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Downton Abbey’s gay footman to get featured storyline in new series

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Reader comments

  1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 20 Aug 2012, 6:23pm

    This ‘gay thing’ is not too complicate for poor heterosexual Rob, I hope. Maybe new job for beautiful Jack Davenport? He have enough experience playing gay aristocrat together with Matt Damon in “The talented Mr. Ripley’…

  2. That There Other David 20 Aug 2012, 8:50pm

    Didn’t Thomas nearly have that thing with the injured soldier in the hospital, the one that topped himself after the people in power decided he was to be moved?

    I’m sure that was a gay-ish moment.

  3. “He stopped being gay in series 2” – Really? Series 2 concentrated on The Great War. He didn’t stop being gay. Just as I don’t stop being gay when I go to the office, shop in the supermarket, or drive down the motorway. It doesn’t occupy my mind constantly but it is still a part of me.

  4. Kay from NZ 21 Aug 2012, 12:31am

    I think Rob was being ironic. Any actor regardless of their own sexuality appreciates the opportunity to “show his paces”. He had a few moments of emotion over the blinded soldier and I’m sure he relished the chance to deliver the emotions. His comments to “the boss” may easily be read as, give me more emotional context, I want to show I can ACT not just stand around. All actors in soaps and dramas have to tread a careful line between showing willing to take on meatier content and not being seen as demanding drama queens. Look at the US TV industry for the ups and downs of actors vs writers and directors in character development and story arcs. He won’t want to go the traditional gay way of having a tragic ending until he has his next gig lined up. If you don’t agree on the “tragic gay end”, watch “The Celluloid Closet”.

  5. GingerlyColors 21 Aug 2012, 7:46am

    Looks like I will be setting my video recorder for the upcoming series of Downton Abbey then.

  6. TheLizzie12 21 Aug 2012, 11:27am

    I hope they deal with the ‘gay storyline’ with a lot more sensitivity than Jimmy McGovern’s recent episode about the gay transvestite in the BBC1 series ‘Accused’. That took gay representation in British TV drama back a century with the portrayal of the transvestite as a trusting idiot, and his ‘straight’ lover as a psycho-killer…the final scene in the court when Sean Bean (as the transvestite) asking the jury “could I possibly put a body in the boot of a car in these heels?” would have been funny if it hadn’t been so embarrassing. Oh, how I wish we had an organisation like America’s GLAAD to monitor this kind of damage..

  7. Paul Brownsey 21 Aug 2012, 12:13pm

    “the Countesses’ mother”

    No, “the Countess’s mother”.

    1. Or the Countess’ mother.

  8. Jim Fields Nashville tn 21 Aug 2012, 4:27pm

    I had hopes that in season 2 with the war and all that Thomas would have found a good storyline falling in with a soldier .. also that he would soften and not be so mean and evil . I know we all cant be good two shoes ..but he is gives a bad name to humanity as a whole .. and love can soften a person .. and turn them from their evil ways just my thoughts

  9. I’ve watched DA and enjoyed it mostly, I find the editing too fast and the constant shift of characters makes me dizzy.

    The gay footman’s character is probably the most loathsome in this story line of a much closeted period in western history. He constantly schemes with the lady’s maid and don’t forget his attempt to deal in rationed black-market groceries. But he did get his comeuppance in that regard.

    Plus, he intentionally risked and received a possibly maiming injury to his hand to get removed from the front line of combat.

    I’m not sure if that counts as “bravery” or self-preservation.

    1. self-preservation, the character is nasty piece of work!

  10. Time for my intellectual and insightful comment: I’d hit that. Repeatedly.

  11. David Mason 23 Aug 2012, 2:00pm

    If Mr Rob Collier would like some rehearsals – to show he knows what he is doing.
    We could get together & practice.
    I’ll say nothing if he wont!

  12. Yay, I love Thomas.

    But what about the blind soldier he met in the hospital? Most heart-wrenching bit of the entire series if you ask me.

  13. Been watching it so far, on episode four… when does the goddamn story line start, cause it hasnt yet xx

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