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Guatemalan trans woman says she was raped in mens’ wing of Danish asylum seekers camp

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Reader comments

  1. Lynda Yilmaz 17 Aug 2012, 5:10pm

    I thought Denmark was supposed to be such a liberal place. Seems I was wrong. How horrific for this poor girl. What this highlights is this. I think it was Hobbes that said ‘men’ (mankind) is ‘nasty, brutish and rough’, or some such thing. I really wonder sometimes whether some of these countries held under such tight control by religion actually NEED this control, because it does seem to me, that without these controls, men are just simply animals! (present company excluded of course! :)

    1. Paddyswurds 17 Aug 2012, 7:32pm

      It is and I find this story a tad hard to swallow as is. It just does not reflect what we know to be true of both Danmark and The Red Cross. It is really annoying when Pink News publishes such sketchy stories without background or investigation.
      How if, as this person says, Guatemala is so backward and hung up by religious cults, did she become a trans woman. Where for instance was the surgery carried out if indeed she has had any surgery. If not then it is still a man in drag and Danmark and the Red Cross is blameless. I suspect Danmark had been chosen as one of the best places to get the treatment and that’s why these two men sought asylum there.

      1. UKIP/BNP much?

        1. Paddyswurds 18 Aug 2012, 2:09am

          If that shyte is directed at me, your wrong, asswipe. I’m not even British so why would you pea brain associate those parties with me. Of course you would already know that if you weren’t a spit and run troll.

          1. im not british so i cant have ignorant/facist views, really? it must be the post of the week. ukip, bnp and edl are synonymous with the ignorant and facist views expressed by those organizations

    2. Lynda, I think the truth is there is no single nation or community or society that is free from some element of brutishness, all you can do is hope for the liberality of the majority. In that respect I think Denmark is a hell of a lot better than many if not most societies in the world, taken as a whole.

    3. It is a liberal place. It was the first country in the world to change the birth registration after a sex change – in the 1930s! But their rules are now outdated. The Danes just got equal marriage and trans things seem to have now reached the agenda. This article was a lift from one of the county’s top newspapers, and part of the publicity of Pride Week, and the campaign for reform. There are opponents, of course.

      Obviously, in one of the women’s case, the Danish Red Cross, the asylum system, and the national gender clinic all screwed up. The rapists, as residents in an asylum hostel weren’t Danes, clearly. No doubt things will now be investigated.

      But it is worth pointing out that there is no women’s centre in the UK like the one that has saved both these women. The second went to the asylum system as a woman, from that women’s centre, whereas the first was sent to a men’s hostel. And no UK newspaper would do a story that honest, dignified, and sympathetic.

  2. I think both the Red Cross and Denmark need to investigate this and name those responsible. How on earth could they have placed her in a male dormitory, even if it was in a single room. What was so wrong in placing her in the female wing in a single room. Seems like a matter of “Oh, you’re trans, so you don’t matter”

  3. I used to have a monthly direct debit going out to the Red Cross. I am so pleased that last year I cancelled it and channelled the money to Peter Tatchell.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 18 Aug 2012, 10:40am

      “Channelled the money”, unfortunate choice of words there.

  4. Cardinal Capone 17 Aug 2012, 5:39pm

    Can you spot the giant flaw in the following statement:

    Ms La Coeur said: “…We would not place HER in a women’s dormitory because that is definitely for women – where cannot permit ourselves to place a man.”

    1. Yes. Miss La Coeur should not have used “she”.

    2. The Red Cross world-wide has huge ignorance about sex- and gender-minorities. The only issue they seem to be aware of is HIV.

  5. PS here is a link to the original article (with a Google translation into English) which shows her with a friend who was also seeking asylum.

  6. What an upsetting article to read… i cant imagine what she went through.

    So in Denmark, the police say rape is legal if done to a transgender person? Completely shocking.

    1. And if you are a trans woman in the UK and post op, you can’t be raped under the legal definition of rape. However, if you hold a GRC your attacker can be charged with rape.
      Madness …..

      1. Yes you can its got nothing to do with having a GRC.

        Try reading up on what the actual criteria for the offence of rape are before passing on such misinformation.

    2. Paddyswurds 17 Aug 2012, 8:53pm

      …..completely a load of shyte that’s what.

  7. We lead such sheltered lives in the West. It’s terrible what this woman has had (and still has) to endure.

    1. last I heard, Denmark was clasified as a western country – though you might wonder after this behaviour

  8. Paddyswurds 17 Aug 2012, 6:51pm

    “Guatemala is a staunchly Catholic country, where the church wields enormous power.” Lets hope that Guatemala doesn’t suffer the same destiny as Ireland did when it gave the Roman cult carte blanche power to do as they pleased which the clerics of the cult, both male and female took full advantage of and raped and tortured and murdered thousands of Irish children… A Question. Why did these two people not go to another S. American country such as next door Brazil if they were abused in Guatemala. I find it strange how these people always head to countries that have god health services and benefits. This stories has echos of the very similar Swedish story where the Russian man was trying to get asylum published here a couple of months or so ago.

    1. Paddyswurds 17 Aug 2012, 6:54pm


      1. Paddyswurds 17 Aug 2012, 10:49pm

        4 thumbs down for a typo correction just about sums up the mentality and modus operandi of some of the readers and commentators on this site…. Unbelievable!

        1. Perhaps people are just sick to death of your bile and hatred towards transsexuals – and are simply condemning you as the transphobic individual that you are.

          1. Paddyswurds 18 Aug 2012, 8:00pm


  9. Fernanda should consider fleeing to the UK.

    I don’t wholly agree with immigration, but this is a particularly special case. A young woman’s life is at stake.

    1. Paddyswurds 17 Aug 2012, 7:34pm

      Let him flee to Brazil or Argentina. There are enough fake spongers in Europe.

      1. Brazil is not next door from Guatemala, far from it… Mexico, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras are next door (considering Belize is next door, Guatemala might not seem too bad). However you have to keep in mind that this isn’t like the EU where being next door doesn’t make moving next door any easier. To give you a better idea of how things are in Guatemala consider that it is such a taboo that as 24 year old gay man here, the only other Guatemalan gay man I know is one of my sister’s friends who is studying abroad; that in my childhood the only time I heard of someone gay was when the police spread the (probably false) rumour that the victim (a Catholic bishop) of a political murder was gay so that the public would be more at ease with the fact that the crime would stay impune. At school one of my classmates bragged about his Karate and how he used it to look for and beat up trans people. Last I heard of this classmate, he was running for congressman a year ago (he lost).

        1. Paddyswurds 17 Aug 2012, 8:48pm

          It is still a helluva lot closer neighbour to Guatemala than schlepping all the way to northern Europe to sponge off Europeans. Since when did south America become so backward..

          1. Are you saying you think Guatemala is in “south” America?

          2. Paddyswurds 17 Aug 2012, 11:00pm

            @rehan ….
            …..rather are you saying you don’t know?. I have already mentioned other countries in South America so I fail to get your point.
            Are you trying to make mileage out of a typo.
            That is typical of your rather twisted religion tainted logic.
            i never refer to the southern states of the US as south America or even South America which would be rather silly. there is nothing wrong with my Geography…I spent more time at that in school than talking to imaginary cloud people and sky goblins….
            .I also notice that that is your only comment on this thread. Also typical.

          3. Have you been at the whacky baccy again, Paddykins? You have certainly gone off at a most peculiar tangent, especially if you can imagine that my posts are somehow religion-tainted (please prove it: they’re anything but, as you would find if you could read clearly). So tell me: is your reference to Guatemala as ‘south’ America a misapprehension on my part or a typo on yours?

        2. Paddyswurds 17 Aug 2012, 8:51pm

          So i’ll ask again Joseph. If Guatemala is so anti gay or anti trans how did she become a woman in Guatemala.? Answers please not tirades of abuse!

          1. Simply because sometimes even death is preferable to continue living as somebody you are not. Paddy, you simply do not have the intellectual capacity to even start to grasp the concept of your whole psyche being female yet glancing down at your body and seeing that it is male. Then comes puberty with all the horrors associated with even more masculinisation of the body. There comes a point when you just simply cannot continue living the lie – you transition to what your mind tells you that you are – or commit suicide. At least by transitioning you are giving yourself hope of a better future – and if that means fleeing your country of birth, then when that opportunity arises, you will take it.

      2. At least have the decency to get your pronouns correct Paddyswurds – she identifies as a woman and therefore you should accept her as such. It is insulting to the nth degree to continue, as you have been, describing her as a man and he.
        It takes incredible courage to go through transition – there is enough transphobia out there in society at large without it being aired here by small minded, intellectually challenged individuals like yourself.

        1. Paddyswurds 18 Aug 2012, 2:35am

          This is a man, a migrant who is pretending to be trans in order to gain asylum to Europe because he claims he is persecuted in Guatemala. Under your logic any old migrant can sidle up to immigration and claim asylum on those grounds and pretty soon Europe would be overrun with all sorts of waifs and strays claiming asylum cause the bad ole policeman back home sneered at them.
          Again I will ask the question ignored by the spit and run trolls this sort of story attracts; why not go to Brazil or Argentina?. Their trans people seem to be having no problems in this regard there are thousands of tran people in Brazil.
          Intellectually challenged?. Pick that one up from Wiki did you, because I’m darned sure you don’t have the intellectual capacity to thunk it up on your own. You think a man in drag is a woman ffs that and thinking cutting off your male tackle will somehow reprogram your brain and genes an convince you you are a woman. Yea right. Away and whine somewhere else, idiot.

          1. “……………..who is pretending to be trans in order to gain asylum to Europe………..”
            And you know this for sure because……???
            You are quick to jump down everybody else’s throats because they (according to you) make ‘assumptions’ – yet every single post you make is full of your own assumptions and bigoted views.
            Are you really as gay as you claim or just another one of those ignorant fundamentalist ‘Christians’ masquerading under a false identity.

    2. Suddenly Last Bummer 18 Aug 2012, 11:06am

      Consider fleeing to the UK? Having read the story it appears male asylum seekers are gang rapists. You want to introduce more of those to the UK also? Idiot. Perhaps we can accommodate them in your home town. Having witnessed Dover and Calais during the asylum seeker heyday of the early noughties I doubt you’d be so liberal.

  10. ““I didn’t want special treatment but I do have special needs because of who I am.”

    What “Special” needs are they then? None.

    “She said: “Being a transgender woman is not a choice. You feel you were born this way. It is not my fault, but it was as if he blamed me for being who I am.”

    It was your choice to go ahead and become what you wanted to be.

    No Sympathy from me mate, glad your going back home. Maybe you’ll take responsibility for your actions when in Guatemala.

    1. I supposes gay, lesbian and bi-sexual people have just made a choice and so there’s no excuse to give them asylum if they’re say from Uganda and will be executed for being different.

      Hey “its their choice to go ahead and become what they wanted to be.”

  11. true face of denmark, shocking level of ignorance and over rated liberal credentials

    1. Paddyswurds 18 Aug 2012, 2:39am

      and you are sure that this is all Denmark and the Red Cross’ problem. are you? This is a fake asylum seeker hoping to gain sympathy and benefits in Europe. Stay in South America, I say.

      1. whether this person is genue asylum seeker or not is irrelevant here. its the treatment of asylum seekers by denmark that i have problem with.
        imigration detention centers in denmark are responsibility of the state and its the responsibility of the state to make sure that the staff treat them with respect. the way this person was treated demolished denmark’s overrated liberal credentials and exposed shocking level of ignorance in the system

        1. Paddyswurds 18 Aug 2012, 11:42am

          …and you have proof that this person, a person being refused entry to Denmark, is telling the truth. Someone who after being gang raped starts up business in a brothel….. Cop yourself on, idiot. Your meds are wearing off…..

          1. you are bit slow, again whether she was raped or not is irrelevant in my argument, its the state that im having go at.
            for being recognised as a liberal country denmark shown huge amount ignorance when dealing with this asylum seeker. it seems they are liberal but only if you are white and western

          2. Paddyswurds 18 Aug 2012, 9:27pm

            Again, why did he not seek asylum in Brazil or Argentina ??? Why come to Europe where language would be a difficulty…… There is no corroborative proof that what these two say happened ever did. It is a case of bad grapes now that they have been refused and they are being petulant and dare i say blatant liars.A trawl of the Interweb is seriously lacking in any real or legible evidence….

        2. was she lying, hmmm i dont know

          ‘…A young Guatemalan trans woman who sought asylum in Denmark says that on her arrival she was placed in the men’s wing of an asylum seeker’s camp and gang raped by several men who forced their way into her room…’

          ‘…Ms La Coeur said: “Basically, a transgender woman is likely to be placed in a male dormitory – but in a private room. We would not place her in a women’s dormitory because that is definitely for women – where cannot permit ourselves to place a man.”….’

      2. Stay in South America, I say

        Guatemala is by no stretch of the imagination “south” America. For someone so quick to try to correct others, usually with some childish insult added, you do say some stupid things.

        1. Paddyswurds 19 Aug 2012, 1:23pm

          When i said Guatemala was in South America, it was for those that are, may I say, strangers to geography and indeed rudimentary education. I wasn’t expecting to be picked on by the sites resident Rottweiler who rarely makes valid comment but spends its days trawling comments pages pointing out supposed errors.
          Were I to have correctly said North America, we would have had posts asking which State was nearby, or similar questions. Only a couple of days ago we had someone ask was Ukraine in Africa, although I suspect that was because someone mentioned racism in a comment before his. I could have gone into a whole thesis on the exact location of Guatemala on the very southern tip of North America in the Caribbean but that Guatemala was mainly on the Pacific side. withe a tiny bit on the Caribbean next to Belize. .When i was an officer with the Cunard company and we were on a South American cruise, we did not have creeps with nothing better to do, popping up whinging that Guatemala…..

          1. It seems no-one is quite as much a stranger to geography as you are, poor sweet.

            FYI ‘central America’ would be acceptable to most English-speaking people (who know what ‘south’ America is, anyway). Or, if you must, ‘Latin America’ would convey what you were trying to say, only less clumsily.

  12. friday jones 18 Aug 2012, 12:30am

    Wow, Denmark was really awful to this woman. First she was misgendered and that led to her being raped, then she was trafficked in a brothel and arrested in a raid, and now they’re sending her back with an added stab in the back of “This is your fault because of your choice.”

    Methinks something is rotten in the state of Denmark…

    1. Paddyswurds 18 Aug 2012, 2:45am

      Methinks something is seriously wrong with your cognitive faculties,ifyou really believe that of Denmark and the Red Cross. seriously I do….. This is nothing more than migrant workers trying it on to get a toe hold in Europe and then it’s on to England or Ireland to sponge off the hard pressed taxpayers. This is exactly the same ruse used by the Russian so called “trans” in Sweden some time ago.

      1. As a ‘hard pressed taxpayer’ you don’t talk to me. Feck off back under your bridge. I would rather help these poor people and say cut the budget for trident than turn them away.

        1. Paddyswurds 18 Aug 2012, 11:47am

          another spit and run troll.
          “As a ‘hard pressed taxpayer’ you don’t talk to me”….probably not as you sound like one of those same spongers. hat forsaken hole on the planet have you crawled out og to sponge off the taxpayers?

        2. Paddyswurds 18 Aug 2012, 11:49am

          Another spit and run troll.
          “As a ‘hard pressed taxpayer’ you don’t talk to me”….probably not as you sound like one of those same spongers. What forsaken hole on the planet have you crawled out of to sponge off the taxpayers?

      2. I notice you have what looks like the labour rose as your icon. Surely it should be the swastika.

        1. Paddyswurds 18 Aug 2012, 8:09pm

          You are as ill informed about the Labour rose as you are about life generally. Obviously it has nothing to do with Labour as Labours rose Avatar is red. and my AVATAR is pink…… If you don’t know the difference between an icon and an avatar you really should not be left without adult supervision for more than seven and a half seconds.

  13. I just cannot believe they placed her in a male ward…why is it so hard for some people to accept that trans women are women?

    1. LunaGuerra 20 Aug 2012, 4:02am

      Huumm,maybe because women were not born with penises…

      1. Katie Kool-eyes 20 Aug 2012, 11:43am

        what about intersexed people?

  14. Helge Vladimir Tiller 20 Aug 2012, 9:39am

    I feel angry and ashamed. In Norway- as long as I can remember, we have always thought of Denmark as a safe haven for LGBT-persons. In my childhood, gay people- like myself-went to this country to have a touch of freedom and continental life ! ( I’m a pensioner.) Shame on you, Denmark ! Stop this inhuman treatment of Fernanda, our SISTER !!!

    1. Thank you Helga – if only all people accepted us the way you do, the world would be a far better and safer place xx

  15. Helge Vladimir Tiller 20 Aug 2012, 10:56am

    I can vividly remember my first trip to Copenhagen. That was in 1958- I was 17 by then. What a pleasant surprise . I could walk from one gay cafe to another-choose a quiet place,- and if I felt full of energy, I could enter a disco. The centre of the City was a “heaven” of acceptance we did not dare to dream about in Norway. Denmark-DO NOT forget your past-You had a lovely heart, beating for people like me. Wake up ! Let Your Heart beat for Fernanda-

  16. Helge Vladimir Tiller 20 Aug 2012, 12:30pm

    Sorry, a recollection mistake ! ( I’m getting old- ) : Not a “disco” as we describe it today; but rather a cafe with popular music. Gay discos came a few years later. Gay-friendly places popped up in Denmark in the 50ies and the 60ies.! All the best to you-

  17. There has now been a petition started to try and persuade the Danish authorities from deport her. The original petition is in Danish, but with the help of Google translate, you can read it here in English

  18. Helge Vladimir Tiller 21 Aug 2012, 8:35am

    THANK YOU, carol s, I’ve just signed.
    Love from Norway!

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