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Tennessee: University employee threw away gay newspapers

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Reader comments

  1. Don’t tell me, let me guess, she’s a christian.

    1. She is a MEDIEVAL christian.

      1. No. She’s is not. That might make you feel more comfortable but is perilously close to a “no true scotsman” fallacy. She is absolutely representative of modern christians in states like Tennessee.

  2. She should lose her job and possibly also face criminal charges.

  3. Guglielmo Marinaro 9 Aug 2012, 4:20pm

    No doubt some will say that investigating this is interfering with her religious freedom.

  4. Pathetic. Hasn’t she got better things to do than censor reading material? How does the poor sensitive soul manage in the outside world where she’s forced to enter shops displaying…*gasp horror* gay newspapers and books. And I bet she’d be the first to complain if someone had gone round tossing out all the bibles on campus.

  5. Spanner1960 9 Aug 2012, 4:29pm

    “The paper, formerly free, began charging 50 cents a copy so the police could investigate the missing copies as criminal incidents.”

    What!?? Just because something is free to read, that does not mean you can take it. That is still theft.
    Has nobody ever heard the expression “Stealing by finding”?

  6. At least it’s only newspapers. When I first saw the picture and half of the headline I thought someone was throwing away novels with gay themes from an university library. Now that would be unforgivable.

    1. Dave North 9 Aug 2012, 4:37pm


      Historically, didn’t another group of people engage in a bit of book burning.

      Strange and frightening that these type of people fail to see the similarities in their own activities.

      1. Yes, the catholic church has a long history of book burning, unless you mean the Johnny come lately’s from Germany – they were amateurs in comparison.

      2. not just the catholic church, but the national socialists in germany

        They are so similar.
        Especially when the german pope UNexcommunciates a holocaust denier Bishop Williamson.

        the pope should be thrown in the trashcan used to clean up the zoo.

  7. She deliberately acted to prevent the contents of these newspapers from being known.
    So as recompense for her one woman censorship campaign, might I suggest making her recite the stolen editions to the public next to the bin she dumped them in.

    1. Love it! And wearing a big H (homophobe) around her neck.

      1. In a sense she does wear a big homophobe around her neck – the xtian cross

        prob 500 million xtians wear a symbol of torture and murder around their necks

        and call it God

        No wonder religion has often been a curse.

        1. True.

          I wonder if Jesus had been killed by guillotine, would they all be wearing little guillotine pendants round their necks.

          Seems daft to me.

          Lets worship Jesus by worshipping a copy of the instrument of his torture and death.

          Anyhoo. What was that bit about graven images………..???

  8. Jim Nashville tn 9 Aug 2012, 5:08pm

    I figure its bad enough she has to go to work at the medical center .. and it being shown on every news boardcast on and all 4 local channels . she has been outed as a bigoted homophobe Vandy is a open and safe environment for both gblt patients and employees .. now she cant hid .. but for me personally I figure she should be arrested for petty theft // but I bet she will have those crazy Christians all up in her business supporting her .. you do know that Nashville is the home of the Southern Baptist Convention a major hate group

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 9 Aug 2012, 6:21pm

      I have to say the public shame of what she has been caught doing must be quite something. It is petty, spiteful and bigoted and she has been caught bang to rights.

      She can argue her reasons for it until she is blue in the face but irrespective of what your position is on gay publications being available at the university, gay people in general or anything else, its still a truly pathetic thing to be caught doing … the shame of being caught on camera. She can front it out all she likes, but that woman is going to be feeling like a tw@t right now.

      Every time someone looks at her across the street, on the bus, at the supermarket, she’s going to feel like their are looking at her thinking that she’s a tw@t.


  9. I hope she is fired and arrested. I can’t wait for the confirmation that she is a Christian.

  10. Probably found out her ‘boyfriend’ was gay.

  11. Community service in gay homeless youth center is the only cure! Or maybe cleaning gay sauna.

  12. guess it’s HER form of sensorship, while being none of her business, cuz it’s not her property

  13. Why? I don’t throw away all the copies of the Daily Hatemail that I find in public lounges.

    1. Perhaps we should

      1. It should be mandatory. The Wail and the Terrorgraph.

  14. What I want to know is in what way is this a “sensirive” issue?

    Is it because of the nature of the publication, the woman’s motivation, or perhaps the support she has among some of her management or the police?

    1. It’s because of the argument that some people still see being Gay as a moral issue and this has yet to be effectively slapped down in certain quarters.

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