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Mennonite pastor charged with aiding kidnapping in same-sex child custody dispute

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Reader comments

  1. For heaven’s sake Pink News.

    Why don’t you hire someone to work an evening shift so you can publish these US stories in the evening when your US audience is awake and duringf the day publish stories relevantr to a UK audience?

    This story is completely dull and irrelevant to a UK based audience except in the sense that it confirms that religious people are weirdo freaks.

    Is there really NOTHING happening in Europe today?

    Or have you decided that your editorial policy is simply to cut and paste US articles the day AFTER they appeared on a US website?

    1. Actually, this IS old news. PinkNews reports that the pastor was “charged” and that the trial continues when in fact he was convicted YESTERDAY and the trial is OVER. He now awaits sentencing.

    2. As someone living in the United States, I read Pink News primarily because it’s such an excellent LGBT news source, and 365gay News was shut down. I’m not impressed with most American LGBT news sources – they are either too corporate-run and quickly vanished with corporate troubles/reshufflings (as 365gay did – they still love publishing LGBT entertainment/gossip news though), or too blatantly unworksafe (I want something my already-gay-friendly family members will actually feel comfortable reading). Pink News is just right.

  2. dAVID, although I agree with you sometimes about too many US stories, this is a story that I remember well and I’m very glad that Pink News has this update for us.

  3. I’m really glad that this man has been charged. I just wish it meant that Ms Jenkins was able to get access to her daughter. It’s disgusting when parents use their children as weapons to hurt the other parent.

    I also find it very disturbing that this child is being raised in a religious group where apparently you can simply ‘renounce’ who you are. What effect will this have on the child’s relationship with her other mother? What brainwashing is she receiving?

    1. Its not Miss Jenkin’s child, Its Miss Miller’s. Miss Miller is the Natural mother, Miss Jenkin’s is not the natural father. Can a child have two mothers?
      This case clearly shows that gay unions really do wreak havoc on the social order.
      Now I know that if you are gay, that may perplex you, but you cannot fit a square peg in a round hole to fit perfectly, you may get it partially in but it will look out of place.
      Now I fully sympatise with lonelieness of a gay person who longs for a fufilling union based on sexual attraction, but the same might be said of a lonely hetrosexual who cannot find a marriage partner.
      ” Some are born that way, others are made that way by man(kind), whilst others live chastely for the sake of the kingdom of God, all who can accept this should try to accept this” Jesus Christ
      Now it seems from these words Jesus fully understood the struggle gay people experience and so He wishes and does help them to carry their cross, because He is love itself.

  4. dAVID…please be quiet Dear….there are adults present.

    1. Don’t you think that hiring someone for the evening shift (or alternatively creating a specific US section) would prevent all these dreary, irrelevant US stories appearing on UK news feeds.

      I mean Pink News publishes these stories the day AFTER they appear on US websites so it’s not like these are even news stories any more.

      It is simply regurgitating old news, and news with very little interest or relevance to a country like the UK which is not as primitively religious as the US

  5. Cardinal Capone 15 Aug 2012, 12:02pm

    “God Hates Figs”

    – Mark 11: “In the morning, as they went along, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots. Peter remembered and said to Jesus, “Rabbi, look! The fig tree you cursed has withered!”

    I think we should ask why the righteous are not doing more to rid the world of the menace of figs. Why do they spend so much energy persecuting gay people and their families?

  6. And if you’re going to report on American stories PLEASE get them right.

    I don’t know if “charged” means something different in the UK than it does here in America but in America he was “charged” with kidnapping over a year ago. Yesterday he was CONVICTED, in court, and now awaits sentencing.

    Pardon me if “charged” in England is the same as “convicted” in America. I sincerely doubt it though. The difference in this report is significant.

    1. “Charged” and “convicted” mean just the same in the UK, Hayden – and thank you for that update. I’m pleased he was convicted. Do let us know if you hear what the sentence is as you seem more on the ball than PN regarding this :D

      1. Thanks for the clarification Iris. I know that terminology is often different in America than it is in the UK. I wanted to make sure, just in case, that everyone understood that he was convicted. In America the police arrest, then the State lays charges, then a Grand Jury indicts and then a court, (judge or judge and jury) convicts, sometimes a year or more after the defendant is first charged with a crime.

        The sentencing should happen within a week. I’ll try to update as soon as I hear.

        1. First update below! :)

          1. Thank you :)

  7. I fail to see why this should raise a discussion on same-sex parenting though.
    It simply are two parents, who both happen to be women, in a child custody case.

    At the time their daughter was born they both took on a legal role as parent and they should be treated as such. Legal parent, not women, not lesbians or ‘someone formerly engaged in a lesbian relationship’. This really should have nothing to do with their gender (or their religion for that matter).

    That one woman denounces her former lesbian relationship and has an apparent religious fringe backing her is her issue. Neither the other mother nor the courts have anything to do with that.

    It seems the court is recognising this though, luckily.

  8. “The trial continues” – oops! . Shoulda been: “Sentencing is awaited.”

    This case deserves wide attention.

    Isabella is still missing. Lisa Miller is on the run – and people are helping her. These people may have broken the law (like Mr Miller); more importantly, they are keeping Isabella from one of her parents.

    Importantly, Ms Jenkins was able to persuade Virginia, an anti-gay jurisdiction, to respect the decisions of Vermont. This does not set a precedent for international cases (the PKPA law on inter-state jurisdiction applied), but it lays down a significant marker. Why has Nicaragua done nothing?

    Finally, anti-gay campaigner Bryan Fischer has claimed (without evidence) that Isabella was abused by Ms Jenkins, and that Mr Miller and others assisting the kidnapping are running an “underground railroad” like the network which helped slaves to escape in the 19th century – inciting kidnapping, libelling Ms Jenkins, and offending African-Americans.

  9. The news here is that Ms Jenkins is now suing Rev. Miller, her ex, and a businessman who bankrolled them for unspecified damages over the kidnapping.

    Hopefully Rev. Miller’s church, and the others who helped Lisa Miller, will reassess their Christian duty now that their pocketbooks are under threat.

  10. Miguel Sanchez 15 Aug 2012, 3:09pm

    What’s sad about this is the child is stuck in a foreign country probably being told one of her parents is evil. I wonder if Nicaragua will order the both of them to leave.

    I hope the State Department gets involved here.

  11. As promised to Iris, here’s the latest update.

    The lesbian mom is suing a number of right-wing, anti-gay, fundamentalist Christian individuals, organizations and even a church under a legal provision for fighting organized crime!

    It’s about time someone took these criminals on directly!

    1. Thank you for that, Hayden. I totally agree with your last sentence there – these people need to be sued or, preferably, prosecuted.

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Aug 2012, 5:11pm

    Wait for the religious freaks to start ranting and playing the victim card.

    1. Why do you call religious people ” freaks”? From what I see, we, the religious, have the defense of the common good, as the basis for our objections. Religious people believe all people are from God and are made in the image of the Creator. We protest against behaviours which anger God and threaten the wrong doer’s eternal happiness.
      But of course if you deny the existence of God, then my argument don’t make sense to you?
      If you want to prove the existence of God, there is the intellectual starting point, but if you want to see God, then one must purify one’s heart. How? Love. Love purifies the heart. Seek Love and you will find God.
      I read that yesterday in Pope Benedict’s book, ” Jesus of Nazereth”

  13. The hubris of tht cleric to think he could participate in a kidnapping with impunity. What’s his defense, God made me do it? He belongs in jail becuase he’s a danger to children. I”m sure in jail he’ll be provided with lots of opportunities to get on his knees…..

  14. I kind of feel sorry for Ms Miller. She’s obviously mentally unstable and in need of psychiatric help. I really feel sorry for the child though. No child should ever have to go through this sort of thing.

  15. who is the natural mother tho? Who ever is the natural mother has the right to sole custody true.

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