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Thousands join campaign to oppose American Scouts’ anti-gay policy

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Reader comments

  1. Why would you do a whole article and not have a link to the campaign?! Infuriating!

    1. Fr. Mike Donaghy 15 Aug 2012, 2:46am

      I agree totally Jaryd …. what you say is right ….but Jon has posted Link later… scroll through the following to find it …..

      Thanks for being so cute!

  2. Here’s a better idea.

    Why doesn’t some enterprising individual create a similar organisation which is not religious, and which is not discriminatory.

    Trying to get religious cults or religious groups to change is an utter waste of time.
    They need to be marginalised and replaced by secular organisations.

  3. It’s impressive that Tim Griffin’s manager, and nine other employees, all resigned in support of their sacked colleague. And it’s equally impressive that Alex Hayes has spoken up to tell the public that the Golden Empire Council is lying.

    The Boy Scouts of America Scout Law begins:
    A Scout is trustworthy, loyal…

    Mr Hayes and Mr Griffin apparently understand the values for which Scouting is supposed to stand.

    Meanwhile the example set for youngsters by the Golden Empire Council is: betray your employees and lie about it.

  4. Cardinal Capone 14 Aug 2012, 2:36pm

    In America they claim that the scouts are a private organisation, therefore they can discriminate. But it clearly really is a public organisation, particularly if it has the US President as its honorary president through his public official capacity.

    I feel sorry for young members who spend their lives growing up in the movement, only to be thrown out if they realise they are gay and are honest about it ( as they are taught to be).

    Thankfully it is a different story in other countries.

  5. the petition cannot be accessed here!!!

    1. Well the story is a US one and Pink News simply copies and pastes US based storied from (among others) without checking the relevance for their UK based audience.

      However we should all support Pink News in its effort to become the USA’s 24th largest LGBT news website.

    1. Fr. Mike Donaghy 15 Aug 2012, 12:34am

      Thanks for this really important link Jon … I signed the petition and passed it on to my friends. You are a Star! I hope everyone notices this link and signs the petition.

      1. Jon "maddog" Hall 15 Aug 2012, 2:25pm

        Thanks for the kudos, Fr. Mike! And thank you for giving your support to the petition.

  6. Staircase2 14 Aug 2012, 7:31pm

    It would be good to have the UK Scout Association add a positive voice to this campaign.

    1. Fr. Mike Donaghy 15 Aug 2012, 12:46am

      I agree. I shall appeal for help from my friends (in Westminster) in the UK Scout Association. We should show our support for Tim Griffin and our stance against homophobia in the UK to support the struggle of our LGBT friends in the USA. I get the same homophobic crap as a priest.

  7. We also have this whole issue with the salvation army denying gay workers! Like really? You thrive on the donations of people to run your charitable organization but will ban gays because apparently we have no place in society?

  8. Still no link.

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