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Police in Michigan fail to take action against gay hate protest group

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Reader comments

  1. I live in Michigan and I am ashamed that this happened here. Michigan used to be a decent place to raise your family. Not anymore. So very sad.

  2. Oh, my God. How dare these “people” call themselves Christians. I hope they are arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law! Threatening rape is NOT cool! Hopefully the Grand Rapids police can watch the video and then bring charges against these men.

    1. It is typical religious behaviour, and the american police are religious freaks too, so they won’t do anything.

      1. So you think its okay to call religious people freaks, but then when someone who is religious calls you a freak, they’re a bigot? Doesn’t make sense.

        1. Makes perfect sense, to me they are freaks and to them I am a freak. They hate me and want me to die, and I hate them and want them to die.

          1. Hi, Sevrin:

            I hope you don’t think all Christians are like these bastards. (I refuse to call them men.) I’m a Christian myself, and I’m all for marriage equality. It goes against my morals to try to force my religious beliefs on anyone. There’s no reason why lgbt’s shouldn’t be able to get married.

            For the record, I don’t hate you, nor do I think you’re a freak. :-)

  3. To be fair, they HATED EVERYONE. I usse to watch them here in NYC on the way home from work. They thought everyone was gay. They hated black people. I couldn’t understand how they recruited when they literally seemed to hate everyone. They were a crack up. Wore disco clothes that they made into their HEBREW outfits.

    1. I wouldn’t think it would be any less offensive because they disregard everybody as scum and hate them at an equal level to be quite honest that would just make things worse in my eyes.

  4. Typical religious freaks, but then it is to be expected from america, the land of free hate.

  5. PinkPolitico 10 Aug 2012, 6:28pm

    Instead of protecting LGBT people, the Grand Rapids Police Department prefers instead to send undercover officers to arrest gay men for the ‘crime’ of talking, flirting and exchanging phone numbers with each other. According to these officers, that amounts to “lewd and immoral” behaviour under Michigan law. Hard to believe in 2012 but true –

    1. Thanks for the links. Sure shows where the Grand Rapids Police Department stands, and it’s not on the side of equality.
      I’m still bewildered by Lieutenant Mark Ostapowicz’s claim that the “Bible group” weren’t doing anything wrong. So advocating for violence, rape and other criminal actions is just a matter of opinion… and after all, it’s mainly gay women who were targeted with rape so that makes it okay since Grand Rapids Police Departement is no fan of same-sex relationships as your above link confirms. Nedless to say that Michigan is controlled by the Republicans…

  6. Christians, huh? Don’t they just give you a larf?

    1. Religion will bring about the destruction of humanity.

  7. I saw the video. Absolute ignorant savages. Latching on to the evil side of the bible is their way of claiming supremacy when they are just filthy trash that will never, ever dig themselves out of the vile pit in which they live. Which is only fair.

    1. They are the living breathing face of christianity in america.

  8. It never ceases to amaze me, the violence and hatred presented by people who claim to be ‘Christian’!

    1. Hate is a major part of all religions, so it should surprise you.

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Aug 2012, 9:24pm

    And some American gays scoff at our hate speech laws, some even saying we’re a crypto-fascist country and that we ought to allow hate speech, no matter how offensive as long as it doesn’t incite violence.

    1. Hello Robert in S. Kensington. You’ll remember Mad Jean. Has ‘she’ been on Pink News recently? ‘She’d’ love this! I miss barmy comments.

      1. Sorry, meant to say HER balmy comments. There are of course loads of such comments to read on the pages, but hers were special. Bye.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Aug 2012, 2:08pm

        Rufusred, no, I haven ‘t seen “her/it” in a while, but I’m sure “it” is trolling somewhere else.

    2. I don’t scoff at your hate speech laws but I do cherish our constitutional free speech protections. I have no opinion on whether or not the UK should have such laws. That’s for the people of the UK to decide. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that what this man said was protected free speech; even by American standards. Threats to rape are NOT protected free speech in America. This incident is not an indictment of American free speech laws, it’s an indictment of a lazy, misinformed and probably homophobic LOCAL police department which is not doing its job.

  10. Sadly, Michigan has recently turned into a homophobic, right-wing conservative, Tea Party hell hole!

  11. How long before one of those Bible-thumpers calls up the First Amendment?

  12. GingerlyColors 11 Aug 2012, 6:28am

    Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

  13. Those people are not Christians and must be watched carefully for any further threats or actions against the LGBT Community. They are dangerous and a menace to society. Shame on the ‘police’ for doing their homophobic ostrich bit.

    1. But they are Christians.

      1. Lyuba Tereshchenko 11 Aug 2012, 12:00pm

        No, they are a twisted cult which uses Judaism and Christianity to justify their hate.

        1. Read the Bible. Nothing they said wasn’t in there. They are just cherry picking different bits from those who call themselves Christians but disagree with them.

  14. it seems that in america you can get away with hate speech that incites violence, rape and other criminal actions if it is classed as religious preaching. expect more if rommney wins presidential elections

    1. Lyuba Tereshchenko 11 Aug 2012, 12:04pm

      This is why I say learn to use a firearm and get the proper permits. Fool said she would enjoy being raped by some brain dead mudak. I have something he would like – a legal and loaded weapon. Only way to deal with fools of this sort.


  15. Christopher 11 Aug 2012, 1:51pm

    And yet right across the Detroit River is the complete opposite – Ontario, home of topless women and gay marriage! Figure THAT out!

    Glad my Irish/English/German ancestors stayed north and east of the Great Lakes!!

  16. “When the officers got there they were not threatening each other….As of right now, we just have two groups in disagreement with each other. Nothing happened that led the officers to do more.”

    Does that mean that the police didn’t witness the threats? But if so, why can they not just view the video?

    And what does someone complaining have to do with it? Surely a crime’s a crime? Threatening a woman with rape is disgusting, and that person needs arresting.

    And wasn’t Isiah about the destruction of Babylon? That’s magically appeared in Michigan now, has it? Anyone quoting the bible as justification for rape or murder needs psychiatric help.

  17. Freedom of speech ceases to be free speech when it becomes incitement to violence or threats. That no specific person, or the person being threatened didn’t press a complaint shouldn’t matter, surely? It seems that the Grand Rapids police force might have other reasons for not dealing with this. We’ll have to draw our own conclusions as to what those are based on the evidence of their other activities.

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