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Equalities Office to look into Boris Johnson’s @Out4Marriage video pledge

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Reader comments

  1. He’s kinda had the Olympics to deal with he’s a bit of a busy bloke lol

    1. Not to mention dangling from a zip line ;)

      1. That was impressive! lol Would like to see Cameron try this! lol

  2. Henry Lamprecht 13 Aug 2012, 12:29am

    He has been rather busy entertaining the millions… Perhaps we can cut him some slack! I’m sure he’ll get around to it once things are a bit quieter!

    1. I’m not so sure. Even as politicians go, he’s not very trustworthy

  3. Months? 27 June to 13 August is hardly “months”! Sure it would be nice of Boris to support gay marriage in a video but frankly after such a fantastic and inspirational Olympics I don’t think it’s the top of his priorities

  4. “You can get results” – Am I missing something? What results? All that seems to have happened is that a letter has been sent asking why the video has not been made yet. There is no response to the letter, as yet.

  5. What has the Equalities Office go to do with this? So he said he would do a video, big deal, he hasn’t. Don’t lets throw our toys out of the cot.

    He doesn’t have to do one, his agreement wasn’t official or contractual.

    1. He does not have to do one; but, he is the mayor of a major world city and stated he would, which would warrant any expectation of him being responsible to do it. It is a refletion of him as a person, going to the foundation of whether we could or could not trust him, especially after he could not be bother to appear at London Pride.

      1. Sister Mary Clarence 13 Aug 2012, 12:53pm

        “he could not be bother to appear at London Pride”

        In view of the ham-fisted debacle that the Pride committee turned it into again, you can’t blame him?

        There are no doubt thousands of people all over London who would like the Mayor to do whatever for them now and not have to wait. The reality is though that sometimes we do have to wait. Boris has probably got more on his plate now than at any other time is his career and it kind of looks a bit ugly that ‘campaigner’ Tom Kirkpatrick thinks he can bulldoze through what most people can see probably isn’t the Mayor’s greatest priority.

    2. Mike

      “his agreement wasnt official or contractual”

      Shows what Boris’s promises are made of!

  6. There does not seem to have been enough time to judge him for this quite yet, however, he has not exactly followed through on promises to us before. Shall wait and see.

  7. Well there hasn’t BEEN a response has there? Let’s face it- an O4M video only takes a few minutes to make- its obvious- having thought about it- for one reason or another- he’s not keen on doing one.

    1. Spanner1960 13 Aug 2012, 10:37am

      “Only takes a few minutes to make”?
      You obviously have no clue as to how professional video broadcasts are made.
      Apart from writing the script, getting it organised, finding directors, lighting, cameramen, sound engineers, makeup, hair, etc etc, plus all the graphics, editing, music, clearance – What were you expecting, a wobbly endorsement on Boris’s iPhone?

      1. Most of the other O4M videos don’t have all those bells and whistles, they are indeed more like wobbly endorsements on iPhones !

        And being off the cuff rather than off the autocue, they are every bit as effective if not more so.

        I’d rather have a BorisPhone video now than a 3D HD CinemaScope one later or never.

  8. It is clearly not a priority for him. If he is forced or shamed into it, that’s one thing but I don’t believe he is particularly sympathetic. As far as I am concerned he has made his point in hanging back. And what’s it got to do with the Olympics? He’s had plenty of time.

    1. Excuse me? The man has been dealing with having THE OLYMPICS going on in the city he is supposed to be leading! What, do you think all he has to do is sit back and let the Olympic Commitee handle it all? Sorry, Son, I don’t think so! And if it’s only been a month or so since the exchange about the video happened, I think he can be given a little slack, considering the OLYMPICS only just ended!

  9. Who cares?

    He’s the mayor of London – he has no control over whether or not the CP Apartheid regime is replaced with equality.

    AND he’s a Tory so he probably supports Apartheid.

  10. Like so many of Boris’ LGBT promises they are promised and rarely delivered.

  11. Craig Nelson 13 Aug 2012, 9:20am

    Maybe the Equalities Office could look into Boris’s lost LGBT manifesto.

    Hasn’t the penny dropped? He wants to be PM and wants support from people unhappy with the current leadership.

    Therefore one should not hold one’s breath. It isn’t coming.

    1. He wants to be PM?

      He’d make Britain the laughing stock of the world if he did.

      A proud nation should not be ruled by the village idiot.

      1. Spanner1960 13 Aug 2012, 10:38am

        He would still do a damn sight better than Blair, Brown or even Cameron for that matter.

        1. Boris is just like Brown and thats the problem from what Ive seen hes quite a nice likeable guy but I wouldn’t put him in charge of the country.

        2. Cardinal Capone 14 Aug 2012, 1:30am

          I get the feeling he might just let everyone get on with it, and spend his time elsewhere.

  12. Boris has done a couple of positive things that affirm support for LGBT people, including banning the homophobic bus adverts and appearing at Pride, (though not this year).

    But he does seem to have a tendency to give assurances on the hoof to the LGBT community that don’t always materialise.

    The promised pre-mayoral election equalities/LGBT manifesto never appeared.

    Now the same has happened to the Out4Marriage video.

    It’s disrespectful for politicians to take sections of their electorate for granted. It is better not to make promises, than to make them and then not keep them.

    We may be LGBT, but we haven’t got amnesia.

    1. Well seeing as only 9% of the LGBT population voted for the Tory Party at the last election, and seeing as so, so many Tory MPs remain neo-fascist homophobic bigots, it’s hardly a surprise that the Tories ignore us.

      Never mind – we can just ignore them right back at election time.

      1. Spanner1960 13 Aug 2012, 10:40am

        Why are they all neo-fascists?
        Are all Labour supporters neo-Marxists?

      2. dAVID

        I can understand your anger towards some Tory MPs and other Tory political candidates. I am a member of the Conservative Party, but I would never vote for an anti-LGBT candidate.

        There are a number of Tory MPs in Parliament who are pig-ignorant as far as LGBT rights are concerned, and they don’t deserve to be MPs.

        However, the problem is not with Conservative Philosophy, but with the pernicious influence of dogmatic Christianity on the historical culture of the Conservative Party. That is what is now disappearing, which is why there is more and more support for LGBT rights in the Conservative Party, with the PM promoting LGBT people as Ministers.

        Conservative Philosophy without the corruption of religion champions personal freedom, a stong and integrated community where civil rights are protected and citizens have equal opportunities, protection of the individual from state interference in privacy, and strong defences against potential enemies. Not very fascistic.

      3. Another thought, dAVID. When you say, “so many Tory MPs remain neo-fascist homophobic bigots,” it raises a problem.

        It is like someone who always calls dogs “lions”, and insists on doing so despite being shown the difference between a dog and a lion. One day, a lion could really turn up in the garden. And when you tell people, they will think it is a dog, go outside, and get eaten.

        When you call those Tory MPs who do not support LGBT equality “neo-fascists,” it is a similar thing. When real neo-fascists come along, who would love to see LGBT, black, Jewish, disabled, and left-wing people beaten up, tortured, put in concentration camps, expelled from the country, or even put to death, then you are left with no word to describe them.

        I wonder what you would do if you had to spend a week locked in one of two houses with different groups of people. One house is populated by Tory MPs who don’t support LGBT rights. The other is populated by skinhead fascist party members. Which one?

  13. Boris has done some great things for LGBT people including acting on the bus advertisements. Boris has been keen to be involved in some LGBT events when they were beneficial to him (eg when he wore the pink cowboy hat to Pride a couple of years back) but not if he anticipated them as problematic (eg his withdrawing from Pride this year and refusing to accept the rescue package offered for Pride).

    Boris has shown himself to make promises to LGBT people e.g the Out4Marriage video and the mysterious LGBT missing manifesto and then fail to deliver.

    But why should we be surprised; of course there have been some areas where he has delivered as Mayor but he has failed on many of his promises.

    He promised that he would:

    * Fix Tube union relations “once and for all” and negotiate a no-strike deal. There have been 20 strikes since 2008 when he made the promise.

    * Stand up for rail passengers to ease overcrowding. Figures show hundreds are forced to stand on commuter services.

    * Help

    1. 200,000 households to install insulation by 2012. Only 8,500 had been insulated by mid 2011 and statistics suggest there has been no advance since.

      * Not cut Police officer numbers. The number of police officers in the MPS has fallen whilst Boris has been Mayor

      * Not to increase the Congestion Charge. It has risen from £8 to £10 whilst Boris has been Mayor.

      * London Underground ticket offices would always be manned – he has cut staff.

      There are many more broken promises.

      Why should the Out4Marriage video be a surprise!

    2. Spanner1960 13 Aug 2012, 10:41am

      Boris IS fixing the tubes. He is bringing in driverless trains.

      1. So much for Boris promising the Underground would be well staffed and safe.

        Driverless trains have been shown to be highly risky

        This does not even begin to deal with how emergencies between stations would no longer be effectively dealt with on driverless trains.

        1. Driverless trains always seem to work fine on the Docklands Light Railway !

          1. Driverless trains on the DLR do not have all the safety risks that are inherent in some of the deep tunnel networks.

          2. @Vince (below)

            Slightly off-topic, but driverless trains always seem to work fine on the DLR going down the deep level tunnel to the Bank !

          3. Interesting point.

            I dont know the full technicalities but I understand that there are safety risks in play that do not exist on the DLR

          4. Spanner1960 14 Aug 2012, 1:13pm

            There are no more safety risks on the tube than the DLR – you are just reading the propaganda and misinformation Bob Crowe and his crownies are spreading around in order to keep their drivers in £50k a year jobs for holding down a fcking handle.

        2. well driverless trains don’t strike at the drop of a hat

          1. Prefer safety myself.

  14. Given that much was made of concepts such as “freedom” “diversity” and “equality” during the games he could hardly refuse or deliberately delay making the video. Could he?

  15. The spot light was on London for the Jubilee and the Olympics but also for the World Pride event, something that is of particular interest to our community.
    The debacle the ensued and failure of Boris to support the event and the broken promise made in his election debate that he would be at world pride leading the march is grounds for us to start to ask questions.
    If he makes a pledge to do something to support our equality he needs to realise that failure to act will cause further concern when he is already being scrutinised about other failures.

  16. Having failed to capitalise on the Olympics, the buffoon’s popularity rates are stalled and trending downwards. Now his PR team is trying to capitalise on some of his fringe voters. Of course, what you won’t see is an explanation for his memorable comparison of homosexuality to bestiality.

  17. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Aug 2012, 12:28pm

    Absolute rubbish! If he can’t multi-task to make a less than five minute video, then he’s not fit for office. Can’t he take five minutes of his time and make one in his own home, it’s not difficult? He’s no more busier than Nick Clegg or Theresa May.

  18. Of course, Boris was the man who said

    “Gay marriage can only ever be a ludicrous parody of the real thing”


    “We don’t want our children being taught some rubbish about homosexual marriage being the same as normal marriage, and that is why I am more than happy to support Section 28”


    “If gay marriage was OK – and I was uncertain on the issue – then I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men; or indeed three men and a dog.”

    And this is a man we expect to make an Out4Marriage video? No wonder he has failed on his promises – his language suggests he does not support LGBT people. Even if he does make a video, would we believe what he said, given his past rampant homophobia?

  19. Ready when you are Boris :-)

  20. Well done to Tom Kirkpatrick for chasing this up

  21. I have been thinking about the situation of Boris Johnson not doing pro-LGBT stuff he has promised, e.g the pre-mayoral election LGBT equalities manifesto and now the Out4Marriage video.

    I can’t help feeling that Boris might be something of a fairweather friend to the LGBT community. He does have “previous” concerning a negative record on supporting LGBT rights. He is being given the opportunity to make amends: after all, people do sometimes realise they have made mistakes, and genuinely change their minds.

    But given that he is being touted as the next Tory Leader by the Eurosceptic Right, who tend (not all) to be opposed to equal marriage, I can’t help wondering whether he is distancing himself from LGBT rights in preparation.

    Whatever the case, I will have lost trust in him until that video appears. More principles, Boris, and less ego, please.

  22. i wouldn’t hold my breath, he promised gay manifesto at the last mayoral elections

  23. Boris only ever supports himself. He doesn’t live up to his promises and never will. He will wait to see how the wind blows then follow the favourable one. Don’t ever expect anymore from him. Yes he should have done a video. Yes it would only take him a few minutes (others do the rest of the work). His commitment to those other than himself or those that can directly further his career is fleeting.

  24. Stephen Kay 13 Aug 2012, 8:27pm

    BJ should just say sorry blame the Olympics and do the short video shoot. I am hoping the excuse is true and BJ should step up or out with a new opinion as voters have a right to know.

  25. I was ashamed of the ugliness of Boris and his hair blonde yesterday, close to the mayor of Rio de Janeiro.

    1. Who cares what he looks like. It’s his policies and his behaviour as mayor that are important. He’s not a disco dolly waiting for someone to chat him up at the bar.

      1. His policies and approach to equality is part of what makes him ugly

  26. As has already been said Boris has been some what busy helping with what has turned out to be an amazing Olympics 2012!!! Give the bloke a break!!!

    Has Cameron done one? Have I missed that one at all? I don’t remember it being mentioned in your list of those who have!

  27. Gerry Cummings 14 Aug 2012, 5:03am

    He lied about the number of police on our streets. He lied about hosting Pride organisers at City Hall & he lied about his Out4Marriage video. Busy with the Olympics my foot. Spend less time in Victoria Park being a media whore & he’d have time to make a 2 minute video. A gay man or lesbian voting Tory is like a turkey voting for Christmas. You can NEVER trust them.

  28. There has to be something wrong with this story. Whether or not the London Mayor makes good a pledge to issue a pro-equal marriage video has nothing to do with the Government Equalities Office, who are the people running the marriage reform proposals that the video maybe would be meant to influence. Perhaps it is the mayor’s own equalities office they mean? Or perhaps the civil servant who wrote the reply just misunderstood and took the letter as another on the subject of equal marriage and forwarded it to the people handling that. Either way, the story has to be wrong, and the claim of some little extra bit of progress silly.

    Equal marriage doesn’t need being bogged down in that sort of silliness. What I want to hear is the current status of those couples Peter Tatchell launched towards the European Court of Human Rights. How are they managing with being denied their marriage/civil partnership licenses?

    1. Not having support from Boris has got to be good news for marriage equalit, surely?

  29. Not having support from Boris has got to be good news for marriage equality, surely?

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