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Tory MP Nick Boles claims expenses to learn his civil partner’s language

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Reader comments

  1. While I think that is cute that he is learning his husbands native language, surely it would be better for the partner to improve his English, seeing as it is the mother tongue of the country in which they both live?

    Yes, continue to learn Hebrew but I don’t think that it should be something that he can claim for, definitely not!

    1. Cardinal Capone 10 Aug 2012, 3:43pm

      Must have been a whirlwind romance if he’s only just learning it!

      1. Yes indeed!

    2. Given that they’ve managed to marry each other and set up home together, I’m guessing that the partner’s English is very good. One generally doesn’t find oneself in that situation unless there is a good channel of communications open…

      1. Hello VP. Sadly, they are not married. We shouldn’t forget that. They are just Civilly Partnered.

      2. The language barrier has not been a particular hindrance for many UK gay couples I’ve encountered – particularly when it comes to Brazilians, for some wholly inexplicable reason.

      3. im sure there are other valid reasons why people would want to learn other languages.

    3. de Villiers 10 Aug 2012, 5:00pm

      If this a benefit provided as part of his job, as language courses are provided as a non-compulsory benefit in mine, then there should be no difficulty with him using it.

      1. Using taxpayers expenses to improve his relationship without any clear benefit to his constituents?

        1. de Villiers 10 Aug 2012, 10:30pm

          Do any benefits in kind relate to constituents or customers?

          1. Expenses of an MP should benefit a constituent or be relevant to the WORK of the MP

          2. de Villiers 11 Aug 2012, 9:05pm

            Not necessarily. If it is a part of the remuneration package rather than a business expense then he should be entitled to it. If not, then not.

          3. MPs expenses are not part of the remuneration of the MP – they are for legitimate expenses in their parliamentary business. The learning of this language, whilst in itself laudable, is not a legitimate parliamentary expense.

  2. Greedy pig.

    1. GingerlyColors 11 Aug 2012, 6:35am

      How un-Kosher!

  3. I think he should be applauded for wishing to learn his partners language.

    I would also support him learning an additional language if it was relevant to his parliamentary business, and for the expenses to be able to be recouped from government funds.

    I am not clear how learning the mother tongue of his partner is relevant to his role as an MP and why government funds should be used to support it.

    Sounds like abuse of the expenses system to me.

    The idea of learning the language, I support. The method chosen to fund it is wrong.

  4. Thieving Tory scum.

    He needs to be expelled from the Tory Party immediately.

    And he needs to be arrested and charged with theft .

    (the notion that he should be allowed to claim language lessons on expenses is gross).

    His response shows how unsuitable he is as an MP – arrogant and self-serving.

    1. There is a difference between taking advantage of lax rules that do allow him to claim this and theft. If he’s legally allowed to make this claim then he has not committed a crime. The rules might well be too lax and in need of reform, and taking advantage of them to feather his own nest might be a morally reprehensible act, but if the current law says he can do it then criminal prosecution is not appropriate.

      1. Indeed.

        It’s legal theft, but theft all the same.

        He has stolen money from the taxpayer while campaigning to allow the most vulnerable of old people go cold in winter.

        He is true Tory scum

        1. £600 is petty compared to what some MPs were claiming for non-transferable skills – languages are useful for multiple purposes getting taxpayers to pay to make your house looks nice benefits nobody but yourself.

          1. Learning Hebrew does not benefit his constituents in any way.

            There he has stolen that money and is now refusing to repay it.

            Sack this thieving scumbag

          2. @dAVID, how do you know he doesn’t have constiuents that speak hebrew and ONLY hebrew. Thats the thing with languages many people speak them and not everyone speaks the same ones.

            Would you call for the sacking of all the Labour MPs who have also claimed frivolus things?

          3. James what about other constituents who don’t speak english, should they too expect him to learn their language? clearly he didn’t spend that money to benefit his constituents but to enhance his domestic bliss.

  5. Compare this thieving scumbag’s attitude towards OAP’s being allowed have free public transport and winter fuel; and his attitude towards his own ‘entitlement’ to language lessons which have zero benefit on his ability to perform his job.

    The Tories should sack him and he should be arrested and charged.

    I thought the expenses syste, had been regulated – I guess some dishonest thieving types like Nick Boles think they are above common rules of decency.

    1. David, the article doesn’t specify what Boles said about OAP benefits. He said they should be means tested so that millionaire OAPs don’t get these benefits because they do not need them but all over OAPs, the vast majority should continue to get pensioner benefits, thus saving the government money (btw, we have a huge deficit i.e over spend, so totally agree with him there).

      However, the cheeky bastard has used tax payers money to buy Hebrew lessons which have absolutely no relevance to his parliamentary duties at all. To top it off he then justifies this because the system allows him to do this. What an arrogant bastard he should be punished for this! This is why I am getting absolutely sick and tired of MPs, who do they think they are??? then again I blame us, the public, we keep voting the same old bastards in parliament.

  6. Why was Nick Boles in attendance at the last meeting of the Bilderberg Group?

    As an MP I think he needs to explain exactly what was discussed at that meeting.

    Perhaps if he gets charged with theft from the taxpayer (for his language lessons) he can be asked to respond to his Bilderberg attendance, while under oath.

    1. Cardinal Capone 10 Aug 2012, 3:41pm

      What on earth is the Bilderberg group? Is it something like in the Bourne movies?

      1. Google it – it’s an annual summit of the wealthiest people and most powerful politicians in the world.

        What they discuss is kept secret.

        Which is very odd – surely our democratically elected politicians should reveal what they discussed at such meetings?

        1. Tony Blair attended the Bilderberg Group summit in 1993 and then lied about his attendance at it in Parliament.

          Such strange behaviour.

          Why would politicians want to keep perfectly innocent meetings with the world’s wealthiest men a secret?

          Thieving Nick Boles should be answering questions.

  7. Cardinal Capone 10 Aug 2012, 3:39pm

    I can’t see the link between these guys learning the language of their spouses ( though you’d think it was more appropriate Before they got married), and their job. It seems to have nothing to do with their job at all. So why was it not picked up by officials when it was claimed?

    1. That’s because there is no link.

      What Nick Boles did was theft.

      And theft is a crime.

    2. the same way a lot of mps claims are not linked to their job (but should be) people have claimed for porn, duckponds, house renovations, towels (the same ones tried to be claimed twice as well) etc …

      The system needs an overhaul to stop it from abuse by all political parties

  8. I’m torn between my disgust for these MPs and the thought of agreeing with the Taxpayers Alliance

    1. As George Orwell once said, just because the Daily Mail says it’s Tuesday, that doesn’t mean it isn’t…

  9. On Newsnight, 18 July 2011, Boles said the News Corporation phone hacking scandal was a “little local difficulty puffed up by Labour”

    This guy seems like a really dodgy person.

    1. Of course he does, he’s a Tory. At best that makes him a self-serving bloviating tw@t. At worst he is part of the conspiracy of right-wing ideological bunk that will drag us right back to the Victorian era.

  10. His unapologetic response indicates that he has no idea that expenses are there for parliamentary purposes. This is clearly abuse whether it falls within the rules or not.

  11. One wonders why MPs are allowed to claim any expenses at all. They get a 60k salary for goodness’ sake, putting them well into the highest 2% of earners in the country. The vast majority of people have to survive on much less and cannot claim expenses for anything more than the odd bus ticket if their employer is particularly generous.

    It’s not even as if being an MP places any extra strain on their pocket. If they need a place to stay in London as well as their constituency then the state has plenty of grace and favour homes they can use. Easily enough to accommodate the whole damned lot of them. And their official overseas visits are already paid for by the state too. A 60k salary is more than enough for anyone, they don’t need expenses, period.

    1. Well they certainly need expenses as parliament is based in London and their constituencies are elsewhere.

      But thieves like Nick Boles view the expense system as a gravy train.

      1. I’m not sure even that is true for most of them.

        If they can’t afford accommodation in London for when they need to be near parliament, the state has more than enough places they can be allowed to stay while they are an MP. And from which they can be kicked out once they are no longer an MP. And many of them are multi-millionaires who have a string of properties anyway. If they can afford it themselves, the state should not provide it for them.

        These are rich people. They’re all earning 60k a year or more. That is easily enough. Nurses and teachers and policemen often get just a third of that, and are expected to pay for everything they need out of it.

        1. Perhaps – but not all MP’s are millionaires.

          I have no problem with MP’s being given expenses for accommodation and transport.

          Anything else should be disallowed.

          1. well they should have homes they can afford instead of £1000 a month second homes which the taxpayer pays for. Put them in low cost housing which their constiuents have to live in who can’t afford housing.

      2. no they don’t £60k is more then enough to pay for train journeys – better yet build a disgusting and ugly council block of flats for them to live in so all MPs will be able to relate to their constiuents better.

  12. גנב מנוול

    He should be able to understand this now thanks to us paying for his tuition

    “Thieving bastard ” for the rest of us who have to pay for our own language tuition should we require it – what a low life waste of space how he can face his constituents is beyond me – he must be void of any morals

  13. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Aug 2012, 4:48pm

    I didn’t know he could get married in the UK as some seem to indicate by referring to his CP as a marriage, would that they were!

    I don’t think taxpayers should be footing the bill for this. It isn’t relevant to his job. Let him do what the rest of us have to do when we want to learn another language, pay for it.

    1. Good for pointing that out. I’ve just commented to that effect on one of VP’s observations. Sadly, they’re only Civilly Partnered.

  14. Politicians vote laws that generally are supposed to serve the public, but who would be naive enough to think that wit such power, one would legislate to make one’s life better too?
    Power corrupts, always. The more you get the more you abuse it.
    As for the Bilderberg group, in many ways they are more powerful than most governments. Unaccountable to anyone, meeting behind closed doors, the perfect setting to change intenational relations and politics to their liking without the annoying scrutiny of voters and law enforcement agencies. The are the respectable mafia.

  15. I don’t care whether it was technically legal or not, I just can’t believe the bloody cheek of the man thinking that tax payers should fund his language learning. Have these people no shame? Pay for it yourself!

    1. What makes it even worse is that he wants old people to be immobile and cold.

      He is a terrible person and should be expelled from the Tory party.

      He won’t be of course.

      1. Too many politicians care more about helping themselves than helping other people, I think.

  16. He only wished to learn this language because of his partner. Now he’s trying to justify it as a public expense.

    If he gets away with it then there will be more MPs wanting to do the same.

    Another MP thief.

  17. Also particularly galling is the use of the Taxpayers Alliance as a source of credible quotes.

  18. because of course an MP couldnt afford to pay for this? And it is his work? Will he pay for my Polish lessons too? (I already learnt Hebrew when I was at school – amazing what you can learn in a bog – standard comp in 1978

  19. Tories are thieves. Those who voted in them are either thieves as well or just plain stupid.

    1. see my post for a list of what some labour mps have thieved as well – which isn’t a transferable skill such as redocrating their houses £500 a mont every month for food… (what the hell are they eating?) etc … If i and the general population need to pay for that out their own pocket then so should MPs

      1. I’m talking about social policy. Tories are thieves in the sense they always come into power to steal from the poor and give to the rich. Mr Boles’ attitude is in line with what the Tories stand for.

        1. so you ignore the fact that my list of labour mps shows people claimed THOUSANDS for redocoration? or is that ok because they are labour MPs?

          The whole system is corrupt with all MPs regardless of political party claiming things they shouldn’t be.

          1. The only corrupt system is being presided by an unwarranted and unpopular Tory government hell bent in criminalising the poor, the old and the sick, by transferring their wealth into their own pockets and their supermillionaire cronies, whose only goal in life is to accumulate as much wealth as they can, without ever giving back to society.

          2. @Berbets its been going on for years its not something which was invented by the current government.

  20. Disappointing that he has his snout in the trough like this.

  21. It beggars belief that these people, who’re not exactly short of cash, need to claim such trivial and irrelevant expenses. But, while Boles does seem a particularly smackable prat, if it’s available for non-gay people like Jeremy Hunt then why shouldn’t it be available to him too?

    1. I see I’ve been marked down, from which I can only assume that people think what’s acceptable in the Cun – sorry, Hunts of this world isn’t acceptable in his gay equivalents. Weird.

      1. Didnt vote you down, Rehan

        But I didnt think it should be available for either Hunt or Boles unless it benefitted their work as an MP.

        Orientation was irrelevant in this matter (other than the benefit was more likely to be to Boles and his civil partner).

        1. Oh no, I certainly agree with you there. What I meant is that if it’s a wheeze that’s available and used by others, Boles shouldn’t necessarily be singled out – they’re all scumbags and, as you say, sexual orientation is irrelevant.

  22. Buns4Sausage 11 Aug 2012, 12:26am

    Given the disgusting cuts to Welfare for some of the most seriously sick, and vulnerable people in the country all at the hands of ATOS taht has led to hundreds of suicides (which rarely gets reported in our Governement controlled press)..Then this man and the Tories in general..should now, as with Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddafi, President Asad et known as The Evil CaMoron Regime and brought before the Criminal Courts for crimes against humanity..if anyone wants to know whats ‘really happening’ to welfare..go read the blogs at’ll make you hair curl at the injustice none of the right wing press will publish!

  23. Its sweet that he wants to learn his partner’s native language but spending £678 of tax payers money for the lessons is an abuse of his MP expenses.

  24. GingerlyColors 11 Aug 2012, 6:34am

    While I am happy that Nick Boles is in a happy relationship with his partner, I feel that it is out of order that he should claim expenses to learn Hebrew while wanting to cut perks to OAP’s. Do these MP’s get paid enough? In recent years MP’s and bankers have joined traffic wardens in the league of unpopular proffessions and it is time that all MP’s, gay and straight got their act together and make themselves more accountable to the people who elect them.

  25. Craig Nelson 11 Aug 2012, 10:00am

    I support MP’s learning languages. Not sure Hebrew would be a priority…. Still I think It’s a good thing. I think it should be available for all of us, not just MP’s.

  26. Its not just tories at it below are a list of some labour MPs claims.

    Bob Ainsworth – £6,000 for redecorating

    Douglas Alexander – £30,000 doing up his constituency home

    David Anderson – mortgage payments of £1,203. Furniture, Washing Machine, Microwave £200 – £400 per month in food.

    Charlotte Atkins – £35,000 in renovations on her second home.

    John Austin – £10,000 for redecorating his London flat (then sold it for a profit)

    Anne Begg – £85,245 in total including £1,403 on living room furniture in her London flat and £500 on Devonshire carpets for two bedrooms.

    Nick Brown – £18,800 (without receipts) in expenses for food over four years amid total expenses of £87,000

    Ronnie Campbell claimed a total of £87,729 for furniture for his London flat

    1. but I agree with the general consensus that MPs should only be allowed to make claims for things that they need in order to do their job (only with receipts). At least language lessons can be used for more then just making your house look nice unlike some of scumbag labour mps posted above

      1. You have missed the gist of the article. Mr Boles is stealing money from OAP’s winter fuel and mobility allowances, to pay for the facilitation of his sexual proclivities.

        1. Erm no, that isn’t the case at all.

          Boles is a thief and broke the spirit of the rules so he should be punished.

          But Boles stated OAP benefits should stay but only millionaires and rich OAPs should be stripped of them – Berberts deliberately misses this point out.

        2. I love how the labour supporters have thumbed down my comment when they have been shown that their own MPs have STOLEN a lot more money to redocrate their homes. A language can be used for talking to ANYONE that speaks that language not just one person.

        3. … to pay for the facilitation of his sexual proclivities

          Heh. Have you been reading a 1912 edition of the Telegraph lately or something, Beberts?

      2. Li Thotomist 13 Aug 2012, 11:11pm

        And of course, you fail to mention any Tory or LibDem MPs who in their dozens, hundreds even put in claims for food, mortgage, special floating house for ducks, landscaping at their country houses, rent paid tho their boyfirneds, wages paid to family members… you need to show both sides iof you want to be taken seriously

  27. An MP being a sly grasping dirtbag? Gasp! I must lie down.

  28. on one hand its good to see that, unlike a majority of people in this country he can be arsed to learn another language. shame that we have to pay for it

  29. The local council has just cut down on school buses for the local special needs school because there is no money…. MP Nick Boles is a disgrace, unfortunately for the average taxpayer, he is not alone…

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