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Shetland youth politicians promote marriage equality in schools

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Reader comments

  1. A great start, change will happen from the youth of today, that is for sure.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Aug 2012, 1:13pm

    Let’s hope it happens in England. I can just hear the religious homophobes screaming, “indocrtination” in our schools. O’Brien will have yet another hissy fit.

    1. No offence but weren’t you screaming quite loudly about Catholics preaching anti equality bigotry in their schools. You can’t have it both ways.

      For the sake of LGBT kids I’d rather ban politicizing children full stop if it keeps the Catholics et al quiet in English and Welsh schools.

      1. I’m pretty sure there’s a big difference between preaching religious intolerance to children and educating them to be tolerant of all people.

        1. We’re not talking about the same thing. Promoting legislation is different than promoting tolerance.

          By all means promote tolerance and teach about LGBT history, sexual health and anti-bullying etc. but do not mix marriage equality politics in with it, because then you’re on shaky ground when you criticise batsh¡t, looney, homophobe catholics for politicizing kids by making children listen to anti-equality homophobic powerpoint presentations.

  3. ‘The Scottish Parliament commenced the process of legalising marriage equality on 25 July, with the first ceremonies expected in 2014.’

    When did this happen? I live in Scotland, and this is news to me. The consultation might be closed, but there’s been no vote on equalising same sex marriage in the Scottish Parliament yet.
    Please advise me if I am wrong.

    1. Equality Network 21 Aug 2012, 9:14am

      It depends what is meant by “process”! A process towards equal marriage has started, by the Scottish Govt committing, on July 25th, to legislate. There will next be a 3 month consultation on the draft bill, starting towards the end of this year. Next year the bill should come before the Scottish Parliament, and maybe pass by the end of 2013 or early 2014. Then there would be a delay of quite a few months to put in place the necessary secondary legislation to deal with the details of things like documentation. (For civil partnership, that delay was one year). If and when all of that has happened, the first same-sex marriages would happen.

  4. We done!! Keep going, you are on the right track and I pray that your campaign gathers momentum and goes viral :-)

  5. We could have done with this in my school.

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