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Matt Bomer and partner to receive gay ‘Inspiration Award’

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Reader comments

  1. Sure, Matt Bomer is gay but he is HOT. He IS Christian Grey. And another thing – he’s an ACTOR people.

  2. All those terrible performances we have had to put up with, with actors cast against sexuality: Gielguid’s Hamlet, McKellen’s Lear, Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon, John Hurt as Quentin Crisp. And now Bomer starring in opportunistic smut…

    1. You think McKellen’s Lear was bad because he’s not a heterosexual? What planet do you live on?

      I take it you believe Brokeback Mountain and Will and Grace were bad purely on the basis of the actors’ sexuality? (There’s a reason they’re called actors, by the way – you might want to look it up.)

  3. He’s only been out since February though?

    Surely someone like Ian Mckellen or Neil Patrick Harris or Clay Aitken or Adam Lambert or Wanda Sykes or Jane Lynch are more inspirational seeing as they had the common sense to come out earlier.

    I think this award is merely a consolation to Bomer for the moronic homophobia that Bret Easton Ellis subjected him to yesterday.

    1. Both Matt and Simon are very active with many charities. They both deserve the award more than anyone. They represent a healthy and happy normal family. They are both professional and talented. They been helping people for a long time.

      1. A ‘normal’ family? Please explain yourself.

        Like I said – Matt Bomer came out about 5 minutes ago.

        He’s a good actor that has been closeted for years. He is hardly inspirational for coming out when everyone already knew he was gay.

    2. Yes he has been publicly out since then…but he has been out in the normal sense of the term for a lot longer. Plus I don’t thing ‘length of outage’ (for want of a better phrase) really matters, it’s what he has done in terms of helping the community and being a good example of the family side of LGBT life.

      1. Oh please – what has he done since coming out to help the LGBT community.

        Please be specific in your reply.

        He’s good looking, rich, was in the closet and came out.

        Good for him.

        But really. Big deal.

  4. I find his comments odd as most gay characters in film and tv shows are played by straight actors, so how would it be different the other way around. I’m with KC on this one…he is an actor, therefore he should be able to realistically portray a straight character if required (that is his job after all!)

    1. And why is the fact that he came out about 5 minutes ago ‘inspirational’?

      There was a pride parade in Uganda last weekend (which Pink News failed to report).

      THAT is inspirational.

      A millionaire actor coming out is hardly inspirational. The question that should be asked is why he remained hiding in the ckloset so long?

      1. They’re inspirational because he and his husband promote a happy, healthy, positive image of an LGBT family?

        And, there’s more publicity for the organisation if someone famous rather than someone who’s not (no matter how deserved) getting the award. In February, he publicly acknowledged his partner for the first time, but if you read anything about him, he wasn’t actually that much in the closet. He never confirmed his sexuality before, but he never lied about it or denied it either. Before, he was often pictured with his partner or his kids and took them to public events.

        1. Oh – now I get it.

          It’s a publicity stunet for GLSEN of course.

      2. He received a Steve Chase Humanitarian award for his work with charities helping in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Plus what k said too ;)

        1. Remind me of when he came out again and why he was in the closet for so long (when there was no need to be).

  5. @dAVID The award was announced on the same day as BEE’s stupid comments were made, so not related. MB’s husband is a gay activist and has done a lot of behind-the-scenes work for lgbt-related causes for many years, while MB himself has been a big supporter of lots of charities and causes for many years too. And, not that it should matter, but how many years in the public eye did it take before a lot of the people you named came out?

    1. I think that dAVID is off the meds again.

  6. He has my glasses!!!! Now I just need his hat…

    Gotta love Matt, he’s made of win. Definitely deserves the award.

    He received a Steve Chase Humanitarian award for his work with charities helping in the fight against HIV/AIDS and it was in his acceptance speech for this award that he publicly came out.

    1. Clay Aitken deserves the award more.

      But he’s not good looking so didn’t qualify.

  7. Hollywood is full of double standards! to be employable and get your name on a marque… you have to be “straight acting” – but when known to be gay overlooks them using the excuse they are not convincing as “straight actors” how ironic and prejudicial is this?

    Matt Boomer is a bonus to have in a movie because he is credited already for his diverse range of talent and hugely popular draw an audience and role model in public and private life.

  8. Not all of ‘The L Word’ cast are lesbians. Gina Gershon was amazing in ‘Bound’ and yet she (sadly) isn’t gay. Eric McCormack (Will in ‘Will & Grace’) is a hetty too. But they were all convincing – I don’t watch something seeing the actor, I see the character. Should Johnny Depp not have played Captain Sparrow because he’s not actually a pirate in real life? Just saying.

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