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Marriage equality on the cards for Taiwan

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Reader comments

  1. I watched a news video of this and they made a lovely couple. I hope Taiwan does implement marriage equality. I also found it nice that this was a Buddhist ceremony – a refreshing change from other bigotted religions trying to denigrate us and deny us rights.

  2. GingerlyColors 15 Aug 2012, 7:11am

    With the exception of Malaysia, there seems to be a lot of good news coming out of south-east Asia nowadays. We had the Supreme Court decision in New Delhi that struck down India’s outdated laws freeing the world’s second largest population of gay people from the risk of arrest. Then there is the great progress being made in Nepal, and recently Vietnam has started talking about marriage equality. Now Taiwan seems to be joining the race to become the first Asian country to introduce gay marriage. Next year Burma will hold elections and it is likely that the current regime will respect the outcome (unlike last time) and step aside for a democratic government. In such an event I hope the first item on the Burmese agenda will be the decriminalization of homosexuality.

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