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Saudi government objects to ‘.gay’ domain name endings

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Reader comments

  1. Many people find the Saudi government offensive.

    1. Paddyswurds 15 Aug 2012, 4:48pm

      Everyone finds the vile Saudi’s offensive D. including their own people.

  2. I really don’t think the Saudi government is in any position whatsoever to talk about gender equality.

  3. shock horror because there isn’t porn on the internet already … lol

  4. ‘undermines gender equality’….ahahahahahahahahahahaha. In Saudi they wouldn’t know the meaning of equality if it smacked them in the head!

    1. …or rammed them up the arse!

  5. Saudi Arabia is one of the few last Religious dictatorships on this earth, and until they disappear in their current form, should be treated as nothing less than a virus.

    1. Paddyswurds 15 Aug 2012, 4:51pm

      Can’t wait for their oil to run dry. Then what ? Before long they will be out with the begging bowl or selling sand lol!

  6. The Saudis taking through their arse, as usual.

  7. Dave North 15 Aug 2012, 3:07pm

    I see.

    So this backward theocracy is trying to dictate to the West who invented computers / the Internet etc, how it should be run.

    Once the oil runs out you will all be back in your tents fighting amongst one another about who’s god is real.

    1. Actually the wealthy ones will be living in places like London, using the money they have been stashing away for years. The poor will carry on living in this hell hole of traditional values.

  8. A, J,Mainland 15 Aug 2012, 3:18pm

    It was so lovely to see them participate in our Olympic games, they obviously learned so much.

  9. “gender equality”? That’d be preventing women from driving would it, as one of so many examples? Treating women as inferior in so many spheres. Yes, god forbid that a ‘gay’ domain should interfere with that.

  10. Cardinal Capone 15 Aug 2012, 3:55pm

    Why would they object? It makes it easier for them to filter them out.

    If gay news sites start using a .gay extension, it will reduce their likelihood of being viewed in many countries.

  11. OK. The thing is, I object to Saudi Arabia.

  12. Agree with the comments about the “Saudi” regime.

    Apart from that, these extra Top Level Domains are a waste of time and will only be used to screw more money out of all website owners by encouraging defensive registrations, while confusing users at the same time.

    For example PinkNews will need to register Pink.News, PinkNews.News, PinkNews,Pink, PinkNews.Gay – the list goes on and on.

    There are already many little-known TLDs such as .aero, .museum, .coop which are hardly used. These TLDs do actually have strict rules on who can register, for example only a legitimate museum can register a .museum domain whereas an antiques dealer can not.

    I am not sure the same high standards will apply to these new TLDs.

    People will still trust .com, .org or their national domains more than any of these new ones.

  13. I find most websites ending in .sa to be completely offensive and inappropriate. Let’s band them instead.

  14. If they find it so offensive, why not have all Saudi Arabian ISPs ban the domain name, and any websites that include it?
    Rather than seeking to impose their less than agreeable theology upon the rest of the internet using world.

    1. Bill (Scotland) 15 Aug 2012, 11:22pm

      That is certainly the correct response to this nonsense. If they wish to make even more of a laughing-stock of themselves, so be it. I lived in Saudi Arabia for a while so am aware just how much of a disjointed society it is – if you send/allow people of either sex to be educated in western countries (such as the U.S.or the UK) then you must expect some of them to absorb our ‘evil’ ways – a young woman cruising along a California free-way won’t easily accept being forbidden to drive when she returns home – nor should she. Even when I lived there quite a few years ago some young couples who had been educated abroad found it very difficult to accept the restrictions when they returned home. This country is undoubtedly a powder-keg sometime as it has so many internal contradictions.

  15. Saudi Arabia is an unitary Islamic
    absolute monarchy with legislation by the king’s decree; in other words, what the king says goes. I find that objectional beyond all else.

  16. Interesting that they are not objecting to .oilcartel .misogyny or .theocracy

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