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Thousands gather in Dublin for marriage equality march

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Reader comments

  1. “Marriage equality could be legislated for tomorrow, if there was the political will to do so. A number of eminent lawyers have publicly stated that a referendum is not necessary. Nowhere in our Constitution is marriage defined as being between a man and a woman.”

    I agree 100%.

    The idea that there could be a referendum on whether or not a law-abiding, tax-paying minority group deserves equal civil rights is utterly obscene and abhorrent.

    It is time for GLEN to make a statement condemninig the homophobic lie that equal civil rights should be decided by popular vote.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Aug 2012, 12:21pm

    I find it very interesting that Ireland, Australia and elsewhere have demonstrations for marriage equality and we do nothing in England and Wales. Could it be apathy, laziness, indifference or all three I wonder? It isn’t good enough to sit back and let politicians do the ground work. We need to be more participatory and pro-active to make sure we get what every straight person is entitled to at birth, the right to marry.

  3. @Robert in S Kensington I agree with you whole heartedly. And it would be good to see a concerted effort and a show of solidarity as a positive step forward to help push legislation forward a tad faster than its present pace.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Aug 2012, 2:55pm

      Indeed, wildseas. I’d like to see regular demonstrations with some celebrities taking part. I’m sure with the amount of young people supporting equal marriage, particularly those at Uni, it would make such a significant impact and further the cause to legislate and pass it. Of course, I’ve no doubt our opponents would counter it with their own response, although I think the turnout for them would be much lower. Bigots never like to be exposed in public.

      I remember when the American Proposition 8 campaign started in California to overturn equal marriage, the bigots were running scared when it became known that their names would be published in the interests of free and public referenda. Hate groups such as NOM et al protested of course pretending it was an issue of security that their names not be displayed for all to see. Come to think of it, I would like to see the list of names of the C4M/CI petition published in full.

      1. Hey guys, I don’t know that demonstrations are especially necessary in the UK. Scotland have already said they will legislate for it once the required changes to the equality act are agreed with the UK government. Also the Government in the UK has said it plans to go ahead and legislate for it too. The problem with Ireland is that we have an outstanding supreme court challenge against the interpretation of the constitution, which does not directly define marriage as between a man and a woman, but for which the legal precedent for that interpretation has been established and thus defended in lower courts. The government are refusing to legislate as a result of this in case it is viewed as unconstitutional later on following a challenge. I think this is cowardly and shows them to be lagging public opinion on this matter. They wish to put it to a popular vote which is extremely demeaning, but as our constitution can only be changed by a referendum, may, unfortunately, just be necessary.

        1. Paddyswurds 15 Aug 2012, 1:30am

          Actually the Irish government has stated that the question is being forward as priority to the Constitutional Review which takes place in December and will make changes to the Constitution afterwards if necessary. However it would appear that affirmation by the Review that the constitution was not intended on making marriage between men and women only and will not require a referendum to affirm this.

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