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Report on homophobia in schools to be launched in Manchester

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Reader comments

  1. Pink Triangle Theatre have been constantly trying to communicate with Oldham City Council and contacting schools in the Manchester and greater Manchester area about this very issue for a long time.
    Their pleas have gone unheard.
    Homophobia has always been a problem in schools, and now we are finally waking up to it.
    Everyone at PTT works tirelessly to ensure that more IS done to protect kids in schools.
    It’s about time our governments took notice. These are our children!

    It’s fine writing a report on something, but what are they REALLY doing about it?

  2. there was a story about a another charity doing work in schools and I queried why when we already have great organisations already such as Schools Out


  3. So, when the sponsor, SchoolsOut describes itself as working against both homophobia and transphobia, and an EHRC survey found trans children were by far the worst bullied, with most teachers unsympathetic too, how come this report is (according to this story) only on homophobia?

    Could it be because it was done by the teachers, who the EHRC found were largely unsympathetic?

  4. I think it’s because the term ‘homophobia’ is often used as a word to encompass all gender-non-conformity bullying.

    1. Well that would be erasing the particular, and worse problems for trans children, wouldn’t it? Which is what Stonewall does by its anti-bullying work, where it never mentions trans children, whilst saying homophobic bullying is the worst. And its what the head of the Irish anti-homophobic bullying group did when helping launch IDAHOAT in Paris this year. It has to stop.

      The government actually does have separate transphobic-bullying-in-schools guidance, which some people seem to be trying to erase. And these may be the same people who have always maintained trans people are just gays and lesbians who have “gone too far”, or that all trans kids will turn out gay, and so deny us acceptance and medical intervention.

      An anti-bullying initiative that labels a T->F kid “gay” is labeling a girl as a boy, which is highly abusive. If they then make the kid feel it isn’t allowed to disagree because that would be homophobic, it is doubly abusive. A gay boy is not a girl, is he!

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