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Gay Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham declares he’ll dive naked if he wins Gold

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Reader comments

  1. I’d buy ticket to watch this. Good luck man.

  2. Now that is something that I would like to see!

  3. Unless Team GB can up this offer then I’m afraid I’m defecting for this event :D

  4. Pavlos Prince of Greece 10 Aug 2012, 12:13pm

    Together with Prince William, I hope…

  5. If he wins two then can we see him getting intimate with Tom Daley in the changing rooms?

    1. And how is this better than what that not so smart Welsh footballer said?

      1. exactly my thoughts….probs because he hasn’t read it…

  6. erm…amaze!

  7. Spanner1960 10 Aug 2012, 1:01pm

    Maybe he could do a sponsored strip at the White Swan instead.:)

  8. drool, slobber, filling in form to apply for Aussie citizenship, praying to all religions that Australia get gold. All the athletes should celebrate this way.

  9. Well, whilst I am patriotic and hoping GB win – this would be a very nice consolation if GB miss out!

  10. attention whore

    1. Dave North 10 Aug 2012, 1:47pm

      That’s generally because they are.

      And PS. We do not need nor want your approval.

    2. Because posting inflammatory troll comments on the internet is in no way a pathetic cry for attention…

      Back to Mordor with you, and hands off our goats!

      1. Dave North 10 Aug 2012, 1:51pm

        And by posting inflammatory anti-gay troll comments on a gay forum it is clearly an attention whore.


    3. The irony of a pathetic troll taking the time to comment on a story on PN to throw around accusations of being an attention whore.

      And by the way pal, God(if there is such a thing) doesn’t hate anyone as far as I’m aware. Does He know you’re using his name to bear false witness? Moron

    4. I wanted to say something pithy and witty in response but, with no due respect, all I could come up with was ‘drop dead’. Never mind, perhaps something will come to mind later.

      1. It’s really not worth bothering about, and it’s best not to feed the trolls.

  11. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 10 Aug 2012, 2:19pm

    I will drink to that, he is the best!

  12. PHWOAR!!!!

  13. Just tell the date and time and I’ll be waiting for you to fall on my arms Matt.

  14. Such statements only serve to perpetuate the notion that all gay men will strip naked at any given opportunity to wave their jangly bits around.

    And proclaiming he will be doing so off a 10m high springboard I would venture so much as to say is to maximise publicity for such a sordid stunt, as the ripples emanate far and wide.

    Truly shocking!

    …and all said with tongue firmly implanted in cheek (erm, young Matthew’s preferably…).

    1. 10m is not a springboard. It’s a platform. ;)

  15. Officer Dribble 10 Aug 2012, 3:36pm

    Who will join me in kidnapping every other diver for 24 hours in order to guarantee Matthews win?



  16. I would not care if my country athlete is competing in the event because if Matthew win this, he is going to be celebrated as the LGBT champion which could inspire hopes to all struggling gay youth across the world. For me, him winning this is going to be historic. Go Matthew!

    1. mmmm, why is HIS winning a medal so different from the gold medal already won by a gay athlete?

    2. He has already won in Beijing. True, it was largely by accident, since the judges who “took care” of all the strong contenders simply underestimated and overlooked him. And still. A gold medal is gold medal. You should have celebrated him back then, since I don’t think the judges will make the same mistake twice. ;)

  17. If he does I’d be happy to be right behind him :)

    1. Perhaps he would be glad to be given a hand.


  18. Finally…someone showing the true Olympic spirit….originally all the competitors were naked….

    1. Now that really would be amazing! There are some beautiful athletes competing this year. But if they were naked it’d be difficult to tell which country they represent. Maybe would have to paint their country code on their backs, lol.

      1. Sir Thomas Cromwell 11 Aug 2012, 12:08pm

        An upper-armband in the design of the national flag, I think. Just below the shoulder to just above the elbow. That should make it large enough to be visible but not obscure anything important.

  19. No chance of either happening that’s the problem – shame though

    1. As wonderful as it would be to see him do this, he will never be allowed by the officials to do it publicly as it would be broadcast to the world, and parents of younger viewers (and boring people) would create an international outcry. If he does do it, it will be after the Olympics has finished and all the cameras and members of the public have left.

  20. If he gets the Silver, can we still see a peek?


  22. Just like you, then.

    1. Clearly you feel a reason about getting all shrill and exciteable on a gay news website?

      1. Interesting how these trolls always use the phrase “ramming it down (our) throats” – subconsciously expressing their repressed desires?

    2. Diddums. Run along now, silly child.

  23. Hope he gets naked with Tom Daley.

    Be a great image together. Truly Awesome.

  24. Hussein Kardashian Sotero 11 Aug 2012, 7:11am

    Typical brain dead response on stating a FACT!What is it with you queers that you cannot accept the truth.The incessant lobbying & parades ramming it down peoples throats proves that & now getting all excitable about an attention skank threatening to go naked.Thank God homosexuals are only the one or two %.Anymore & it’d be attention overload.

    1. Thankfully attention seeking homophobes who seek out gay websites are a very small minority (much less than the 6-10% of the population that are gay) and their homophobia has been scientifically shown to be a sign of their inner repressed battle with their own sexual orientation.

      You need some help.

      1. I wonder how many gay men seek out right-wing or religious fundamentalist sites just to have a pointless rant? My guess is most have better things to do with their lives (unless they’re closet straights :D)

      2. Heh – Stu, haven’t you noticed that the word FACT in capitals is, as always, confirmation that the use of the term ‘brain-dead’ is self-referential?

  25. Hmm, so he has escaped the naked dive. Perhaps it can be his penalty for failure to qualify….

  26. It’s never too late to show all you have, my dear. You are soooo sexy anyway.

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