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Journalism student uncovers ‘transphobic and homophobic culture’ at major Australian newspaper

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Reader comments

  1. Amazing how the paper has lodged a complaint as it was not given the right to reply and yet how many times have the printed stories without giving others the same?

  2. The Herald Sun is a Rupert Murdoch newspaper.

    (Which should be a surprise to no-one).

    At least she didn’t hack people’s mobile phones.

  3. New Aussie 11 Aug 2012, 3:07am

    No surprises there then. For those Brits unaware of it, the herald sun is like the sun was before david yelland

  4. PeterinSydney 11 Aug 2012, 12:00pm

    The paper belongs to old Rupert Murdoch, who is hardly known for having any enlightened views on the world.

  5. You have to admire the stone-faced irony of a tabloid paper – all of which thrive on publishing stories without giving the subject the possibility of passing comment – complaining that they weren’t given the chance to comment before publication. Pot, meet your long lost brother black kettle…

  6. It really astounds me just how ignorant some people can be. I say “good job” to the lady who did the expose, she’s certainly made many members of the GLBTQI community heard, it’s that outing of malicious thought that needs to be done.

  7. Totally unsurprising, the Herald Sun is completely biased, and has printed some offensive articles about LGBTIQA groups and events I’ve participated in in the past.

  8. Sad to say, as journalism runs in the family, but I gave up reading newspapers years ago. Just as I have given up watching mainstream news on TV. Thank god we now have the internet and freelance journalists who are prepared to give genuine reports and insights into real stories. this young reporter should be proud of the fact that she has joined the ranks of “true journalists”! Job well done. I shall look for your by-line on line!

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