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Ulster councillor withdraws ‘gay disease’ remark

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Reader comments

  1. Too late! Once you have made some comments, they cannot be unsaid.

    All they have done is show him for the bigot that he is!

  2. The guy claimed (as they always do ),to have Gay Friends ,and at the same time ,claims Being gay is like a Disease …..I Wonder what his friends thought about his Comment ?

    1. Bigots ALWAYS claim to have friends of with the persuasion of their bigotry yet they NEVER produce them and it’s always irritated me that journalists NEVER ask them to.

  3. Is Jackie Crawford going to be expelled from the UUP?

    Or does the UUP condone and endorse his far-right, extremist viewpoint?

    I guess we all know the answer to that.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Aug 2012, 12:02pm

    What a liar? All bigots recant when pressure is put upon them but it’s not sincere, more about saving face. I’m always amazed when they throw in that old mantra about having gay friends so they can’t be homophobic. What would he call a straight serial adulterer and philanderer, “disabled”, suffering from a disease? NOT!

  5. Is he ‘taking back’ these remarks among the party faithful or his cronies in the pub?
    Just for the record, I have never met an Ulsterman or woman of any sexuality in England who has ever wanted to go back to Ulster.

  6. The usual religious bigotry from Ulster politicians …none of them can be trusted,sadly.especially any linked to Paisleys church

    1. That There Other David 20 Aug 2012, 8:54pm

      The funny this is of course that this is the UUP, not the DUP, coming out with the vitriol for once. They’re sort of like the UUP, only they have absolutely no support these days due to infighting over the Good Friday Agreement.

      With luck the DUP will one day go the same way. Wouldn’t it be nice if Northern Ireland could have normal political parties, along the usual traditional/progressive divide, rather than the dross they currently get?

      Still, at least Sinn Fein seem to get that governments are supposed to plan for the future rather than just dredge over the past.

  7. Jonathan Wright 20 Aug 2012, 12:28pm

    So if he considers being ‘gay’ the equivalent of having a disability, is he going to stop people from getting married because they were born blind, deaf, or are confined to a wheelchair?

    If not, then you sir are still a bigot and your words will not be backed up by your actions. Next time, think again before you open your mouth to speak about that which you have no knowledge of.

  8. “..‘disease’ was a slip of the tongue”

    Rubbish! What on earth was he trying to say that turned into ‘disease’?? Am I supposed to believe he meant to say that we were all absolutely lovely and it just came out wrong as ‘disease’??

    It’s not even a believable excuse. And biblical marriage rears its stupid head again aka as incest, polygamy, marrying one’s rapist etc etc etc.

  9. So this moron is opposed to equality because of what’s written in that piece of sh!t work of fiction – the bible.

    Does he also support the stoning to death of the First Minister’s wife – Iris Robinson.

    As she is an adulterous harlot she deserves extermination accordiong to his bible.

    Why the double standard?

  10. The poor man, like Poor Mad Iris, is mentally ill, as are all people who have religious faith.

  11. “I have gay friends”

    Just because you know a gay mans name from your local pub… or he once as a courtesy included you in a round of drinks “doesn’t mean your their friend”

    When you express bigoted opinions like Mr. Crawford you usually can’t count your “true” friends on one finger (usually the one people use to flip you the bird when your back is turned!)

  12. Riondo, Just for the record..I’ve lived in London, and the USA and have returned to live in Belfast as have many of the people born here. While SOME of our politicians may be less than liberal this is also true in the rest of the UK and the world. This is a beautiful part of the world, it has its good and its not so good. It has survived its fair share of troubles in its history because its people are strong minded and are often accused of being some of the most friendly towards our tourists. Don’t take my word for it read this article

    1. I am glad to hear a different story for once. In fact, I did know one gay guy from Derry whose own family were very supportive, but said he still didn’t like the general atmosphere.

  13. I’m getting very fed up with ignorant assholes who make hideous comments and then expect the matter to be forgiven and forgotten because they say ‘Sorry’. To make such a comment in the first place only demonstrates he is totally unfit for public office.

    1. on the contrary: his hideous comments make him totally fit for public office! yet the old dear is forced to say he’s “misspoken”. isn’t that the thing one says these days? open up a newspaper, go online, watch the bbc news, dozens every day are misspeaking. unfortunately for them what’s been misspoken, is indelibly written on our brains forever more.

  14. You had better resign now and go home.
    Your career is finished and so is any hope of you getting a job unless of course it is with other bigots and anti-gay ignoramuses like you.

    What you have said is what you have said and there is nothing that can undo that.

    I say again history never forgets and neither do we.

  15. This motion like the other Sinn Fein sponsored Marriage equality motions have all passed! So far 6 councils have backed marriage equality. SF has tabled a good deal more.

    1. Its just a pity really that Sinn Fein have a history of murdering people to get what they want through their armed wing the IRA. Had they not tried to ethnically cleanse Protestants from Northern Ireland and murdering so many then their arguments may mean more.

      1. Sinn Fein is a democratic political party a that also happens to be the second largest in the North and 3rd Largest on the island.How different Irish History would be had Britain respected Irish democracy. I suggest you do some reading on Irish history, before making ill informed statements. Perhaps also look at Britian’s role in Ireland, I think that’s where you’ll find ethnic cleansing, state sponsored terrorism, collusion, shoot to kill, second class citizenship, occupation and murder.

        1. The Irish Republic were hardly innocent bystanders Michael. They hid the IRA, allowed them to make bombs and hardly stood in their way when they drove them bombs North to murder innocent men, women and children. My statement was not ill informed, it has over thirty years and 2000 deaths at the hands of the IRA to back it up. Also go to the border regions where you will find many former Protestant farms etc that have been left to ruin as the farmers were murdered and their families forced to leave. That my friend is ethnic cleansing. As is what is happening in Rasharkin never mind the old Torrens estate in North Belfast where the last families were forced to leave and now nice new homes have been built for Catholics. Attitudes like yours is why this country can’t move forward.

      2. Pitty that when Irish politicians democratically voted for home rule and won it, Ulstermen decided they weren’t playing ball any more. All the lives and bloodshed that could have been saved.

        1. Jack had you read your history you would realise that the Protestants in Ireland were being rounded up and massacred (as were Catholics). Protestants were being forced from their homes all over Ireland and moved North where there was a higher percentage of them. Saftey in numbers. Then when the whole home rule thing started they decided they were safer in the United Kingdom and thus the formation of Northern Ireland. I don’t condone anything that Britain did in Ireland in the past but does that really condone what Irish Republicans are doing now. Protestants in Northern Ireland see everyday how the situation is steadily reversing. We are now second class.

          1. Protestants second class citizens? You are a numpty lol. It’s your political leaders that are ONCE again trying to deny people their human rights! Just like your forces stood by and participated in the burning of 1,500 Catholics homes in 1969 or indeed the pogroms after partition which saw the organised burning of Catholic homes and the forced removal of 21,000 people. That is called ethnic cleansing! The Sectarian state which you seem so fond off was build on the belief of inequality and second class citizenship. Thank God these are it’s last days.

          2. Protestants second class citizens? You are a numpty lol. It’s your political leaders that are ONCE again trying to deny people their human rights! Just like your forces stood by and participated in the burning of 1,500 Catholics homes in 1969 or indeed the pogroms after partition which saw the organised burning of Catholics homes and the forced removal of 21,000 Catholics. That is called ethnic cleansing! The Sectarian state which you seem so fond off was build on the belief of inequality and second class citizenship. Thank God these are it’s last days..

          3. Northern Ireland will be around for many more years. As soon as thick knuckle dragging neanderthals like you get that into their heads the better off we will be. Are you even from Northern Ireland. If so drive round North Belfast. You will see the standard of houses that Protestants live in compared to Catholic houses. Go to the Lower Oldpark or anywhere ther is a peace line and look and see how the Catholic Homes are built right up to it yet on the Protetstant side the people have been forced back. See the houses left to ruin because the councul will not fix them. Every year we see continued attacks on our culture and attempts by bitter sectarian Republicans to demonise our culture in the eyes of the world. It is you who are the numpty. As has been said many times there is no point talking to you people as it gets us nowhere. We just keep going in circles. You would think that after 800 yeras you would get over it.

  16. Withdrawing a comment seems makes about as much sense as putting a bullet back into a gun after you’ve fired it or putting toothpaste back into the tube after you’ve squeezed it out.

  17. I’d spend less time worrying about my right to get married Mr Jackie Crawford and more about you having a girls name =P

  18. Guys, he admitted it !

    We are born this way :-)

    Something Iris never said

  19. Of homophobes, “It’s a pity they have that disease and they can’t help it.

    “It’s not the same as being born with a disability. They can help what they are.

    “I know homophobic people and they are unpleasant people and not nice people and they should not be getting involved in the issue of same sex marriage, it’s none of their business.”

    1. faeces on the penis causes HPV and HIV,, 20 Aug 2012, 10:26pm

      Peaedophiles say they cannot help their attraction to children. Most paedophiles never act on heir disgusting urges. Since homosexuality has rightly been deemed disgusting by the bible, the deviants should exercise self control. Nobody is born homosexual and there is no gay gene.

      1. Cram it, jackass. Tired of hearing this BS. I doubt that N. Ireland is ruled by your religions or your book.

      2. Can you help being an obsessive lunatic? Maybe not. But please say all this to your bathroom mirror or your God instead of bothering us with it.

  20. GingerlyColors 21 Aug 2012, 7:49am

    Hasn’t there been enough bigotry in Northern Ireland during the past hundred years?

  21. Paul from Brighton 21 Aug 2012, 8:56am

    Same clowns, different Circus.

  22. So let’s see: homosexuality is a disease, a disability, unnatural, offensive and a rung on the ladder to bestiality.
    That’s the UUP for you. And yes, we are in 2012 not in 1812.

    1. correction … And yes, the year is 2012, not 1812.

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