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Homophobic slur made on gay-friendly Midwestern church

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  1. A golf ball?! What a bloody coward! This totally smells of knee-jerk reaction by someone not even able to debate their ‘point’. What a joke of a human being this person is.

  2. I agree with Ali. This person who obviously is a bigoted hater does not even have the courage to stand up for their belief, wrong though I believe it is. Coward, be sure and brag to your ‘friends ‘maybe they will “out ” you.

  3. Cardinal Capone 14 Aug 2012, 12:52am

    Well they know where to start looking. The clubhouse of the local golf club. The thickest member with ink on their fingers. It doesn’t take Miss Marple to solve it.

  4. A church paying the price for standing where it should be standing.

  5. Religion in the American hinterland is pervasively homophobic and this shabby incident shows how courageous this church is. I hope it has the support and strength to carry on in spite of this sort of incident and worse.

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