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George Michael performs at London 2012 closing ceremony

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Reader comments

  1. Freedom sounded good. Although why did he mime his new song?

    1. I agree , he started strongly then went down hill miming (badly) to his new song. Surely he could muster up the strength to actually sing 2 songs …. Not too much to ask is it ? If singing was an Olympic event I think he would have gone out in the first round , shame. On the flip side take that were great – Gary Barlow is a true star

  2. Does anyone know the designer of the outfit George was wearing tonight?

  3. great to have George back he as so much to offer – I don’t mind he mimed, we know he can sing. I would love to hear Victoria beck sing live without auto tune

    1. So you are comparing George Michael with Victoria Beckham – I rest my case

  4. NutjobsareeverywheretheUNtoo 13 Aug 2012, 1:03am

    Well done george it all went very downhill after you !! Did we not have enough singers actually alive to fill the show!! What a charade! Absolute rubbish

  5. From America and the World, THANK YOU GREAT BRITAIN AND LONDON for a SPECTACULAR Olympics! You did your country, city and people very proud! Jolly good show! I’m proud to be a grandson of Britain.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Aug 2012, 3:30pm

      Thank you, Hayden. I thought it was brilliantly done. Arguably one of the most creative yet unusual opening ceremonies and a spectacular closing. Eat your words, Mitt Romney!

  6. Awesome. Loved it immensely. Hope a CD comes out with all the music played at the closing ceremony.

    I was dancing to some of the songs and it only 6.30am here.

    Thought George might have been on too early, but would not miss it for the world.

  7. Fantastic show and loved Georges rendition of Freedom

  8. GingerlyColors 13 Aug 2012, 10:22am

    What a fantastic show the Closing Ceremony was! We had our doubts whether we could pull it off when we were awarded the Games in 2005 and wondered if we were ever to get London ready on time – the Greeks were still working on their facilities as the atheletes arrived for the 2004 Olympiad. There were the usual scandals about corruption and the farce involving G4S but right from the Opening Ceremony through our best Gold Medal haul since 1908 to last night we have managed to stage The Greatest Show On Earth. The fun is not over just yet as we have the real heroes take to the track and field in the Paralympics and hopefully the Olympic Park will host a future Gay Games.
    It is nice to see George Michael, a gay man of Greek heritage, the country that gave the World the Olympics, play his part in last nights extravaganza and during the Opening Ceremony we were treated to the Pet Shop Boys. I am sad to hear about Gary Barlow’s loss but glad that he could perform with his Take That mates.

  9. Great show! I even enjoyed the bands I’m not so keen on as the atmosphere there was fantastic! Nice to see Annie Lennox too.

  10. Too many highlights to mention but George was one of them…looking great and sounding better…he was so having fun. John Lennon and Freddie on video…inspiring! Annie Lennox…Ed Sherran…Spice Girls…Ray Davies…the list went on and on. Well done GB…very very well done indeed.

  11. Good to have you back, George :-)

  12. Shame on George for plugging his latest single…. this was the Olympic Closing Ceremony not the Graham Norton Show!

    1. I agree not the time or place especially as he could nt even sing it ! He should have sang ( live ) another classic

      1. ‘Time or place’ my arse – why the fcvk shouldn’t he sing his new single? If you wanted Karaoke perhaps you should have gone out on the (old school) gay scene for the evening instead…

  13. ticketyboo. 14 Aug 2012, 4:42pm

    glad he is now okay again, but hated the fact he used the ceremony to plug his new song…huge Mistake Michael,,and yes ofcourse he mimed…:(

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