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Gay-friendly San Francisco church denies drag queen ban

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Reader comments

  1. If Pastor Brian Costello has such a limited view and understanding of the gay community, then why would he be installed in a church in one of the most well-known gay communities in the United States? It certainly speaks to the hatred and disrespect that the Catholic church has for gays.

  2. Firstly, obviously agree they shouldn’t be denied entry. But just as a general question. What’s the thing about drag queens? Are the important in the gay community? If so why?

    1. For example, Drag queens were the major catalyst in the Stonewall Riots.

  3. I agree that if your using a church space you have to be respectful of their faith. So drag queens allowed but the adult humour they are known for would be innappropriate. Its just a case of common sense.

  4. given that the catholic church is RUN by men in dresses thats a bit hypocritical really…

  5. How about a compromise where nobody is allowed to wear a frock that’s flashier than the priest’s?

    Seriously, though… why anyone still believes the medieval nonsense of the Roman church, or even pays it lip service, is entirely beyond me.

  6. sodomykills 16 Aug 2012, 3:12am

    More vile campaigning from the restless homosexual activist lobby, this is simply unnatural, god intended it to be one man, one woman, and that is the way it will forever remain. This infringes upon our rights as Christians and heterosexuals.

    1. boring, next

    2. “god” (what, no capital letter?) intended “it” (what is “it”?) to be “one man, one woman”? Presumably you mean “marriage”? Is this article actually about that institution? In any case, the truth is that “marriage” predated both the Christian religions and the formulation by a certain, mostly illiterate and superstitious, desert tribe of the concept of the “one God/god” you believe exists. Picking up, however, your reference “one man, one woman”, you would need to complete that with the words, “to the exclusion of all others”. I’d guess the churches would be pretty empty if all the adulterers, all the divorcees, all those living together but not married, all those married civilly but not religiously, etc, etc were excluded. You title yourself “sodomykills”, that’s about as factual as everything else you write. Why not research the millions killed in the name of “God/god” and of religion and perhaps change your monicker to something reflecting real truth, perhaps “religionkills”

  7. catholic church and its limited services for lgbt, its like tesco express

  8. Does the Bible even mention drag queens? Or men dressing in women’s clothing? Or women dressing in men’s clothing?

    1. I would have to look it up, but I think cross-dressing is a Levitical taboo. You know, like eating pork or having dinner with an Egyptian, or allowing a woman to live if she fails to report being raped.

  9. Anyone who uses the facilities of the Church of Rome for LGBT related events is mad. That church is the enemy of our rights and any LGBT person supporting or co-operating with it is a traitor.

    There are very few things in life that are that simple, but this is one of them.

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