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Ten out gay Olympians win gold at London 2012 Games

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Reader comments

  1. How many medals were for individual competitors ie medals won for individual performance instead of being a member of a team?

    1. What difference does that make? They stil performed at world beating levels.

      1. I don’t think dAVID’s comment questioned the performance of the athletes. Rather, I think he was making the point that when comparing total gay medals to Mexico and other countries it’s unfair to count all the medals of members of one team, like the multiple medals of lesbians on the Dutch field hockey team, while not doing the same for each of the members of the Mexican men’s football team.

        There again, if all the medals won by gay people, out and closeted, then we would probably rank among the top five or ten countries, even if we only counted one medal per team.

  2. Trans athletes? Citation needed. Perhaps you mean LGB?

    1. It’s also unclear how many of those named are openly Bi, but that seems to annoy you less for some strange reason. Obsessive much?

      Sadly, Keelin Godsey didn’t qualify. He would have been the only openly Trans athlete. He’s only 28, tho, so hope we see him at Rio.

      1. I am guessing that the whole issue of trans athletes is hugely difficult for an IOC still immovable on separating the sexes for contest. Keelin can compete because he has had no hormones or gender reassignment and he competes as a woman. But what would the outcome be fire a gender reassigned athlete who had undergone hormone treatment?

        1. Its not that difficult; they wrote a policy some years ago by which someone who transitions before puberty is recognised as their true sex, and those who transition later are recognised when they are post surgery and on hormones for 2 years, if they are legally recognised in their home country, and if they have qualified for the games in the same sex category.

          Obviously there are big problems there for some who might wish to compete. Those who don’t want surgery, those from countries that don’t recognise a change of sex (like Thailand), and those who want to compete as their original sex after transitioning. But the rules do say people will be considered individually.

          The 2 years on hormones rule is more than fair though, since regular exercise (which a potential Olympian would certainly get) would maintain most of the original muscle and bone mass in a T->F athlete.

  3. Well done! We are proud of you. More LGBT sports people should come out and show the world what real champions you are.

  4. I think what this statistic represents is not so much how awesome team gay are (tho they are pretty awesome lol) but how success defines acceptance. It must be easier to come out when you have a realistic chance of getting gold cos its the gold that grabs the headline. “Successful gay” doesn’t make quite the same headlines as “catastrophic pansy”. I suspect that had every gay olympian been an openly gay olympian the % medal haul of team gay would have been lower.

    I wish the sporting fraternity could embrace their athletes for their talents regardless of their sexuality and not just be accepting when the athlete becomes a champion.

    Every single one of them is more talented in their field than i will ever be and gay or not, out or not, they deserve to feel proud of themselves and admired by the rest of us.

  5. “Over a third of all out LGBT athletes won a medal, beating off the USA team.”

    I wasn’t aware they we’re giving out medals for that, I might have to’ try my hand’ at qualifying for Rio.

    1. I was thinking the same. I wonder if it will be divided into “heats”.

      English is such a tricky language!

  6. Very proud indeed.

  7. GingerlyColors 14 Aug 2012, 7:16am

    We have the Paralympic Games to look forward to and we hope that LGBT athletes among them will add to the Gold Medal haul. Then we have the Commonweath Games which will be hosted by Glasgow in 2014 to come. Although 54 sovereign nations make up the Commonwealth, 71 nations will be eligable to compete, these include the four home countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland plus overseas territories and dependencies. Unfortunately over half these countries and territories still criminalize homosexuality and therefore their future participation in the Commonwealth Games should be questioned.

  8. Rather a sexist picture PN chose for this story, with the sportswoman’s boobs at the centre and forming the main contents.

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