way to prevent overpopulation and reduce the number of abortions is education and artificial birth control made available to everyone who wants it, including underage girls and boys who are sexually active. Saying no and advocating abstinence has never worked and never will. Men making laws curtailing womens’ reproductive rights is unnacceptable in a democracy whether one agrees or disagrees with abortion. If men could have babies, abortion wouldn’t even be an issue or made illegal.

      1. I don’t advocate abstinence, I advocate effective birth control and sex education. Chinese and Indian laws mean that female infanticide is appallingly common, and we can see this as a glimpse of a future we’ll stumble into once the designer fetus industry takes off. Every culture has some prejudices on “desirable” children, and it would be atrocious if our culture ever got the means to inflict those prejudices on unborn generations. What means should we take to prevent this? Note that banning in-utero scanning has been utterly ineffective.

        As for what’s acceptable in a democracy – if we left everything up to democracy, being gay would still be illegal! I have very little respect for democracy. What’s needed is governments that are willing to do the right thing.

        As for reproductive rights, we already try to ban abortions based on sex, so they clearly aren’t absolute – not that those prohibitions actually work. The only way to be sure is to end abortions outside of emergencies.

        1. Paddyswurds 21 Aug 2012, 9:05pm

          I should have added in my comment that I absolutely agree that women should have control of their own bodies. However they should exercise that control at all times, not when it is too late and there is an innocent third party involved who has no rights whatever apparently. There are as I said earlier thousands of those 200, 000 abortions currently taking place in the UK every year just nothing more that lazy contraception. I say , rape and incest aside, that there is no legitimate reason for an unwanted pregnancy today with the advent of the numerous contraception methods including the Morning After Pill.

          1. Paddyswurds 22 Aug 2012, 11:31am

            I absolutely hate the trolls who mark down but have no opposing argument or are intellectually incapable of posing a legit argument!
            You know who you are!

    4. Er, hello? Ever see the original film of “Alfie”? It’s depiction of a back street abortionist convinced me that while abortion as a form of birth control is, to me, morally repugnant in an age of easily available and socially acceptable contraception, the idea of making abortions illegal or harder to obtain is plain stupidity.
      Back street abortionists would re-appear and thrive, or women would simply go abroad (as Irish women flocked here). Doctors would hesitate to perform medically necessary terminations, for fear of legal action.

      1. Paddyswurds 24 Aug 2012, 9:23pm

        Not necessarily if we make contraception freely available to all, world wide……….. I would advocate some sort of contraception that could be admisnistered to the population al la flouride…

  24. Paddyswurds 21 Aug 2012, 5:04pm

    Just what planet are these bigots on. Given that heteros use abortion these days as a lazy mans form of contraception and some women end up having 4 or 5 abortions in quick succession it is a bit rich of SPUC to make such ridiculous claims. Do they think the general public are so stupid as to believe their claims. Our best friends in this fight fro Equality is these so called anti Gay hate groups because their claims are so ludicrous that no sane human being could possibly believe such claims.

  25. Jesus moran 21 Aug 2012, 5:06pm

    Are Mitt Romney , Paul Ryan and the rest of the republican party in the US behind these comments sounds like being back home!

  26. Why oh why are we still using that nauseating little euphemism “Pro-Life”? That’s just a part of the bigot lobby’s devious branding campaign. They’re not “pro-life” they’re anti-women, anti-progress and anti-human. Unwanted pregnancies wreck people’s lives – both of the parents and of the children – denial of vital sexual health services is one of the most anti-life policies I can imagne.

    1. I have also seen them called “Pro-Fetus” since they care nothing about the child, adolecent or adult beyond the womb.

  27. How many times do we have to over this. Gay people can have biological children. Trans men can bear children, trans women can beget them. A gay partnership with a trans and a cis person can have accidental pregnancies. Stop erasing trans gay and lesbian people!

    1. So you think that SPUC is right; that equal marriage will increase abortions because gay sexual relationships between a non-op transgender person and a someone of the same gender but opposite sexual organs may result in unwanted pregnancies? How is that a greater risk if they are married than not? Do you seriously think that is what SPUC is building their hate campaign upon?

    2. Are you arguing that because trans gay and lesbian people are capable of falling pregnant that SPUC are correct in stating that marriage equality will lead to an increase in abortions!?!?!?!?!?! You need to take a deep breath, THINK, and realise that there is no link between the two. Hysteric reactions to perceived slights are no more useful than the SPUC leaflet itself!

    3. Gabrielle is living proof that the other side doesn’t have a monopoly on idiots!

  28. Just because they choose to call themselves “pro life” it doesn’t mean we should call them anything but “anti abortion”.

    Calling themselves “pro life” indicates, that the rest of us, who think abortion is every womans right, are “anti life”.

    I really don’t understand Pink News here.

  29. Sue them. They are distributing spurious leaflets, claiming and promoting falsehoods. The truth will come out. Make them sell their assets to pay for their crimes.

  30. What is wrong with these people.? First we can’t procreate, now we cause abortion. Make your minds up you idiotic hatefesters!!

  31. Paddyswurds 21 Aug 2012, 5:48pm

    missing comments goblin is back……

    1. Open ‘Comments’ in a new tab and then hit F5 (sometimes Alt F5) to refresh the page. Solved !

      1. As if. Its the word filter, and they just disappear forever. I emailed Ben with examples and asking him to publish the rules of the game, but I guess he’s on holiday I’ve figured a list of more than 50 forbidden words so far, but there are other combinations I cannot figure. It’s not exactly the way to run an important community discussion site.

      2. Paddyswurds 24 Aug 2012, 8:52pm

        My particular goblin only hides my comment until I make a second then they will both appear at once….

  32. If anyone has a copy of this flyer or sees it as an advertisement in the media, please refer it to the Advertising Standards Authority.

    1. I don’t understand why PN hasn’t done that already. Also the police for wherever they got their copy.

  33. Yes that’s it; scapegoat a minority for the sins of the majority. Replace the word Jew with Gay and we’re right back in 1930s Germany.

    1. Hitler sent gay men to the gas chambers, too. We have been scapegoated for everything up to and including the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah!

  34. Paul from Brighton 21 Aug 2012, 8:26pm

    Shocking really, and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

    I wonder how many girls opt for abortion each year as they’re too ashamed to bring a child into the world as a single parent?

    Let’s face it, the Catholic Church spent a lifetime deamonising single parents, locking up many for three years enforced labour in their Magdelene Laundries where the only way out was either the poor unfortunate girl’s parents paid a substantive sum of money to the nuns, or alternativley you did your time to ‘wash away your sins.’

    I have first hand experience of one of these laundries having been born in one. My terrified mother denied any form of pain mediciation as she was ‘a sinner’.

    Incidentally, although these laundries existed both in the UK and Ireland, and were managed by the Sacred Heart Sisters, a UK HQ based convent.

    There’s a great song by Jonnie Mitchell about these terrible places, if you get a moment, have a look.

  35. I also noticed that SPUC’s leaflet says

    “Legalised same sex marriage will increase confusion about what it means to be a man or a woman”

    Equally stupid and untrue, in my opinion.

    1. It’s simply intended to create hatred, in people insecure about sexual identities, which is pretty common. People who feel they may not be masculine or feminine enough; people who are scared of using the wrong words in the face of constantly shifting terminologies and rumoured “equalities police”; and people who hate difference. One can understand a child at infant school being scared, after learning about transsexualism in too shallow a manner, that they might suddenly find them-self the wrong sex, but it gets pathetic when its adults. SPUC want to promote those fears.

  36. Real marriage equality recognises the difference between straight men and women and gay men and women.

    1. Commander Thor 21 Aug 2012, 9:08pm

      Exactly! No difference whatsoever as far as the state is concerned.

    2. Think I need to clarify that I support same sex marriage, marriage equality recognises that it’s appropriate for gay men and women to marry same sex partners just as it’s appropriate for straight men and women to marry opposite sex partners.
      This is something SPUC either cannot grasp or refuses to grasp.

      1. So no marriage allowed for bisexual or asexual people, in your view?

        1. Marriage equality provides scope for a bisexual or an asexual to marry the man or woman of their choice.

  37. “Statistics show”
    Yeah, a random collection of un-named, unverifiable, and probably made up ‘statistics’ also show that 86% of all statistics are made up on the spot, and bear no relation to observable fact.

  38. “Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others.” – Kang

    1. if u have safe sex and take percautions 75% of the preganancies can be prevented.if u r carless then its ur fault u got preg and should have the baby if u dont want it giveit up for many would love to have a baby but can produce.its not the babaies fault it didnt ask to be made.people r to careless n dont care want all the pleasure with out the concequences .we;; u play u gottta pay.and no reason should u have an abortion for no reason .so take percautions and quit being careless and no baby will be made or unwanted .

  39. Just another bunch of insane morons!

  40. James Savik 22 Aug 2012, 1:36am


    1. Religions as well as ‘marriage” are human inventions and mean whatever the persons involved want them to mean

      I do not suggest that religion does not provide some deep felt need to many humans.

      What I do object to is attempted manipulation of thought by people interested in “power”

      A piece of paper and a ceremony have a very limited effect on people once the euphoria has worn off – the dishes still have to be washed and income earned!

  41. Something tells me that these people believe that roosters are responsible for the sun coming up in the morning!

    1. … you mean they’re not? ;)

  42. Really worry about the mentality of people when they can come up with such ridiculous and stupid statements like this.

    Since when will 2 married gay men be able to cause abortions.

    What planet are they on. There is so much Human Garbage around now, especially of the religious kind.

  43. Louise Fletcher 22 Aug 2012, 3:03am

    And they say the research shows that children do better with a married mother and father?? Umm… No it doesn’t!! I’m a psychologist and the research shows that gender and sexuality of parents has no impact on well-being of children – parenting skills does. So more nonsense from these weirdos.

    1. Louise, PLEASE stop confusing the issue with FACTS!

      It gives the baby Jesus a headache! :)

  44. Clearly, I should have spent more time worrying about all those gay men having abortions and lesbians who accidentally get knocked up. Silly me believing that false prophet named Biology.

  45. Mattias Berntson 22 Aug 2012, 6:13am

    Mr. Smeaton displays his own ignorance on “the nature, history and role of marriage”, which has historically existed for transfer of ownership of women (by men).

    The modern purpose of marriage as a display of commitment, as well as certain legal benefits in many countries. There is no reason LGBT couples could not be included here.

  46. GingerlyColors 22 Aug 2012, 6:45am

    Can SPUC please explain how sex between two men or two women result in a pregnancy, which if unplanned could result in an abortion? Do these people have any idea about biology and the reproductive process?
    Another question I would like to ask SPUC is are they going to make an exception to their anti-abortion stance should a genetic test become available that will determine whether or not an unborn child is likely to grow up gay.
    Whether or not there is a ‘gay gene’ is a matter of debate. There have been cases of identical twins where one is gay and the other is not, most notably the Kray Twins where Ronnie had gay relationships whereas Reggie did not.

  47. How do people come up with this stuff?

  48. They just…make this up as they go along. It’s horsesh*t.

  49. Greg Carey 22 Aug 2012, 8:42am

    I saw this in a Catholic Church after a wedding. I e-mailed them about the abomination. The man to speak to is Anthony McCartarthy ( He is more than up to discussing it. I’m not so sure you’ll get any sense of him about it though.

  50. The argument makes no sense. They’re just trying to link gay marriage to abortion in order to turn off people off dislike abortion, but don’t havea problem with gay rights. Desperate measures. But when you realise that SPUC is heavily financed and directed by the Catholic bishops then perhaps yu can see what theyr’e up to.

  51. Omg are you being serious right now that is the most pathetic claim lol

  52. A lot of people think these guys are just stupid… and to some extent that’s correct, but they’re playing a very dangerous game here.

    It’s scare tactics.. it’s about making people associate one with the other – regardless of whether they can back it up or not – a lot of people who are on the fence regarding marriage equality, are going to go into voting booths with “Gay Marriage = More Abortions” stamped somewhere in their mind.

    1. David Myers 23 Aug 2012, 10:28am

      Somewhere is right. There minds are so empty it might be almost impossible for an outside searcher to find it, but since it is one of only a very few thoughts in their head, they’ll be able to remember it!

  53. I’m so confused.. Are they saying that you can get pregnant from gay sex, or that immaculate conception is significantly more widespread than science leads us to believe?

    1. Pregnant for gay sex? Probably not but that is absolutely no reason to stop trying =)

  54. Where are the “crazy stats” they quote? They subscribe to the axiom that if you tell a lie often enough people will start to believe you. Well, that has not happened yet =)

  55. Modern English, as it is accepted in the United Kingdom, is not American English. We are not yet the fifty-first state of the United States of America. When we are, perhaps that will be the time to accept, speak and spell in the America manner. Perhaps Scotbear wishes to spell in the American way and use such ugly forms as ‘dove’ and ‘snuck’. I certainly do not wish to do so, and many others probably feel the same. There is, of course, modern American English which is very different from the English of Hawthorne, Thoreau and Melville. In the same way there is modern English which is different from that of Ben Jonson, Dr Johnson and George Eliot.

    1. Flip me, I bet you’re the life and soul of the party *rolls eyes*

  56. It’s striking how uninterested in truth the vast amount of commenters here are.
    Has anyone commenting actually read the papers the SPUC leaflet’s claims are based on? Thought not (though easily available from the SPUC website). Had they done so they would realise that SPUC is talking about the societal effects on marriage (and abortion) rates from abolishing the traditional idea of marriage. Still, the easy sneer and the ignorant and empty gotcha! seem to be enough for the irrationalists here.

    1. I read them, and unsurprisingly they’re a load of nonsense.

      I’m curious as to what they mean by “natural marriage”. They use this term multiple times. Last time I checked, marriage was a man made concept.

      1. Quite. Social constructions are generally considered not part of ‘nature’; but if one includes them in ‘nature’ one would then have to explain why certain such constructions were natural, and others not, since all would be constructed and therefore displaying a ‘natural’ characteristic.
        But ‘nature’ is merely a red herring appealed to by the irrationally prejudiced.

      2. “Real marriage” is the term they use in the leaflet, it’s just so childishly nasty and pathetic.
        I’m so embarrassed for them.

        1. “The State has a duty to serve and protect natural marriage and recognise its primacy, not redefine it.”

          It’s just stupid, really. The whole document is ridiculous.

      3. Presumably this genius thinks that ‘parental responsibility’ is a ‘man made’ concept too. There is an order to the Universe – what the Greeks called Logos. I can understand that Pink News fans might not like it and may find comfort in postmodern irrationalism. Why we should listen to those in rebellion against Logos I don’t know.

    2. Hogwash. If your marriage is affected by some same-sex couple you don’t know getting married then you have no person to blame but yourself. Heterosexual couples offerring marriage vows to each other without being sincere and leaving said marriage over silly issues that even a child could iron out are putting more stress on marriages than anything else. Don’t be blaming your shaky marriage on a loving innocent same sex couple who only want to commit to each other and share in the benefits of marriage. Nobody buys that ‘traditional marriage’ nonsense any longer. If governments had not planned on granting marriage benefits equally they should have stayed out of the marriage business altogether.

  57. That leaflet makes me want to weep.


    1. Paddyswurds 24 Aug 2012, 9:18pm

      ….I am a Gay, atheist, pro life anti abortinist and I oppose abortion save for incest and if necessary to save the life of the mother at a difficult birth.

  59. Seems to me that the SPUC has – like many of the other oponents of marriage equality – shot themsleves in the foot.

    Like most people in the UK, I believe abortion should be legal under certain controlled conditions – but there’s no reason that someone couldn’t be gay, or pro gay rights and pro equal marriage and yet still oppose abortion – in fact I’ve known some gay anti abortionist.

    The SPUC is therefore deviating from its stated aim simply to pursue a private vendetta, which suggests that its own opposition to abortion is actually much more motivated by an ulterior agenda.

  60. Good to know the homophobes are thinking logically… I think these kind of tactics mean we’re winning :)

  61. David Coleman 23 Aug 2012, 7:30am

    An even more twisted version of the ‘permitting marriage would undermine marriage’ principle. Seems to be based on the conviction that to say something offensive in a sufficiently assertive way makes it credible. Thanks again , Pink News for the consistently best reporting on marriage issues.

  62. David Myers 23 Aug 2012, 9:47am

    Do these idiots even read their own press releases? Can anyone explain any rational how extending legal marriage to gays and lesbians would lead to more abortions? These people are worse than the “No Nothings party” of the US in the 1850’s. Totally bat quano crazy!

  63. Everytime a same sex couple marries, Jesus kills a baby.

    1. Good for Jesus! It is about time someone acted to keep the world population under control

    2. Paddyswurds 24 Aug 2012, 9:09pm

      Your “Jesus” sounds like a real nice guy. I can just imagine spending eternity in the company of such a being………….. Fortunately i respect life so won’t be anywhere near your “Jesus”

    3. why would he want to do that ??

    4. oh i know …. I think i worked it out …. jesus is like …”just to show how wicked gays are .. every time they get “married” im gonna kill a baby … thall show them how good and pure i am … ”

      is this what you ment ??

  64. SPUC exposes Pink News’s dishonesty:

    Shame they have such contempt for their readers

  65. Your campaigns and comments are always based on deceptions and lies, since the people who support your agendas are people who do not believe in God, therefore it is absolutely normar for them to lie and deceive. It is amusing to constantly watch the bias way your people right your articles, as if we were stupid on something like that…Oh well, homosexuality only last for brief periods in a society and this is a fact of life, history proves it…great civilizations that engaged, accepted and promoted homosexuality ceasse to exist shortly after: the romans, greeks, mayans, incas, alexander the great, the abbylonians, assyrians and so on….no one survives this plague after awhile…this is why we are living in the biblical end times….
    God bless you all…I’m not against homosexuals cos that wouldn’t make any sense to me as a catholic; I’m against ideologies instead…stop the difference? I’m stating this before you cal me a bigot or a hate monger…i have friends who are gay…

    1. Everything you’ve written there sounds like you’ve copied and pasted it from a fundamentalist right wing website. The Greek and Roman societies, etc, did NOT fail because of homosexuality. Why not read some History instead of bigotry?

      And many LGBT people DO believe in god so that statement is incorrect also.

      Er…and as for your statement about the “end times” – that says it all really! The so-called end times and the return of Jesus were supposed to have happened centuries ago. In fact, they were also supposed to be approaching lots of times since then too. It’s a mere control ploy by religions and the men who maintain power in them.

      Be Catholic, be anti-abortion, but open your eyes to the way you’re being manipulated and frightened. The people who are influencing you with talk of end times, etc, are the ones with an agenda. Believe in God but think for yourself, Luis.

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