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Gay diver Matthew Mitcham joins Tom Daley in Olympic semi-final

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Reader comments

  1. Far too much pressure is put on athletes to win, when they’re already winners by even being selected to represent their nation in the Games.

    As an Aussie who lives in Queensland you’ve already done your State and your Nation proud by attending and by being honest and open about who you are Matty.

    We would love you to bring home Gold, but we already love you for being YOU. All the very best and please try not to let the pressure get to you!

    I’m looking forward to seeing that 10m naked dive too!

    1. The pressure to win isn’t from the media, or society, or anyone else but the atheletes themselves. You frequently see this in the interviews immediately after an event. The interviewer says “you must be really pleased to have achieved a personal best and been awarded the silver medal”, but the athlete’s demenour if not their words makes it clear that they are disappointed. If only they’d pushed themself that little bit more, they’re thinking, perhaps they could have got the gold. This should be surprising. If they didn’t have that strong competitive streak, they wouldn’t have reached the Olympics at all.

  2. the chinese were almost unbelievably good- pressure got to Daley, but hes still done a good job, as has Matt- being in the last 15 of any olympic event is a special thing. If only i had the abs for a pair of those speedos!

  3. Yes, the pressure is great.

    Just do your best, and enjoy your achievement what ever the outcome.

    Proud that are there to represent us. That is the greatest prize of all

  4. Nice going Matt. Go for the top as a personal achievement and as one of our representatives in the Olympics. We are with you in thought and heart.

  5. Good luck to Matthew and Tom

  6. Will he still dive naked if he desn’t win gold? Can we make that a new rule?

  7. Wow he’s handsome

  8. Paddyswurds 11 Aug 2012, 11:57am

    Mitcham has just been eliminated from the diving He was thirteenth of 18 with 12 qualifying.

  9. Love you – go for it !! Good luck!! xx

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